Goodbye Bumper to Bumper Traffic

Good day to everyone.

Finally I can say goodbye to the bumper to bumper traffic in Ortigas Avenue going EDSA. We finally moved to the new site and so far it is good. But from the one ride, now I am going to have two rides to and from – but are short travels.

My waking time also changed from 4 AM, now I waking up at 5 AM. But if I need to pack my lunch which I did last week, I will still wake up at 4 AM. I am leaving home to work at 6 AM to make sure that I can get a ride as early or before people flocks their way to the street for their morning shifts.

I don’t ride the bus going to the office because from the time it gets to me the bus is already jam packed with passengers who are in a hurry to get to their destinations and to avoid heavy traffic along Ortigas Road approaching Greenhills and De La Salle University Greenhills.

The new site looks good since it is attached to the mall. The mall has McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donut, 7-Eleven and other establishments. There aren’t many tall building unlike the old site though. I also can see houses from the 6th floor which is not normal from the Ortigas office.

Good thing is – I can say goodbye bumper to bumper traffic in EDSA. Goodbye to the usual traffic. I have a new way going to and from work. I am planning to go back to the old office tomorrow to get the locker’s padlock. I need that to secure a new locker in our new building. So, that would be my last travel to Ortigas unless I go to Robinson’s Galleria. Or go to the Arena to watch volleyball matches.


My Old Credentials Did Not Work

So I went to the new site yesterday to test my credentials. I excitedly finished all works that I assigned for myself so I can log off on time. I was able to finish it but it took me 10 more minutes to finally get out of the building. When I get out, the applicants were waiting in the lobby for their names to be called by the recruitment officers. The are wearing red ID laces, so I know they were applicants and new to the building.

Outside the building in Emerald, within the vicinity, I have waited for a cab but to no avail. All passing taxi were occupied by passengers. It was already past 4 PM when I was waiting outside. When I can’t wait for a taxi, I walked from the office to the mall where the Quiapo bound FXs are located. It was a long walk and it is hot. I walked under the hot weather. Before going to the Quiapo terminal, I tried to squeeze myself in the cab lane, but there are so many passengers on the queue. When I reached the FX terminal, the barker (those who shout the destination) shouted “Quiapo, Quiapo!” I asked where was the ride? He pointed at the vehicle with a 774 number. I opened the vehicle’s door and got it.

I went directly to the 6th floor – the building hired operators.

When got in the designated floor, I was able to locate my designated workstation. I used my old username and keyed in the generic password. It did not work. I tried the other generic, it did not work. I was locked out for trying so many times. Ending, I went home not able to set up my computer. I messaged my supervisor about the error. She told me to report to work at the new office and have given me a new username and password.

Now my new username is working perfectly fine.


I Am Moving Out | Moving to the New Building

On my previous post, I have mentioned that we are moving into a new office – same company but it is going to be a new building.

The movement was per batch. The movement started two weeks ago. Most of my colleagues are already settled in the new building. There were multiple batches who already tested their credentials – it worked!

The Management is pushing the movement as early as now or on April 2nd because the lease will end soon. They want all of us in my campaign to move before the contract expire.

Today, I am moving to the new site to test my log ins. If it won’t work – good luck to me. My supervisor will definitely find ways to fix if it won’t work.

My supervisor enlisted those who will be visiting the new building to notify the security personnel or team – whatever you may call them.

I have asked my colleagues how to get to the new office from the current office. I was given an instructions – both cab and FX transportation.

For cab – they told me to tell the driver the drop off point is at Acacia Lane. For FX – the terminal station is located at the back of Megamall with the Quiapo route.

I am okay with the transpo going home. I was able to do the ocular inspection two weeks ago so I know the way from the new building to the apartment. When I first visited, I did not see what’s inside the new building. I only saw the mall in the building. It is an office within the mall or a mall within the office building. It will be two rides back and forth.

I am hoping that the traffic is not bad as that in EDSA – and by the way I am bidding good bye to EDSA route.

What is Wrong With Me?

I got that question from a friend two days ago. And I know in an instant why he asked me. I was posting on Facebook chat about my #hugot lines. I picked words from their conversation and made it as a pull out. At first they (my friends in the chatroom) can’t follow or decipher why I am posting those lines.

I told them that I am practicing my hugot readiness. What if a TV channel will launch a game show regarding hugot lines – I can pull out. Now it is talk of the town, though it has been around for years now. My colleagues are doing the hugot battle. The more lines they can provide, the more chances of winning.

My supervisor called my attention, If I need someone to talk to. She said I have changed since Tuesday shift. I asked what change? She said it is about the way I speak. It is full of emotions. LOL. I told her that I am okay. I am only exercising my lines – and familiarizing how to think and provide the lines easily.

Have you heard about these lines before? I know that once you heard or watched artists doing a skit about anything they can think of.

But what is wrong with me?

Nothing’s wrong actually. I just love providing hugot lines to my colleagues and now I was able to influence others – they are now also using it.

Another friend on Facebook asked me if I am intoxicated last night. I told her that I am not and I am about to go bed that time.

My friends are asking too.

My friends are funny because they have joined me doing the hugot lines in our Facebook conversation and group chat.

More hugot lines to come on my next blog post.

Internet is Intermittent

I am using my Globe internet data. It is intermittent but I was able to post.

Before taking the long travel back home in the province, I made to load up my Globe sim and take advantage of the data package. I have never fully used it when I was at home. The connection was bad. I was able to use it today. I am now getting a H+ indicator which is working fine but not as good in other locations. There are dead spots. Yes, I am typing while on the bus. You may call me typing enthusiast (too. Just like my former colleague who mentioned on her blog that she is not a blogger but a typing enthusiast). I think I can be called as such. Lol.

Well, anyways, one more hour to go before I reach the metro. Will definitely experience the bustle and hustle of the city again. That’s the way it is. One other way but to experience it.

The bus has a free WiFi but my mobile data is faster than the wifi connection. As of this writing, I am only getting an “E” connection. I have tried to publish the unfinished article to check the strength of my internet. Before publishing, I copied the text to ensure I don’t lose my progress in writing this.

I still see the “E” indicator. So I am not trying my luck to update this post.

My wired internet in the apartment is also intermittent nowadays. This prevents me on working efficiently. If you see me come and go – that is the reason.

And the chance of getting good internet connection just vanished in a blink of an eye. I have read that Telstra merger did not push through. I am hoping that will happen anytime soon so the country’s Telco giants will have a real competition.

It Is Not How I Wanted To Be

In February 2010, I was hired for a job to handle a team in Makati City. I don’t have a place to live when I accepted the offer. I accepted it and will think about the next step I said.

I reached out to a relative who was working in Universal Robina and stays in Pasig City. I asked him if I can squeeze in myself in his boarding house while I familiarize myself in Makati. He said yes right away. I packed everything a day before my first day. The place was small to accommodate six people but I was still accepted. My cousin (second cousin – his mother and my mother are cousins).

He left in December 2010 for Dubai to work in Nestle. I haven’t seen him since then – only on Facebook. We rarely talk though. I only read updates or statuses from him. He went home last Christmas but I did not.

This month, his brother died after 10 days of my aunt’s death.

I visited the wake of his brother and had a chance to see him and talked about how he is making out in Dubai. I shared some of my day to day challenges. I told him that this is not how I want our reunion to be. He said “that is life” in a sad tone. He flew back to Dubai in January but the bad news made him flew back to Philippines.

I wished him all the best in his career abroad. He said that be needs to go back and work in Dubai because he is sending money for his mother’s maintenance medicine.

I told him to pray for his brother’s soul. I told him that my mother and aunt are waiting for him in heaven. And then he smiled and uttered yes they are talking to him now, I supposed.

It Was My Birthday, and what?

My supposedly birthday vacation leave did not happen. As early as February my team lead sent the vacation leave tracker a day before my day off. I did not expect that the application was already closed when I got back to work, two days after that is. The tracker was filled out immediately by my colleagues. I did not ask a favor. Even my teammate did not get the VL slot that she requested. It was given to other team member. In short, I worked on my birthday not healthy right? I am used to it.

I was quiet on March 26. I was jjust sitting on my desk checking emails from our valued customers. Before going to work on that day I posted a status on Facebook that reads “Every gising is a blessing. Thank You Lord for another year”. Within the first hour of my shift work, my male colleague blurted “is it your birthday?”. I was like “surprised” why he knew it was my birthday that day. I checked email – no announcement. I don’t know how he got hold of the information. Then they greeted me on our conference chat and email. They requested a treat. I was unable to treat them. The only cash I had that time was 60 pesos, just around $1. I have it on my ATM. That day I planned not to spend any except the ones I had handy. To stick to my budget and plan. They teased me and bullied – but I did not take those seriously. I still got bullied just before I got out from work.

And what? My father asked me what to prepare that day. I said come what may. I did not cook. The family size spaghetti was enough to celebrate my natal day.

I was grateful for all the blessings – and thankful for another year.


We Eat. We Bond.

It was October 2015 when I last went home to the province. Though, I have seen my family during the wake of my aunt in Pampanga.

Everyone was already sleeping when I got home at 1 AM on March 27, 2016 excpet my sister who patiently waited for me. When I told her that I missed my drop off point, she said she will be calling father (tatay) to fitch me using his motorcycle. I told her not to because I don’t have helmet. She did not insist.

At 6 am, the kids are already awake. As a customary gesture, they grabbed my hand and bring the back of it on their foreheads to show respect. They immediately asked for my mobile phone to play games. Their tab was busted. I willingly unlock the screen. My niece was excited that day. She even called me to tell me to go home so she can borrow my device. At 7 AM, I told them to get ready. We went to the church and ate at their favorite fast food store, Jollibee after going to the church. I ordered spaghetti for them. Just before ordering, upon entering the store, they saw the play place inside. They strouted their way to the slides. We let them enjoy before eating – just before the food is served, they’re back on our table waiting for the spaghetti.

My niece went to the counter when I was already placing my order. She requested for a chocolate sundae. After eating, they went back to play in the slides.

After 20 minutes of playing, I called them to put on their shoes and we are done.

They still wanted to go somewhere else – they gave me the name of place – Sun Plaza. I dismissed the idea of going instead we headed to the salon and had their haircuts.

It was fun seeing them having fun even it is the smallest things.


Traveled Back Home

I was definitely late for the Thursday and Friday holiday. Most people from Metro Manila went out of the city to their provinces. Others just went out to enjoy the beaches on their long weekend vacation. I was at work until Saturday, 4 PM. After my shift, I went straight to the apartment to pack my already prepared things that was lying on my bed. I hurriedly packed them in my back pack. When I was done, I went out of the house and off my way to the bus terminal.

I left the apartment at 6 PM.

Got on the bus at 6:50 PM. Imagine the waiting time. I transferred to the opposite terminal that time. The bus took off at 7 PM.

There were only 6 passengers when it took off. And at 10 PM passengers were picked up by the roadside but not enough to fill the huge bus.

I overheard the passengers in front of me who asked the driver and the conductor to drop them off to their destination. The driver affirmed that even if they are (the passengers) first time travelers to that place, they will be dropped off to the correct place. That was the case maybe for them. I am not a first time traveler.

I fell asleep while waiting for my drop off. I slept like a log. In short, I missed the drop off place. The conductor noticed me when some other passengers were dropped off.

Sir, aren’t you getting off the bus? Really? Why he was asking me. I said I will be getting off Socony (that’s the place – near my village). He said we are in Magsaysay. I have no choice but to get off. I don’t know the place. I immediately pulled out my mobile phone to check the Google Map – it is 53 mi away from my drop off point. Time was 11:30 PM. It was 30-minute early than I thought.

I have waited for another bus, going back. The right back is never easy – because buses follow certain schedule. I was still lucky that an empty bus passed by and I got home safe.


No Meat | Thursday and Friday

In the observance of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, my housemate planned to not prepare something that is meat. So, he went to the market as early as Wednesday to avoid rush hour before the mentioned days. He was able to get fish and vegetables which is good for two days. We will not prepare large amount of food as we observe Holy Week.

Today, I had fried milkfish and eggplant – omelet style. My housemate prepared the food and he prepared sandwiches for us.  I woke up at 5 AM, went straight to the bathroom, took my  quick shower since I bath before going to bed last night. I had my lunch packed and the sandwiches were packed as well for my breakfast. I ate one while on my way to work. When I got in the office, I ate the second packed sandwich.

I took my lunch break at 9 AM – too early for lunch time but I have to comply with the schedule. I ate my packed lunch.

We plan to prepare another fish and vegetable meal tomorrow – and will pack my lunch as well.As part of light fasting, we are not going to eat too much. So sandwich will do in the morning and fish and vegetable for lunch and dinner.

We will have our day off on Saturday. I will go home after my shift work on Saturday afternoon.