My Schedule Is Moved an Hour Earlier

Daylight Saving Time or known as DST has already started. People in the US will be adjusting their clocks one hour backwards to be synched with the change of time. This means that our (call center agents) schedule will move an hour earlier.

My current schedule is 4 PM PST (8 AM Manila) and because DST is in effect I will be having a change of schedule starting tomorrow. I will be on a 3 PM PT (7 AM Manila). What does this mean for me? Well, there will be two things I have on my bucket, 1.) Wake up earlier – if before I wake up at 4:30 AM, now I will be an hour early. 2.) Less people waiting in the street. This means I don’t have much competitions. And another thing is – I can go home early to avoid rush hours. So now I will be away from morning and afternoon rush hours – hooray to DST!

Most people termed this change as Daylight Savings Time with an “s” at the end of saving which is incorrect. It should be Saving time.

Anyways, Philippines have practiced this before – but because of confusion – I guess, they reverted it to the normal time.

My supervisor reminded me yesterday that I should come in an hour earlier my current shift to follow the DST. I told her that I am good with it, in fact it has been a practice since I started in the business.

In relation to DST, when I was working in one of the Telco giants, we received calls asking agents on how to adjust time on their Nokia mobile phones. They were basic phones and does not have automatic update. I know with today’s technology, the timezone automatically updates, right? Correct me if that is not true.

Are your hours at work will be changing? Tell me more about it.