Dear My 16-Year Old Self

The flies so fast – it is fast that I can’t remember all the events that came by. I have survived all the challenges.

To my 16-year old self,

How are you doing today? I hope you are doing just fine. How is life been?

I know you are tired in school. You are now a senior high school student. Greater responsibilities, I know that. And I am sure you are just doing fine. Academics wise you are okay, not the top of your class but almost there at top 10. Tough competitions right?

I know you have enjoyed the extra-curricular like being a choir member, you have bagged several championships when you were in your junior year (third year). And until now you still know few lines of your winning piece in the Choir Speech competition and some lines of the song “Himno ng Pangasinan” (Pangasinan Hymn). You memorized most of the steps and the blockings.

Some things I want to point out. I hope you never took sleep for granted for months. There are times that you sleep past midnight to finish your homework but still crams in the morning to finish your study. You need to help mother in her household chores. Do it without you being asked. You are the eldest, you should know your responsibilities. You are already 16, you should be helping and teaching your siblings on household chores. Lead by example.

I know you don’t want to go to the meadows to tend the cows. Just enjoy it. You don’t want to be scolded by father. Enjoy life and don’t take things seriously for now. Enjoy your life. Go to the river and swim, or to the beach with friends. And after you go to the library, that’s the way it is, your time does not have the technology that we have right now. And please take care of yourself.

Love lots,

Your Older Self

I Missed the Fun on the Sand

I got two invitations three weeks – one was from my friend in the province and the other was from a former colleague in the call center. My friend invited on the 23rd to attend the simple birthday celebration of her son. That was held in Pangasinan – at the Lingayen beach. My colleague invited to visit another colleague in Batangas on April 24th. I cannot commit to these invitations. One north and the other is south bound. I have decided to go to the birthday celebration in Pangasinan. However, on April 17th, my schedule has been modified. I have a new day offs which I can’t altered. I can’t file shift slide or schedule change. I need a two-week notice to do that.

So, I missed the invite. My friend messaged me yesterday. They had fun on the sand under the sun.

While my colleague tried to reconnect. I had a missed call from his number but I have never returned the call. I managed to message him on Facebook messenger but got an answer four hours ago. He said that they went to the beach.

Another missed opportunity to have fun on the sand under the heat of the sun.

I have missed my favorite food as well. Pasta, spring rolls (chicken spring rolls), and my favorite paella. My friend grew up in Pampanga, so she knew how to prepare the Kapampangan version of beringhe (paella).

I want to see the sunset in Lingayen Gulf 🌅. And have fun under the sun 🌞. And do some water activities 🏊🏄🚣. Or just a simple walk on the shoreline🚶. Or biking 🚴 maybe in the Capitol grounds. Enjoy the waves 🌊🌊🌊. I want to experience surfing again 🏄but not in Lingayen. Best surfing spots are La Union or Zambales.

I wanted to be away from all of these for a moment 🚂🚊🚕🚖🚗🚘🚚🚥🚦.

Tiring Day | Cool Keyboard App

It was a tiring Saturday morning. As early as 12 midnight, I sorted the used clothes for the week and I was ready to head to the laundry area. I started at 4 AM instead. I did not sleep. After spin drying the clothes, I let them sit first in the basket. I immediately went outside to buy chicken for breakfast. Yes for breakfast. I prepared a recipe with tomato sauce on it. Good thing the mini-market stall in front of the apartment opens early everyday except Mondays.

It was a tiring day. I told my brother to do the dishes after we have eaten. I was able to sleep at 7 AM. I woke up at 11 AM and rushed to post only 2 articles here. That was a 4-hour sleep. I did not get back to bed but instead watched the men’s volleyball tournament between the Ateneo Blue Eagles and National U Bulldogs. The Blue Eagles won in 4 sets – to take game 1 of the best-of-3 finals series. And in the afternoon, I watched the women’s game between the Ateneo Lady Eagles and the La Salle Lady Spikers. The Lady Spikers bagged their first win in three straight series. Dismantling the Lady Eagles was so easy for them. I wonder how the camps, NU and Ateneo will adjust on Wednesday for the second game. If both Ateneo Men’s and La Salle Women’s win that upcoming match, they will be proclaimed as season 78 champions.

After the game, I went straight to work. I did not sleep and eat. I was like zombie, literally. After my work, I went straight to bed and the next happened I was in dreamland. I woke up at 12:20 PM, 40 minutes before the new point limit will be replenished – and this is my first blog post today.

Still on my bed typing on my new keyboard app.


Do you use keyboard apps? This is my first time to download such app.

I Miss Home

I went home last month, it was long time ago since I visited my sister, her kids and my father. I miss the simple life in the province. No air pollution, no traffic. I can feel the curfew is in effect. I don’t see teenagers on the street after 8 PM. In the morning I saw kids playing in the grassy lot. Oh those days.

I miss the lot where we usually hold our activities. Hide and seek, tag-along, luksong-tinik, luksong-baka, the childhood games we used to play. I did not see my playmates. I wonder where they are. My grade school classmates are nowhere to be found. I heard others are still working overseas – Taiwan, Dubai and Singapore. My grade school has new classrooms. I remember the time when I fell from the stage. It was a painful fall. Thankfully, my head did not hit the floor but broke my arm. Just a little fracture.

I went to our relative’s funeral who passed away 10 days after my aunt died. I had the chance to see and mingling other relatives, those who came to my aunt’s wake.

I bonded with my niece and nephews. I am proud of my niece, she received her medal during her recognition in school for being the top 2 in her class. She was also recognized for her participation in the math competition where she ranked third among other many school-participants. Woooooooo! We have a future math wizard.

When I visited on October 2015, the bridge is a work in progress. Last month, it is almost done.


Photo: nerdieeds

This is how we travel. There is an improvised bridge attached to the main bridge. More than half is already repaired so it is a short walk to the bridge. Once we get to the repaired part, transportation is already available.

Random Facebook Statuses

While scavenging for possible topics to write, my first stop was Facebook, where if not all, most trending topics can be found. Aside from Facebook, I glanced through my Twitter timeline and the trending topics are mostly on the overrated loveteams in the Philippines. Of course Prince is still trending, yeah?

After few minutes of flipping and juggling Facebook and Twitter, I finally saw a potential viral topic. I saw a former co-worker who shared an update post that he was followed by a local male celebrity on Instagram.

Another post I saw is a joke – and I was tagged. 

Here is the first post.

He posted “One of the best actors/directors followed me on IG” (actor’s name omitted)

I’ve read through the comments – like my former co-worker, I was irritated with the other comments. Most were “wow” and uhuh comment. He got all those praises – thanks to you but one. He is sporting a sexy outfit. He is obviously naked with just the apron on. And surprisingly a person from local showbiz spotted him. That person really know how to appreciate beauty. He was right! Undeniably, my former officemate is oozing with sex appeal. That even a male can appreciate him.

Appreciate Life

Know who you are. I think someone needs a mirror so he or she can check himself or herself. Before you comment something against a person, I think it is very vital to know where you stand. To know who you are in the first place.

Respect Other People

Respect begets respect. So why can’t others do this. They see the negative side of a person. Why not just say “wow, you have been noticed” or “glad to know you have been followed by a celebrity”. Instead of saying, “ah because he is gay too”. So what’s wrong with being gay? Tell me.

And joke post from my current team:

It was a knock knock joke. She actually posted this and tagged us (the team) yesterday. We were all waiting. We were all hoping that the joke is something funny or sort of. And 2 hours ago, she responded.

“Knock, knock” 

“Who’s there?”


“Money who?”

Then she posted the then infamous Pricetag song popularized by Jesse J.

“It is not all about the money, money, money…” and so on.

I was like, ah okay. You nailed it in the head girl. Lol. I was thinking of a different song, but was literally from that song. And no one reacted.

The ETix Site is Up | Almost Sold Out

I have waited for 30 minutes. I was already logged on to the site before 10 AM today. I posted on FB that the site is currently down. Talked to few people about their online experience. I saw tweets that the ticketnet website is down. So I am not alone.

I tweeted “The site is down”. My cousin and my friends liked the post update. Then a former colleague commented on the photo I posted about me getting points from the visitors I got. He commented, “when is the online selling of tickets?” I answered him with — “it is down”. He said that he went to SM Ticket booth to get his ticket for the Saturday’s game. I told him the event will be held at the Araneta Coliseum. He might be confused. When the site is up, I messaged him immediately but he did not reply.

When I got in – I checked the available location. The levels are general admission and upper box. Oh no, not again. I immediately grabbed my card for the purchase. The upper box option is not giving seats. I refreshed the page. It is still giving an error message, saying there are not enough tickets for this option (not verbatim). I added two general admissions tickets to my cart. And I was about to check out when I have changed my mind to refresh the page. I did that twice until the Upperbox option showed up. I had my card on my left hand while the other was navigating through the site. I chose two tickets and immediately hit add tickets. On the next page, it asked me for my information and the card number. And rushed to the checkout. On top of the page was my remaining time to book the seats.

I was trembling while supplying my details knowing that I only have 10 minutes to hold the ticket. I made sure that it was error-free. Once I completed the form, I submitted it and thank goodness two seats are reserved.

As of this writing, gen ad seats are the only available levels — I know most tickets are given to the schools for their students / alumni.

New Schedule Again (Third Week)

Starting tonight (I say tonight because I will go to work tonight) my new schedule is 4 AM – 1 PM Pacific Standard Time – or it’s make that 7 PM – 4 AM Philippine Time. I am saying good bye to my weekend rest day because my new day off will be on Wednesday and Thursday.

From 12 AM (Philippine time) in January, I was moved to 8 AM in March to give way to my team mate. Then came the Daylight Saving time, my schedule was changed to 7 AM. I don’t complain. Starting April 1st, we moved to a new location, I don’t complain about the promixity and the traffic. I am good with it. Two short jeepney rides – I am good with it.

And now – going back to the evening shift is like — argggh. I am getting used to the morning shift and about to call myself as a morning person. Well, it is life. Nothing is permanent except change. I have to deal with and embrace the change.

My new schedule means:

I will see my friends from the other shift whom I haven’t seen since I accepted a new schedule.

I will experience the night shift in our new location – and compare the differences between going to work in the morning and evening.

I will have the chance to meet new officemates and talk to other members during my 8-hour shift.

I will have a chance to go home early at 4 AM and do other things before heading to bed in the morning. (so I will miss going to be at night).

I will have the chance to do my job better this time – to get to the top of everyone and bag a very deserving schedule after 3 months.

I will have the chance to do some jog time in the morning after work.

I will have the chance to go to government offices in the weekdays.

How about you, which schedule do you like?

My Week at Work (April 11-17)

April is almost over, tomorrow will mark the third week of this month. May is fast approaching – and it is election day again! Go out and exercise my right to suffrage.

Well, nothing’s new with me this week. Same routine, same-old, same-old.

I was able to pack my lunch for 3 days but failed to the last two days of my work week.

4/11 – My second day of 2 rest days from work. I have watched Jungle Book with John. We have enjoyed the movie. We picked some great lessons to live by. Never give up! I planned to have a body massage but decided to go home and sleep early to prepare for next day’s work.

4/12 – I woke up early at 4:30 AM. Prepared food for breakfast and packed the rest for lunch (in the office). I boiled the okra and eggplant. Nothing special. I packed the boiled okra and eggplant put raw sliced tomatoes and salted egg – it was good.

4/13 – I woke up at 5 AM. Prepared another eggplant dish. That time it was a combination of eggplant, tomatoes and egg. I steamed the eggplant first then sautéed it in onion, garlic and tomatoes. Put beaten eggs on it. I packed the dish with rice and fried fish.

4/14 – I woke up at 5 AM without my alarm. Good thing. It is on my system now. My housemate prepared his signature chicken adobo. I requested for the recipe with pineapple. I packed my lunch and head off to work.

4/15 – I woke up 5:30 AM. I felt like I don’t want to prepare for work but I have to. I did not prepare for breakfast and only ate bread. Off I go to work and arrived 10 minutes before my shift.

4/16 – Same as the previous day. I did not prepare my meal – ate bread. Took a shower. Then sprinted to work.

4/17 – Today. I am not doing anything. Wasting time I guess.

I worked from April 12 – 16. Same routine – processed tickets, answer emails and calls. Talked to peers, took my 2 15-minute breaks and 1 hour lunch.

During the Maintenance

Yesterday the site went on maintenance for hours. I remembered Sheridan posting an announcement that the site will have a brief maintenance at 11 PM CST, that 12 PM Manila time. I finished what I have to finish yesterday. At twelve, the site was inaccessible. It says be back in a minute. Whew! I was thinking that it will only take 60 minutes – 2 hours. I wonder what upgrades has been done. That is okay.

I was able to watch The Walking Dead episode 15, Teen Wolf episode 17 and 18 — Yeah, I am a bummer catching up with past episodes. After watching, I visited forum site but it was not much over there. Same topics.

I turned off the laptop and my mobile phone and went straight to bed. I planned to watch the volleyball match between University of the Philippines and Far Eastern University at 4 PM, Live! So I won’t miss the live action. I fall asleep and woke up at 5 PM, it was long nap – 15-minute nap is okay. I was energized. I sprinted to the bathroom, took a quick shower. Off I go to the San Juan Arena. When I reached the entrance, I asked the usher for tickets. He said politely, you can go inside without ticket. The match is almost over. The third set is underway, so I missed the first two sets. So FREE ENTRANCE. While inside, I checked BlogJob, still down.

After the volleyball game, I hurriedly went out to avoid stampede. I was able to get a jeepney ride right away. I went to my old office building in Ortigas to clear my locker room and get the padlock. It was successful. Checked BlogJob while on my way to the Church. Still down.

I attended the 7 PM Sunday mass at the EDSA Shrine. After the mass, I held up a cab, I got in. Checked BlogJob, still down. I was stuck in a traffic for almost an hour. Checked BlogJob from time to time, still down.

It Is Not How I Wanted To Be

In February 2010, I was hired for a job to handle a team in Makati City. I don’t have a place to live when I accepted the offer. I accepted it and will think about the next step I said.

I reached out to a relative who was working in Universal Robina and stays in Pasig City. I asked him if I can squeeze in myself in his boarding house while I familiarize myself in Makati. He said yes right away. I packed everything a day before my first day. The place was small to accommodate six people but I was still accepted. My cousin (second cousin – his mother and my mother are cousins).

He left in December 2010 for Dubai to work in Nestle. I haven’t seen him since then – only on Facebook. We rarely talk though. I only read updates or statuses from him. He went home last Christmas but I did not.

This month, his brother died after 10 days of my aunt’s death.

I visited the wake of his brother and had a chance to see him and talked about how he is making out in Dubai. I shared some of my day to day challenges. I told him that this is not how I want our reunion to be. He said “that is life” in a sad tone. He flew back to Dubai in January but the bad news made him flew back to Philippines.

I wished him all the best in his career abroad. He said that be needs to go back and work in Dubai because he is sending money for his mother’s maintenance medicine.

I told him to pray for his brother’s soul. I told him that my mother and aunt are waiting for him in heaven. And then he smiled and uttered yes they are talking to him now, I supposed.