Bitcoins and more

I can’t remember when I joined the craze. Bitcoin mining, satoshi and litecoin mining.

Not a big amount. They say that I can earn more if I join the investment scheme. I am undecided. I don’t know how it works. My other online friends are currently on these methods and said that they were paid. Yes, they were actually paid based on the screen shots they’ve shared on Facebook.

I am on BitLanders but did not continue when I joined BlogJob.

Lately, I have been reaching the threshold from the bitcoin sites. I have a coins account where bitcoin earnings are directly transferred to my account. I am not doing very well on Bitcoin.

I have joined multiple sites to earn satoshi. Created my account on coinsph not the coinbase and not xapo. I can’t check my balance on coinsph because I can’t get in. I will check it later to see how’s my balance.

Last night, I was on MyLot, pinayako shared that she already cashed out 3 BTC on BitLanders. That is already a huge amount. I was told and saw the conversion per 1 BTC. It is equivalent to $400+. This is a huge amount, but I am wondering how long it will take me to reach that amount to cash out. Then I ask my online friend if I need to go back on BitLander. I would stay on BlogJob since it pays bitcoins in exchange to the points we earn here. Which is absolutely fantastic. I will check it later if I can request for Bitcoin here.

What other bitcoin sites that you can recommend here – No investment – much better for now. I am currently on moon bitcoin, I don’t know how much they pay but it is still worth it to try something new.

I follow PinoyAko on BitLanders but I stopped visiting her on that site but of the daily schedule.

While BlogJobbing, I do the mining.



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Do Not Assume, Always Ask

Yesterday was my second day (or should I say night) on my new schedule. I am adjusting again. I had to go to work on a Sunday. I was at work at 7 PM then out by 4 AM. It was still dark when I got out of the office. I hailed a jeepney not asking the destination. The vehicle made a sudden turn to the right, I knew what was going on but did not immediately react. I knew I was suppose to stop the driver and get off but did not happen. I stayed there still and waited for the right time to get off. When we reached the crossing and stop light, I immediately pulled the string and said “para”. I went to the other side of the road and waited for a ride.

Another incident happened to me last night. I was in a hurry. I boarded a passenger jeepney without asking. The vehicle did turn left, it happened fast and I was late to react. I stopped the jeepney and got off.

What is wrong with me? Out of focus I guess.

I am not used to the evening shift anymore after my body clock was adjusted to the morning shift and weekend day off.

I need to work hard to get that spot again and enjoy the morning shift, the normal life and weekend day off, the normal office worker.

It is the third week of April – I am 100% on time until last night. I was 5-minute tardy because of my carelessness.

Lesson learned: Always ask. Do not assume. Assuming won’t help us. If we ask, we eliminate the instances of committing mistakes.

I will keep this in mind.

I will focus on the road starting tonight. I can’t afford to be tardy again. Five minutes is five minutes.



Sleepy on My New Schedule

New schedule? No problem. It is time again to rotate schedules – thus holding shift bid is necessary.

Shift bids were conducted one day before the new schedule was released. They were not ready this time, but that is okay. Change is welcomed and embraced by employees in my current team. How was it conducted? Stack rank is used to determine who will bid or choose their preferred schedule. Stack rank includes the overall scorecard – and importantly the attendance.

Okay, I started my new schedule last night. Yes, this is my first time to go to work on Sundays after 1 year in the company. I was sleepy last night. I reported to work on Saturday, April 16 in the morning, then went to work Sunday, April 17. I just slept and went to work. I feel like I did not take my off. But I am okay for now, I will taking my off on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday is my paid time off. That’s three days in a row. I don’t know where to go. Hmmm.

Last night was still productive for me. I was able to close 31 tickets on a Sunday, wow. And I logged into Bitcoin – yes I mine for satoshi. That killed my time.

Because I was sleepy last night, I messed up – I hope that wasn’t major mess. I sent an update to the customer; attached all the documents requested. Then the customer replied asking if I replied to the correct thread. I immediately replied and said I apologized for the oversight. Not reading the request will definitely mess up things. Small things but will lead to HUGE error.

I went out at 4 AM. It was still dark when I arrived home. I was cautious with my surroundings, I am new to the place so I am being watchful.

New Schedule Again (Third Week)

Starting tonight (I say tonight because I will go to work tonight) my new schedule is 4 AM – 1 PM Pacific Standard Time – or it’s make that 7 PM – 4 AM Philippine Time. I am saying good bye to my weekend rest day because my new day off will be on Wednesday and Thursday.

From 12 AM (Philippine time) in January, I was moved to 8 AM in March to give way to my team mate. Then came the Daylight Saving time, my schedule was changed to 7 AM. I don’t complain. Starting April 1st, we moved to a new location, I don’t complain about the promixity and the traffic. I am good with it. Two short jeepney rides – I am good with it.

And now – going back to the evening shift is like — argggh. I am getting used to the morning shift and about to call myself as a morning person. Well, it is life. Nothing is permanent except change. I have to deal with and embrace the change.

My new schedule means:

I will see my friends from the other shift whom I haven’t seen since I accepted a new schedule.

I will experience the night shift in our new location – and compare the differences between going to work in the morning and evening.

I will have the chance to meet new officemates and talk to other members during my 8-hour shift.

I will have a chance to go home early at 4 AM and do other things before heading to bed in the morning. (so I will miss going to be at night).

I will have the chance to do my job better this time – to get to the top of everyone and bag a very deserving schedule after 3 months.

I will have the chance to do some jog time in the morning after work.

I will have the chance to go to government offices in the weekdays.

How about you, which schedule do you like?

My Week at Work (April 11-17)

April is almost over, tomorrow will mark the third week of this month. May is fast approaching – and it is election day again! Go out and exercise my right to suffrage.

Well, nothing’s new with me this week. Same routine, same-old, same-old.

I was able to pack my lunch for 3 days but failed to the last two days of my work week.

4/11 – My second day of 2 rest days from work. I have watched Jungle Book with John. We have enjoyed the movie. We picked some great lessons to live by. Never give up! I planned to have a body massage but decided to go home and sleep early to prepare for next day’s work.

4/12 – I woke up early at 4:30 AM. Prepared food for breakfast and packed the rest for lunch (in the office). I boiled the okra and eggplant. Nothing special. I packed the boiled okra and eggplant put raw sliced tomatoes and salted egg – it was good.

4/13 – I woke up at 5 AM. Prepared another eggplant dish. That time it was a combination of eggplant, tomatoes and egg. I steamed the eggplant first then sautéed it in onion, garlic and tomatoes. Put beaten eggs on it. I packed the dish with rice and fried fish.

4/14 – I woke up at 5 AM without my alarm. Good thing. It is on my system now. My housemate prepared his signature chicken adobo. I requested for the recipe with pineapple. I packed my lunch and head off to work.

4/15 – I woke up 5:30 AM. I felt like I don’t want to prepare for work but I have to. I did not prepare for breakfast and only ate bread. Off I go to work and arrived 10 minutes before my shift.

4/16 – Same as the previous day. I did not prepare my meal – ate bread. Took a shower. Then sprinted to work.

4/17 – Today. I am not doing anything. Wasting time I guess.

I worked from April 12 – 16. Same routine – processed tickets, answer emails and calls. Talked to peers, took my 2 15-minute breaks and 1 hour lunch.

Surprised Maintenance

I woke up at 5 AM and prepared for an hour before going to work. I was able to prepare food for breakfast. I packed the other for lunch. When I got out of the apartment, the surrounding is gloomy (at 6 AM) and I felt rain showers. I went back inside and grabbed my umbrella.

I got to the office 15 minutes before 7 AM. I prepared the tools I need to process tickets and help our valued clients.

After an hour of processing tickets, our system went down and later on verified by our lead in the US that we are moving to maintenance. We are surprised – and not ready for it. We have tickets on our mailbox pending for processing. We processed those urgent requests on our back up mails.

We are not aware how long it will take. It was not communicated to us. We are now moving tickets to process later time once the system comes back up. Right now we have more than 100 tickets to process and there are only less than 15 people working on these tickets.

Good thing that when BlogJob is about to go on maintenance, Sheridan was able to inform us and he did not leave us surprised. That was planned maintenance. We had planned maintenance on Friday, April 8, 2016. Leads gave us instructions a week ago before the maintenance.

I am taking my break now – to eat my packed lunch. It will be just 15 minutes and I am done before that to avoid going over the 15-minute scheduled break.

I took my break at 9:20 PM (12:20 PM Philippine Time) and got back over 15 minutes.

I prepared steamed okra and eggplant with salted egg. The concessionaire prepared rice noodles. I bought half order since I already have my packed lunch.

How is your day today? Good day!

First Time

I am not going to talk about my first experience here rather I am going to tell you that for the first time in the office I made a funny mistake. LOL. I am laughing right now. If someone will see me from their workstations, they would think that I am losing my mind. I am grinning ear-to-ear and I am blushing for this mistake.

I left the apartment at 6 AM today, too early for my 7 AM shift. I arrived at 6:38, I placed my sling bag, packed lunch and mobile phone in my locker. The facility department does not allow us to use a combination lock. We are only allowed to use the one with keys. And there is a corresponding size. Too big is not allowed too.

It is the first time that I have removed the key from the padlock that is unlocked. I placed the key in my sling back and placed it inside the locker. And boom! I locked my things inside including the key. Even my wallet is included. I messaged my room mate that I can’t go home and I can’t take my meal at work. He asked me why, and I told him the whole story. I asked him a big favor if he can go to the office with my duplicate keys. I was thinking to have the facility personnel or whoever mans the locker to force open it. But thought the padlock is expensive and I am not willing to spend such amount for now to replace the if-ever-broken-padlock.

I waited for him in the lobby but he did not make it on time. Before my lunch lapses, I went back to the 6th floor. He managed to get in the lobby 10 minutes after I left. He placed a name tag on my keys and left it to the security officer on duty.



Balance: $1.34 and $7.96

Maintenance Mode. Maintenance Mode. This is what I got every time I hit the log in button. Then I learned from the site that the maintenance was not an overnight move.

While the site is away, I move to the other site and said Hello from the other side. LOL.

I came back to the other site to check the temperature. Temperature checked. I saw a lot of familiar faces and users. Thank you to them who welcomed me back. They are awesome. I left the site with $0.60 or $0.70 on my account. I started posting discussions and commented on discussions. I participated on interactions. It is not a get-rich site but the friendship I established from Bubblews was still alive.

I am glad to see Andria, Marie, Gina, Valerie, OceanTiara, Teep11, Shane, Shohana and the others.

I made a total of around $0.30 from the time I visited. Now, I know I get whatever balance I have now next month. Isn’t that amazing. I am happy with this small amount – than nothing at all.

I juggled from one site to the other – Yes, I am a bit slow with call reviewing now. I don’t review calls as much as I do before. I am trying to accumulate $10 until midnight to be ready for payout on Tuesday or Wednesday.

And now that BlogJob is back – I am not sure if I can multi-task with these sites. My bread and butter now is BlogJob.

How about you, what did you do during the maintenance? Did you take a rest? I honestly did not write a blog post for the past 4 days. I tried to relax a bit from writing 300-word posts. I opened DailyTwoCents but just stared at it. I don’t have AdSense so I dismissed the fact that I will post there.

Now I am Mylotting, Call Reviewing and Blogging here. See you friends!


We’re Understaffed | Domino Effect

Work, life balance is important for someone to exercise. At work, we have a lot stress from different factors – the work itself, customers, peers, schedule and outside factors like transportation and traffic. These can add up to the stress we get on a daily basis. What is more stressful than others is “understaffed”.

Based on my observation, our team is having this problem in the past few weeks. We are bombarded with tickets left and right. Our plates are always full. It is part of the job to perform the tasks assigned to us – I can’t complain. When it comes to taking time off, it is so difficult for us to get approved because of the number of people scheduled in a certain period. One absent would mean, more work for the others who came to work. It is a domino effect.

The clients are expanding the roles and responsibilities we will be handling because of the success they are seeing from us. We perform well, we get more jobs coming to us. Which is a GOOD thing. The management is planning or already have planned that they add manpower in the team. Which is GREAT.

I hope they train the qualified members soon to plan ahead of time. It has been three months since I haven’t taken any time offs. I need it badly. Others need it so badly as well. We have recreational activities that need attending to. We have scheduled appointment outside of work. As I always hear, work without play makes him a dull boy. I think I am becoming one.

Last week was very stressful for me and my colleague. And when I was on my way back home after work, the traffic caused by the politicians doing their campaign, gave me additional stress. I was a horrible day not only for me but also the other commuters.

During the Maintenance

Yesterday the site went on maintenance for hours. I remembered Sheridan posting an announcement that the site will have a brief maintenance at 11 PM CST, that 12 PM Manila time. I finished what I have to finish yesterday. At twelve, the site was inaccessible. It says be back in a minute. Whew! I was thinking that it will only take 60 minutes – 2 hours. I wonder what upgrades has been done. That is okay.

I was able to watch The Walking Dead episode 15, Teen Wolf episode 17 and 18 — Yeah, I am a bummer catching up with past episodes. After watching, I visited forum site but it was not much over there. Same topics.

I turned off the laptop and my mobile phone and went straight to bed. I planned to watch the volleyball match between University of the Philippines and Far Eastern University at 4 PM, Live! So I won’t miss the live action. I fall asleep and woke up at 5 PM, it was long nap – 15-minute nap is okay. I was energized. I sprinted to the bathroom, took a quick shower. Off I go to the San Juan Arena. When I reached the entrance, I asked the usher for tickets. He said politely, you can go inside without ticket. The match is almost over. The third set is underway, so I missed the first two sets. So FREE ENTRANCE. While inside, I checked BlogJob, still down.

After the volleyball game, I hurriedly went out to avoid stampede. I was able to get a jeepney ride right away. I went to my old office building in Ortigas to clear my locker room and get the padlock. It was successful. Checked BlogJob while on my way to the Church. Still down.

I attended the 7 PM Sunday mass at the EDSA Shrine. After the mass, I held up a cab, I got in. Checked BlogJob, still down. I was stuck in a traffic for almost an hour. Checked BlogJob from time to time, still down.