Sold Out?

I knew it!

I won’t be able to get a ticket or two for the final game of the UAAP78 Volleyball tournament women’s division. It is either sold out or all tickets if not most are distributed to the school admin of the participating schools. What a way to waste my time in front of the computer waiting for the tickets to become available. It was a waste of time. I almost got two but they are general admission tickets. I don’t want to watch that far from the court. So I did not book the tickets. And still waiting for the seats to become available.

It is the final game of the seniors in the collegiate level – Alyssa Valdez, Amy Ahomiro and Mae Tajima of the Ateneo Lady Eagles; Ara Galang, Mika Reyes and Kim Fajardo of La Salle Lady Spikers will be bidding goodbye to those who loved them.

Booking a ticket is never easy everytime these two teams are up to win the finals title.

I am still refreshing the page waiting for somebody to give up that tickets that are being held up waiting for their card information.

If I can’t get a ticket or two online, I would ask people via Twitter or Facebook if they have extra. I saw somebody selling a Lower box ticket for three thousand pesos. I am not that crazy to buy a 3,000 pesos ticket. No way! I would rather watch the live telecast than spend that big.

Sold out or the hoarders are getting all the tickets to sell for higher price. Hay, Philippines!



Do Not Assume, Always Ask

Yesterday was my second day (or should I say night) on my new schedule. I am adjusting again. I had to go to work on a Sunday. I was at work at 7 PM then out by 4 AM. It was still dark when I got out of the office. I hailed a jeepney not asking the destination. The vehicle made a sudden turn to the right, I knew what was going on but did not immediately react. I knew I was suppose to stop the driver and get off but did not happen. I stayed there still and waited for the right time to get off. When we reached the crossing and stop light, I immediately pulled the string and said “para”. I went to the other side of the road and waited for a ride.

Another incident happened to me last night. I was in a hurry. I boarded a passenger jeepney without asking. The vehicle did turn left, it happened fast and I was late to react. I stopped the jeepney and got off.

What is wrong with me? Out of focus I guess.

I am not used to the evening shift anymore after my body clock was adjusted to the morning shift and weekend day off.

I need to work hard to get that spot again and enjoy the morning shift, the normal life and weekend day off, the normal office worker.

It is the third week of April – I am 100% on time until last night. I was 5-minute tardy because of my carelessness.

Lesson learned: Always ask. Do not assume. Assuming won’t help us. If we ask, we eliminate the instances of committing mistakes.

I will keep this in mind.

I will focus on the road starting tonight. I can’t afford to be tardy again. Five minutes is five minutes.



Internet is Intermittent

I am using my Globe internet data. It is intermittent but I was able to post.

Before taking the long travel back home in the province, I made to load up my Globe sim and take advantage of the data package. I have never fully used it when I was at home. The connection was bad. I was able to use it today. I am now getting a H+ indicator which is working fine but not as good in other locations. There are dead spots. Yes, I am typing while on the bus. You may call me typing enthusiast (too. Just like my former colleague who mentioned on her blog that she is not a blogger but a typing enthusiast). I think I can be called as such. Lol.

Well, anyways, one more hour to go before I reach the metro. Will definitely experience the bustle and hustle of the city again. That’s the way it is. One other way but to experience it.

The bus has a free WiFi but my mobile data is faster than the wifi connection. As of this writing, I am only getting an “E” connection. I have tried to publish the unfinished article to check the strength of my internet. Before publishing, I copied the text to ensure I don’t lose my progress in writing this.

I still see the “E” indicator. So I am not trying my luck to update this post.

My wired internet in the apartment is also intermittent nowadays. This prevents me on working efficiently. If you see me come and go – that is the reason.

And the chance of getting good internet connection just vanished in a blink of an eye. I have read that Telstra merger did not push through. I am hoping that will happen anytime soon so the country’s Telco giants will have a real competition.

And I Made It |My First Shift | DST

DST started on Sunday while I was on day off. It is this time once again to move the schedule an hour backwards.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

My plan is to go to bed at 8 PM after taking a quick shower. I went to bed at 9 PM after browsing Facebook page. I was on my deep slumber when something woke me up. I don’t know what it was but I hurriedly checked the time on my mobile phone. It was past 12 midnight. I removed the charger and went back to bed. I fell asleep right away and woke up at 4 AM. Little did I know, John was already working on his laundry so early in the morning. I prepared for work. He offered food before I go to work.

No Traffic

I left home for work 15 minutes before 6 AM. When I got to the bus stop, the jeepney was parked on the side of the road waiting for passenger. I got in. The driver waited for 10 minutes before taking off. The traffic wasn’t bad. The vehicle stopped because of the stop light signals. But the travel was smooth. I had more time to pull up everything at work because I arrived at 6:20 AM.

4 hours and 15 minutes to Go before going home and I am excited to buy something to prepare for tomorrow’s lunch. I am planning to buy okra (can Andria donate okra :)). And by the way, I packed my lunch. John prepared his favorite dish called pininyahang manok (chicken in pineapple tidbits). I ate my lunch early. I heated the chicken in the pantry and I had a delicious lunch today.

How is your day today? I am almost done with my lunch break and going back to work. Ready to process tickets for our valued customers.

And It Broke My Heart

My family is grieving because we loss a wonderful aunt.

I am already at work when my sister called. She did not tell me immediately what the bad news was. She asked me if I received any call from our cousins in Pampanga. I said “No”. Then she blurted, “Did you know that…” without finishing her sentence, my heart was already pounding. I don’t want to hear bad news. I said “what? I don’t know anything”. She’s already crying over the phone. And she said that aunt died early this morning. And I started to cry as well. I bid her goodbye and went to work.

I arrived at work at 7:26 AM. I received the call at 7:30 AM. It broke my heart, I did not see her since October 2015. When I saw her, she was limping. And I heard she had a mild stroke.

I am working with heavy heart now. My colleagues saw me and asked why I not smiling. They are not used seeing me with a sad face. I took my lunch break early today. After eating, I visited my Facebook, I have read my two cousins posted messages on my aunt’s profile. I started to post something on her profile, but I can’t finish what I was typing because I was crying on my seat. I remembered her being the nice aunt. After posting my comment, my brother called and asked me when to visit. He said that our uncles are talking about their plans. Two of them are in Pampanga and one is in Pangasinan. That’s four-hour drive (when travelling to). My uncle in Pangasinan wants the interment there but the two want in Pampanga.

Then I posted on Facebook in my native language:

“Paalam Auntie Lee. Maraming salamat na ikaw ang isa sa naging provider namin when we needed help.Napakabait mo sa amin. Ikaw na naging nanay namin. Hindi man lang ako nakabawi. Magsasama na kayo ng nanay namin, sina Ama at Ina”

“Goodbye Aunt Lee. Thank you very much that you are one of our providers when we needed help. You’re very nice to us. You stood us our mother. I didn’t have the chance to giveback. You will now join my mother, grandpa and grandma”



Remembering My Photos | The Adventures 2

Here is another set of my adventure photos. Not much of it but it is worthy to be shared on BlogJob.

Kamay ni Jesus, Quezon Province

The place is sacred. We traveled all the way to Manila to visit the place after the Holy Week. This photo was taken at the foot of the hill in 2014. We got the chance to climb the hill – it was a tough climb but we pushed harder to reach the top. The place is for religiously people, I am not but I believe and I have faith. On the foot of the hill is a miniature Noah’s Arch and the Garden of Eden. It was a blessed trip.

One of the Islands, Hundred Islands, Alaminos City


My cover photo happens to be this. Yes, I love this photo because it is breath-taking. I can’t believe that moment when I was nearing the floating rock. It looks like floating on the water. This was the first island that welcomed us when we finally arrived at the area. The scene was just breath-taking.

Koi Fishpond, Nuvali, Laguna


This photo was taken in Nuvali, Laguna on December 2009. My friend tagged me along when she applied in one of the biggest call center companies based in Laguna. We traveled all the way from Pampanga to be interviewed. It was a refreshing view after the recruitment process seeing this Kois. We bought pillets and fed them.

Surf Board, San Narciso, Zambales


I was with my friend and workmate when we were brought here to experience the surfing by my senior manager. The surfing board was not just a prop, but I had experience riding it in the water with waves. I have learned to paddle and stand on it. It was fun seeing people and my friends enjoying their own businesses in the water. I was skinny that year.

Early Bird Gets the Front Seat

I am wrapping it up this early so I can go to the volleyball venue to get our tickets. I know as early as 7 AM there are supporters lining up for the opening of the ticket booth. Can you imagine, the ticket booth usually opens 3-4 hours before the start of the game, but the supporters are eager to get in the stadium earlier.

I will get a patron tickets so I can leave the site after getting the ticket so I can go somewhere else first before the game. If I get the lower box tickets I can’t leave because I need to get a seat for my cousin. It is a free seating – no numbering involved for lower box and upper box seats. If it’s ringside or patron.

So I remember the finals day between the NU and ADMU in the Shakey’s V-League tournament. I was caught up in a very long queue. I know it was the longest queue I have ever experienced. The line going to the booth went all the way to the third floor of the parking lot. Imagine how patient were the people inside the parking lot.

I will take more photos this time and will share on here.

My Wednesday Appointment | What a Day!

After reaching my goal

No Entry: Dead on Arrival

I got home around 5 PM from my appointment.

There’s a death in the village – I can’t remember when they put up the tent in the middle of the street. The tent is huge. Anyone can walk through it. Vehicles can still take the route – since it is the main street – only the light vehicles.

I walked from the train station to the apartment. It is a short walk anyway and I am used to doing it. There’s a barricade in the street just before reaching the tent. It reads “No Entry: Dead on Arrival” I walked pass the tenant. I really can’t understand the signage. I was thinking that their departed loved one died overseas or somewhere in the country.

The signage isn’t correct – it is erroneous. It could have been written as “No Entry: Dead is Arriving”. Or can still be rephrased.

Where is the LOVE?

I came home very late today. I usually gets home 9 in the morning. But today, I got home at 5 PM because of my appointment.

I accompanied my officemate to the PAGIBIG office.

The title of the post isn’t LOVE per se or about Valentine’s Day. It is all about the government office called PAGIBIG. It is an acronym. However, in Filipino Pag-ibig is LOVE in English.

Anyway, we were lost in the city. We asked bystanders. Manong, saan po ang PAGIBIG? (Sir, where is PAGIBIG located?)  The man said “nasa puso ko” (in my heart). We just laughed. The direction was immediately given after that humorous statement.

We managed to find the office by the help of an officer. – Thanks to him.

I waited for my officemate until the end of the seminar. And I headed home sleepy.

My Niece Wants to Watch Wakaden | Now She’s Top 1 in Her Class

Two years ago I was living with my sister in the apartment. I share a room with my other brother and my sister was occupying the next room – to cut our expenses and have extra money for food and other stuff. I placed the desktop inside my room to have more space in the living area. My niece was 3 when I started watching The Walking Dead. She shouts every time she sees walkers on the show.

One day, she entered the room and said: “Tito (Uncle) can I watch Wakaden on your desktop?” I did not understand what she was saying. I heard the same word three times. When I can’t understand what she wanted to watch – she stood up and emulated how zombie walks and the groaning sound. I was laughing out loud with her acts.

I corrected her – I asked her to say the words after me
The – Wo – king – dead. She got it by syllables.
At 4, I told her to watch Wakaden, she corrected me by saying it correctly.

She’s Top 1 in her Class

When she was in her day care year, she got the “Bright Pupil of the Year” and another awarded in her Kinder Garten year. Now she’s in grade one and the number 1 in her class. I am very proud of her. She’s talkative – I wrote about how she talks a lot when I am on the phone with her. I hope and wish that she continues doing good in school and her study. She talked about how his little brother punched her. How she was chosen to represent their school in a math contest. She said that the questions are tough because it was in English. I told her that she can eventually understand everything. She can learn it in the right time.

Just Random

This is about random happening in my surrounding while on my way home from work. The traffic is a forever issue – what else can we expect. Am I ranting about it? No! I am just amazed on how passengers, commuters and motorists are able to handle the daily situation. At least I don’t experience traffic at 2 in the morning going to work.

My usual route by foot now is from the office to Robinson’s Galleria. I make sure to use this route inside the mall. The DFA and the NBI government offices are the top two go-to places. Everyday people are on their toes, standing in a long queue. They are holding their portfolios, envelops, folders or a piece of paper. I wonder there are so many Filipinos processing their government documents. Just wondering how many of them are leaving the country and how many are finalizing their requirements for local employments.

The Random Conversation

On the bus, again my eavesdropping skill was activated. The person behind my seat called someone and started to tell story about his day at work. He said his schedule started at 11 PM and suppose to be out at 8 AM. Because of the work, he managed to go out late. And he said it is not healthy anymore and he talked how wasted he is. And continued to tell story about an incident on his way to work last night. He encountered bad guys – they tried to rob the other passenger. Sad to say they are still many here.

The Flyers

There are flyer girls and boys in the mall earlier. The flyer girl was giving me a coupon and said “this is for free”. I said no, but with no sound with hand gesture (hand gesture to refuse insert here). I know how that works. I don’t want to fill up the coupon with my information. My profile or details aren’t for sale.