Meeting Over Breakfast

Three weeks ago, my supervisor sent an email communication that we will have a meeting on March 12, 2016. She said that it will be a team breakfast – this is to establish teamwork or to re-build the team. We (the team) had a couple of misunderstandings lately. I had mentioned on my previous post that we had disagreement – not all were involved though. My supervisor was quick in fixing the issue. She thought that talking to the team will lessen the pressure – she did a good job.

Yesterday was the day. The team breakfast or meeting was set at 9 AM. My shift starts at 8 AM, when I arrived at 7 AM, I stayed in the lobby. Twenty minutes before 8, I placed my things in the locker and sprinted to my workstation. My colleagues wanted me to log in quickly to grab tickets before we go on meeting. I managed to close 6 tickets in one hour. That was fast of me – I usually end up closing 3-4 an hour. At 9 we are all set up for the breakfast.

The food was great – they are all palatable. We had our selfies before and after eating. While we were eating, my supervisor reminded us of things we should do and continue doing. Not much of “you do this” stuff. I was not a meeting for me. It was a team breakfast. A team that goes out to celebrate success!

This is actually my first eat-out session with my new team since I joined them in January.

I remembered when I was handling a team, we usually go out and dine together, laugh together. I missed that team – I have shared a photo of one of our breakfast meals on my previous post. And the moments are missed now.

Anyway, team meeting does not only have to take place in the conference rooms or during huddles. It should also happen everywhere. Talking to your teams is already a team – informal much better.

My Embarrassing Moment With My Then Newly-Found Friends

It was my birthday that night when my friends from a social network – free chat from Smart, asked me to go out. I met six different individuals and we became friends. They knew it was my birthday and that I can’t go out because I have to go to work at night. I sent them messages I can’t come that night so I re-scheduled it.

Come my day off they were already sending a message and someone called me that one of them was rushed to the hospital – and wanted me to meet the others at the mall before we go to the hospital. I was tricked. No one was hurt. It was their way to get me to the mall.

I don’t have cash that time, but I brought my cash card because they asked for a birthday treat. I was confident that I can treat them. When I was on the ATM, the machine won’t dispense cash. I tried another machine while all of my friends waited – to no avail. I don’t have cash – LOL. John offered his money, it was embarrassing because John was the newest member of the group and he’s the one who offered to lend me money. In fact, I don’t know him that time and was our first time to see each other.

When we have time to talk about it today, I still turn red because of that moment. It was not-so-good to talk about, but John insists it was okay. He said a friend in need, is a friend worthy to be helped.

After that experience, I never go out without money in my pocket. I make sure that I have cash instead of a plastic card. Sometimes banks or ATM can’t be trusted. I better be prepared all the time.


My Team’s Eat-Out Adventure

My team trademark is food or should I say “was”.

When I was still handling a team, our bonding was to eat out after our tiring, fun and challenging shift. Our next challenge those years was to look for an open restaurant or eatery. Our shift ends at 5 AM. It was difficult to find for an open establishments, until we discovered 24-hour resto and bar within the metro. My team needed to unwind a bit, we eat if stressed. When I need to finish some office works, they stay after their shift to wait for me until I log off my PC. It was a torture to think that there are around 14 people waiting for me – some are waiting outside and others beside my desk. After all, it was all FUN. I get to bond with nice people within my team.


This photo was taken before we start to consume the food we ordered. Notice the hand grabbing some food? He/She might be hungry. We joke around before eating. I said “What is the first thing to do before eating, it starts with letter P? They answered in unison “Picture, picture” So, we had a snapshot of this bountiful treat.



If we can’t find an open store that offers Filipino dishes, we dine at Jollibee. We eat our favorite chicken joy and talk about our day – our experiences. And one day, we found an eatery that cooks authentic Filipino dish. We had a chance to eat Pansit (rice noodle) topped with cabbages, carrots and friend pork. We also had pork sisig, a dish that is prepared by grilling the pork, after it is done, the pork is chopped. Add recipe and we had a sizzling pork sisig topped with egg.



One time, one of my agents bought a pizza for us at SNR inside the Puregold building in Cubao. I had two slices and I was like “stuffed”. Compared to Filipino stores, SNR serves huge serving – like that on the photo.

I miss this from my team.

Yesterday’s Happening

Yesterday I visited my friend who is working as a recruitment specialist. I waited for her at the lobby where the company accepts applicants.

He was Frustrated

I was observing how the business works for those who are working in the recruitment office – they are responsible in hiring and selecting best candidates for their company.

As I sit and wait for my friend , I was observing one applicant who is eager to get the job. He was called by the recruitment specialist – it was a test drive on how to take and pass the exam. I just knew it because the applicant discussed it with his friend or someone over the phone. He was upset because he did not make it. Then I overheard the recruiter said that “you almost pass the language test”

His girlfriend (I guess) approached him at the lobby. The guy was really frustrated when he told her not to talk to him in a demeanor way.


Parties Everywhere

I was browsing my Facebook account (using my friend’s spare mobile phone), the timeline says it all. There are a lot of parties going on this month — Annual Party, Year-end Party, Christmas Party. So many parties out there – to unite and meet with other members of the company, to enjoy and have fun outside the workplace.

As early as December 1st, companies started to throw the parties for their employees.

The most memorable annual party I attended to was the 2013 Party. The theme was “One Team, One Heart for Leyte. This was when the typhoon Yolanda devastated Leyte. The president of the company announced that we accummulated million funds to assist the victims of the typhoon especially the employees of the company who are based in Leyte that time of calamity.

It was truly the best for me. How about you? What is the most memorable party you attended

Friends are Forever

I have read three quotes about friendship. I made me think of their meanings and left me immobile for a minute (that’s exaggerating – just 5 seconds).

My friends are forever. When I earned a good friend – they will like treasure that I will keep forever. I have been friends with my high school classmates, my previous workmates – they are all nice and awesome people. We may not find more time because of our busy schedules and the time differences (others are abroad), we make sure that we keep the friendship lasts.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings. – Henry David Thoreau

Absolutely, the language we use as friends are not the words per se but their meanings. How we convey the words and it’s meanings are important.

I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better. – Plutarch

Basically, we need a true friendship that will last. We don’t want to see our friends agree with us when in reality he doesn’t want to. We need friends who can understand us – what we need are sound advises along the way. We need someone to talk to when we have problems. We need a friend who can verbalize his feelings.

This next quotation made me laugh, seriously laugh. Today’s generation and technology. Internet connection is one of the best way to connect with friends.

True friendship is when you walk into their house and your WiFi connects automatically. – Author Unknown

That is awesome. Your friend will surely like this – or you would like it too when you visit him.

I bet you like the last quote too. Kidding aside, we need friends through good and bad times. They are the ones who can understand us. Say thank you to your friends!

Hunting for Relationship

How do you take care of your relationship? How do you make sure that your partner is faithful? This is based on true story of my friend.

This is a story of how love can conquer all. The story started at work, they were working in the same company when Gerald saw Elijah he got interested with him. They never had a chance to talk because Gerald can’t get closer Elijah because Gerald was committed that time. Until Elijah left his post on June 2011, Gerald made his move to search Elijah on Facebook. Without knowing his name, Gerald used a face recognition search method, by checking on a friends list. Well, it was successful; he was able to search his profile and started to do a Facebook messaging. They’ve met after 2 weeks. This started their relationship. They were together for 2 years – 2 years of lie and cheat. Unfortunately, one wasn’t faithful while the other one knew how to take care of the relationship.

I coined this as Job-Hunting – because one was looking for another opportunity while still employed (while Elijah was doing everything to make a worthwhile relationship). Once hired by another employer, he will leave the current job. If we come to think of it, he made the life out of his partner. He used his charm-whatever-you-me-call-it to make a living.

When I heard that the courtship was just for 2 weeks, I told myself, oh yeah, that was so fast. I remembered the time when we were in this stage – we barely had a month for this stage before we finally say yes to each other. Well, courting stage is fun, especially when he asks for you a date. Whenever I hear the word it reminds me of a couple I saw several years ago, they were on a date and a band was around them. How sweet!

I never expected that Elijah will share everything to me when we had a chance to talk via chat. I asked him how is he with his boyfriend, and told me that they broke up almost a year ago. What?! I just saw them together – well, anything can happen in a span of time. But I have never thought that their relationship wasn’t in good shape the time I saw them.

Moral is, do not trust anyone. Do not give your 100% love to someone. You only give it to the one who is really committed to giving you the love back – 100%.


My Comment Made Her Cry

My friend and high school classmate share a very long status/post on Facebook. I’ve read it from start to end. She is a good writer when we were in school and until now. She was my proofreader and she made an essay not just for me but also for others. I remembered we fell in line to get our homework from her.



Her post on Facebook made me like her more. She is frank but super kind. She is now one of the educators in our hometown. On her post, she mentioned about how people are rude to her. People call her names – and she realized that nobody accepts fat people. But of course, we do love her just the way she is. I was teary-eyed while reading her post about her appearance and she was ridiculed by other people who don’t know her personally. They are attacking a very nice person. They just don’t know her – what she can give and what they can’t. Yes, she is fat when I met her until now. And I feel bad because she’s being ridiculed by other people who don’t know her. I recalled the days when I was a weak kid. I was bullied by my schoolmates. I did not say anything. I was helpless.

She has a good heart – she’s behind our project this month. She came up with the idea to give back to the community when she saw the pupils in her school who unfortunately don’t have a good life. They are indigent. How kind she is to come up with an idea to extend help to people she doesn’t know.

We are going to support her project – and at the end of the day she is not a loser. She is a fighter. We told her to continue doing the great ways. And not to mind those people who are letting her down. They will pull her down, but she won’t allow them. We are on her back.

My Pen Friend, Now My Facebook Friend

I used to collect song magazines when I was in High School. What I liked about it was the guitar chords chart that is inserted at the middle of the magazine. Centerfold that is. I had few collections – and I liked the song mag called PureJam. Every song they published were trendy – 90s it was. It has guitar chords. It was absolutely helpful for me because I was learning to play the guitar that time (I never did learn unfortunately – I should have added this fact on my I have never done post).


And of course – the featured artists was one of the things I liked about the publication. I just loved how the editor-in-chief organized stuff on their paper. I got hooked from the good feedback from readers and avid fan. And will they launched the penfriends section, I was thrilled. I saw many people sending their names and addresses. I tried it too. After I send my contact details via snail mail, I was disappointed because my name was not posted right away. I sent an inquiry to the address provided on their publication. I inquired why my name is not yet published. I waited. I waited for weeks. And waited.

Three weeks after.

I heard my name from the outside of the house. It was a strange voice. I never heard of him before. And the brrrr sound. I got a first mail from Davao, Mindanao area. WOW. That was too far. From North to South. We exchange letters until I graduated college. We talked about life and our studies. Now she have a healthy baby boy. And we are still friends on Facebook.

I salute her courage to continue with her life. She is a kind-hearted lass. I wish her luck in all her endeavors. I wish everything is well with her and her family.

Giving Back to the Community

Pay forward. Give back to the community. Are the two phrases my friends have in mind now. When I met some of them two weeks ago, we talked about helping the less fortunate people – indigent kids. As most of us have a decent job here and abroad, we plan to pledge whatever amount or in kind we can give.

We are going to organize a gift-giving event, a small party as planned. Others suggested to open a bank account for everyone to deposit their contributions and pledges. After collecting the amount, we need more manpower to help us with the preparations.

Our friends in the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the globe will contribute to the success of this wonderful event. After 16 years, we are coming up with a charitable plans. Something that will help others. Something that will make our teachers proud of the kind-hearted students they developed to become good samaritans in this planet and our parents too.

Our pledges, big and small will greatly help these kids – we are planning to do this yearly during December or could be any month. Those who are abroad may plan to visit us here in the Philippines in the next years to come. What we wish for is the success of this activity. Within this activity we plan to put up more programs and fun. Aside from giving help to the needy, it is our way to bond as well. We have built the friendship since high school and we want this to last a lifetime. As what Gara said – “this friendship will be pass on to the next generations, to our kids’ kids’ kids until the next generation to come.

As early as now, I thank everyone for the success of this project.

Shoutout to the IV-1 Marunong Class 1999. More blessings and best of health to you all. More people to help!


The Story of the 30-Inch Pizza

The pizza parlor is called Calda Pizza. They have different branches across the Philippines. The Calda in Pangasinan is situated infront of the University of Pangasinan.

The original plan was to meet on October 24th. Since I was not around, my friends planned to go out the next day so I can meet them. Patrick suggested to go to Quattro, the name of the establishment -videoke, karaoke bar. Call time was 3PM. When we arrived at the venue, Quattro is still close. We patiently waited until 5PM – opening. We were their first customers. While we waited we comfortably stayed inside a fastfood chain just infront of the building. We took pictures, laughed and ate.


At 5PM, we left our seats and headed to Quattro. We chose the rooftop. It was a nice view of the city being up there.

The crew fixed the table for us, when we got our chair, we sat down and talk some more. Julius remembered that Oliver is or will be celebrating his birth that day. Maileen insisted to buy a pizza in Calda. We agreed. Just before placing the order, Grace messaged Oliver a happy birthday. Someone blurted that we ask him to treat us on his day. We had difficulty talking to him via Facebook video call. He seemed he cannot hear us. We messaged him. Wished him a happy birthday. And he bought a 30-inch Calda Pizza. We picked Calda Speciale in the menu. We specifically chose this because of the toppings. The birthday boy will send the payment via Western Union.

What about the pizza, we like the thin crust and the aroma and the flavor. Perfect for us.

That was the story how we managed to buy the 30-inch pizza.

Calda Speciale


Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Ground Beef, Ham, Salami, Bacon, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Green Bell Pepper, Onions, Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Black Olives