Do Not Assume, Always Ask

Yesterday was my second day (or should I say night) on my new schedule. I am adjusting again. I had to go to work on a Sunday. I was at work at 7 PM then out by 4 AM. It was still dark when I got out of the office. I hailed a jeepney not asking the destination. The vehicle made a sudden turn to the right, I knew what was going on but did not immediately react. I knew I was suppose to stop the driver and get off but did not happen. I stayed there still and waited for the right time to get off. When we reached the crossing and stop light, I immediately pulled the string and said “para”. I went to the other side of the road and waited for a ride.

Another incident happened to me last night. I was in a hurry. I boarded a passenger jeepney without asking. The vehicle did turn left, it happened fast and I was late to react. I stopped the jeepney and got off.

What is wrong with me? Out of focus I guess.

I am not used to the evening shift anymore after my body clock was adjusted to the morning shift and weekend day off.

I need to work hard to get that spot again and enjoy the morning shift, the normal life and weekend day off, the normal office worker.

It is the third week of April – I am 100% on time until last night. I was 5-minute tardy because of my carelessness.

Lesson learned: Always ask. Do not assume. Assuming won’t help us. If we ask, we eliminate the instances of committing mistakes.

I will keep this in mind.

I will focus on the road starting tonight. I can’t afford to be tardy again. Five minutes is five minutes.