My Experience Bonus | Timesheet

End of pay period cut off once again, the team leaders are busy editing and fixing some errors in our time ins – this is ensure that we get paid correctly.

My Experience Bonus

This time I did not ask my team leader to follow-up on my bonus. I am hoping that the bonus will be credited on my payroll once fixed by the relevant department. I did not follow up but my supervisor informed me today that she sent a follow-up email to the HR department. I did not hear from the team after she sent the email. I wasn’t copied in the email. I think I have to wait for the resolution.

Then I heard my Manager asking the new hires about their bonus – I did not say anything but to just look at them talking. I did not say a word. I can wait for the bonus. I know it is something that I deserved because they hired me with the experience in the industry already – thus experience bonus.

Time Sheet Update

My supervisor got a bit confused with my time in and time out. Because of the schedule change a week before the payroll cut-off. I explained how my weekly schedule looked like. And finally was able to fix it. She was able to add my rest day on my time sheet and my Vacation Leave was correctly plotted. I only had 45 minutes of tardy which will be deducted from my payroll. That will not happen ever again. I set my alarm but the volume was not activated – so I failed to wake up on time on the 25th of January.

My Version of Easy Recipes

Whenever I don’t know what meal to prepare I message my friends for suggestions. We want variations on a daily basis. It is sometimes stressful finding variations on the meal we prepare.

I have listed the food I learned to prepare.

Marble Potato

I like potatoes – mashed and soup. I forgot my potato soup recipe that I got from a friend in the US. I am searching the web for this recipe – I am hoping to get the recipe and would love to prepare the soup.

For the Marble Potato, I get baby potatoes (small potatoes), Butter, Oyster Sauce, Garlic. I boil the potatoes first until tender, and I will saute it in butter and garlic.

Creamy Cheese Potato

This recipe is more of a snack.
I need small potatoes, cheese spread (I use the Cheezwiz brand), all purpose cream and bacon. I cut the potatoes into halves and boil it until tender. Once tender, I remove it from the pot to mix the rest of the ingredients. Fry the bacon and mix it in the potatoes.

Tuna Curry

This is another simple dish – a curry dish. My friend posted this dish on her Bubblews account months ago. I have liked her description so I have to try it.
For this – I should have canned tuna (flakes in oil brand), curry powder, ginger and evaporated milk. Aside from these I suggested to my friend that we should add carrots.

Green Beans with Salted Eggs

Eggs are soaked in a brine solution to be salted. Some sellers use red coloring but others don’t. We normally call it itlog na pula (red egg) because of the color. I have learned how to prepare this from a colleague’s step mother who is a Chinese.
I need a green beans (in our country we call it Baguio beans – as these vegetables are harvested in the uplands of Baguio/Benguet), salted egg, garlic and onion. I saute the green beans in olive oil once the vegetable is tender I add the grated salted egg. The salted egg serves as a flavoring.

Buttered Mixed Vegetables

This one is very easy to prepare and it is my favorite.
When I do my grocery I am getting two packs of mixed vegetables (carrots, corn, peas) and butter. Saute mixed veggies in butter and garlic and I add sausage or hotdog or ham.
I hope I can learn more easy to prepare recipe.


Our Improvised Raincoat During the Visit

We, Filipinos, Catholics were lucky to be visited by the highest leader of the church. When Pope Francis visited the Philippines, we got the chance to see him on his final mass.

We have braved the throng of people and how we got in to the venue. I can’t explain what I was feeling that time. I wanted to collapse because I can’t breathe.

When we got inside it was already around 8 A.M. We found an empty spot in the Rizal Park. We were willing to wait for the 3:30 P.M. mass. Around 8, I knew that the sun is not going to shine upon us – it became gloomy. Around past 9 A.M., the clouds poured the water – I thought it was just a drizzle and will stop eventually. We used our jackets to cover our heads from the rain shower. We went out of the venue when the rain starting to pour. We went out to seek for a shelter first and be back an hour before the mass. We headed to the mall – ate there and looked for raincoat. We managed to get plastic garbage bags only because the coats were sold out. I was glad the mall attendants helped us out. The saleslady said “This is okay, as long as you can go out and see the pope. Please pray for us”, sure we will.

We got our improvised raincoat in about a minute. At 1 P.M. we started to walk towards the park and get back to the place. We did not get to step on the quadrants anymore; we can’t pass because of the crowd. We walked wearing our raincoats towards the front of the stage. We did not have the chance to inch closer.

It was a great experience to see the Pope in the middle of the crowd.