I Am on Page 1 | Bing

I am at work now, nothing much to do. I keyed in “UAAP Volleyball 78” on my browser. The Internet Explorer brower is defaulted to Bing. We don’t change any settings at work. When I searched that keyword, I was surprised to see my articles on page one. I have two articles https://blogjob.com/volleyballfan/2016/01/07/uaap-volleyball-season-78/ and https://blogjob.com/volleyballfan/2016/01/23/uaap-volleyball-season-78-commencing/

I am not convinced. I queried Google to check if there will be the same results. Tada — none of my two articles featured on Bing, showed up on Google. At least I am still happy to see my posts showed up on Bing. It is still an honor. Lol.

Did you ever query key words on Bing, Google and other just to check if your can find your articles in the first or second pages of the said search engines?

I don’t do this, it just so happen that I am not busy at work for now. There not much ticket to work on. Actually nothing at all. I just closed 4 tickets when I started at 10 AM PST, it’s a long way to go before I go home at 7 PM PST. I am now sleepy. I am following PST time, the time right now here in the Philippines is 4 AM.

What to do during this hour? I am now creating my posts. Good thing that we have music on the floor, the slide show is now playing with the background music of Marvin Gaye and 2ne1’s song. Hopefully I can finish my goal today. There is no work to do for now. There is only two of us here in my group and five in another team. I am taking my first break at 1 PM PST right after my colleague signed in. We can’t manage to go on break if there is only one staff left.

Remembering My Photos | The Adventure

I have been sharing photos from the past and I started this last week. I am only reminiscing the days with friends. I think I need relaxation like these on the below photos.

Villa Cristina Resort, Antipolo City


This photo was taken in the heart of Villa Cristina Resort in Antipolo City in July 2012, just after our training. The place was calm when we visited the resort. It was off-peak so we were able to enjoy the water. But this above photo was I think not open to the public when we got here. No signs of occupants here. Our pool was the one on the far right side. I was able to take photo of this nicely made pool when we were about to leave the place.

Burnham Park, Baguio City


Taking our walk at the famous Burnham Park. I am flummoxed with the date of this photo. I know this was not taken in 2012. We went to Baguio as a team before December and I have left the team in 2012 of May. I was already working back in Manila in May 2012. So it is impossible to go back in November 2012 to be with the team. Or did they invite me to join their get-together. Oh my, I can’t remember. Where am I? The “Villa Cristina” team building will be my proof that I have left the team in 2012. Anyways, toured the Burnham Park overlooking the lake.

Surfing at San Narciso, Zambales


This time I am sure that the date on the photo is accurate. We went to San Narciso, Zambales as a team to unwind and have fun. And yes we had fun under the sun. The girl in skyblue shorty was my senior manager, the guy over there with cap was my manager, the girl with shades was my workforce analyst and the rest of the gang was my co-team manager except the guy in the far left. He’s friends with my senior manager and is a team manager in another company. To cut the long story short, we went here to experience surfing, yes we had time to surf. My senior manager is a surfer, so she brought us here to experience her hobby. I had fun with the waves. It was not captured on photo – too bad but I have photo with the surf board.

More to go!

Remembering My Photos | Nature

I don’t go as much traveling as I can but if I do, nature would be the focus of my photography. I am not a pro or not even a photo addict. Let’s check out the places I have been – not to much but I treasure the fun and excitement.

The Mountains of Zambales


This was taken on November 12, 2009 in Zambales. I don’t have a high resolution camera during this time. We were preparing for a boat ride going to Anawangin Cove when I took this photo. The fishing boats were aligned on the shore waiting for the fishermen. I have enjoyed the spashing water on my face while others were taking snapshots on their own. While we were amazed with the scene, I heard the machine clog, clog, clog, I thought the boat was out of gas, the driver manuevered to left – what I saw was paradise that time.

The Anawangin Cove Shoreline


This is what I saw when the boat turned to the left. I was a paradise. Can you see the shoreline from afar? We weren’t allowed to stay here overnight because there is no electricity. When we visited the place, it was too quite. It was not yet commercialized that time. When people discovered this place, it became the go-to place for a short vacation.

Marine Barracks, Ternate, Cavite


This photo was taken in June 2010. It was a long drive before this amazing place. True to its name – Marine Barracks is a place for Marines. When we were heading to the beach, the Marines were on the streets doing their drills and formations. We had fun in the sand and look at those rock formation. We are not allowed to go beyond that read signage. The rocks are slippery beyond that point. I stripped a bit when I was about to trespass the read signage.

I wish to visit more place here in my country.


Remembering My Photos | Christmas Tree

Here are my Christmas tree captures that I have been keeping from 2013.

Robinson’s Magnolia 2015


This colorful tree was built in the entrance of the mall. The photo was taken on December 16, 2015. This is the first thing that will greet you just before you can enter the mall. The light blue base is catchy with those glittery stars as its design. The pinkish and purple-ish ornaments complemented nicely with the base and lights. People are taking their selfies or groupies. I have taken multiple photos because the color was fascinating.

Araneta Coliseum 2014


The photo was taken on November 16, 2014. The Christmas tree is a real tree – not the ornament one. They started designing this as early as November. They call it the dancing Christmas lights because the lights are in synched with the music. People are posing for photos every year underneath the pine tree. The old ornaments were used but the huge bells weren’t used this year.

Robinson’s Magnolia 2013


The Christmas tree display was awesome this year. I have liked the design and the colorful lights. The ornaments best complemented the lights and the color.

Araneta Coliseum 2013


The tree looked pale this time of the day. The lights were lit up when I visited the place. The tree is located just the premises of different landmarks, the Araneta Coliseum, Gateway Mall, Farmers Mall and others. The tree was perfectly adorned with Christmas ornaments old and new. The huge gift boxes made the tree looked great.

Gateway Mall


Another attraction inside the mall aside from the garden at the middle of the mall was this blue-themed Christmas tree. That red cloth wrapped around the tree was eye-catching.

These are my favorite Christmas tree photos. What are your favorites? I know Yuletide season isover, asking you may be irrelevant now. Or should I ask what “was” your favorite?

Remembering My Photos

Today, I will be posting about photos I have missed or just simple became part of my daily routine. They are not rated PG so feel free to scroll down. LOL.

The Workstation

I will start with my old workstation. I don’t have stuff on it. Just my PC, name tag, the token from my previous agent who won The Voice version of our past employer and the vial of freshener. I can’t remember the scent anymore. My Communication Specialist placed it on the table. My things were kept in the pedestal. I had an organizer back then. I had papers and pens kept inside to comply with the PCI.


This workstation was my 7th during my 2-year stay in the company. This was my last. I liked it because I can view the nice view of the sunset, the long road of EDSA, the train. I liked the view from the 11th floor. Aside from those, I was able to see who are the people entering the production floor. I can view possible intruders. LOL. I can see my colleagues by the glass door. I can easily communicate with them through sign language (the basic ones). Pre-shift and post-shift meetings were conducted here, mostly. Or within the shift work team meetings. This is where I conducted one-on-one coaching with my direct reports.

The Sunset



This was my daily view. My shift work was at 7 PM. I go to work early to avoid traffic and to avoid being tardy. One day, the sunset showed me a beautiful view from my workstation. I took a photo of it and shared it on Clashot when I joined a contest for “photo of sunset”. Someone bought my photo for ten cents. And until now I have this saved on my SD card.

More photos to share.


We Enjoyed Yesterday’s Games

As early as 8 AM, I was already at the Arena waiting for the ticket booth to open. When I got there, people were already piled up in the designated area. I hurriedly went to the back of the queue. I asked, “is this for the afternoon game?”. When in fact I already knew that queue was for the afternoon matches.

When I arrived at the venue, the men’s tournament has just started and the first games were underway. We waited until 11 AM. The booth was finally opened at 11. I messaged my cousin on Facebook telling her that the ticket is 1 is to 1 ratio. I heard from the people at my back and in front of me. They were all talking loudly and the were excited. Others were carrying flowers and cake for Alyssa Valdez. When the booth was opened I was praying that I can get two tickets. As the queue progress, I saw two people holding two tickets. And yes, I was able to breathe as if I just got out of the water. After getting my tickets, I immediately trout my way to the entrance – the supporters were already piled up and I went straight at the back.

We waited until 1 PM. While waiting, I asked the girl to secure my spot. I dashed to 7-Eleven to grab something to eat. After eating, I went back to my spot. I was done before 12 PM. Thank you to the covered pathway. At least we have something to cover us from the heat of the sun.

After the men’s game, we allowed us to enter the arena. I was able to secure my cousin’s seat. It is a free-seating, it is a first-come first-serve way but most live audience don’t follow rules so I emulated them.

we enjoyed the game because it was a jampacked arena and each group of supporters are cheering their respective teams loudly. My cousin was happy because she was able to take photos of her favorite players and recorded some plays.

The Governor’s Island | Hundred Islands

The photo was taken on top of the hill in Governor’s Island. They said that this is the perfect view where you can see almost all the islands here.

We planned to go somewhere in the Visayas region but unable to manage to get enough vacation leaves. We checked other options – we were able to find one that is very near our location. It was just 4-5 hours travel from Pampanga. We should have gone to Subic but we have been to that place already. The itinerary was not followed due to lack of time.

We rented a boat and a guide and toured the islands. It was a 15-20-minute boat ride before we reached the islands. There are islands that are inhabited by the animals like bats – hence, the island called bat island and others. The guide said there are more than a hundred islands here, during the low time the other islands can be seen – we haven’t seen that though. It could have been called One Hundred and N Islands since the others are submerged during high tide.

We are planning to go back there before the summer official hits the Philippines to avoid rush hour and peak season and to avoid visitors coming in and out of the town. We plan to have our camp or tent built in the Quirino island and experience the night on the island. Go fishing and swimming with the fishes. (this is impossible, I am afraid of vast water.

I will cross the bridge when I get there again. Hopefully, I can again.

My A-Z Alphabet Challenge | E | F |

What are my Es?

1. Eleven. My parents’ birthdates are on the 11th of May and July. I was 11 when I started to wear eyeglasses.
2. Evening. I rarely sleep at night. I worked in the evening for the last 9 years.
3. Eggplant. Not my favourite but I like it fried or omelette.
4. Evelyn. She is my favorite cousin. We kept our communication through snail mail when the internet and mobile phones were not that popular years ago. When we got our own devices, we ceased to write each other but started calling each other.
5. Eden. The pseudo-name of my college crush. It is also a brand of local cheese here in the Philippines. And the place in Davao City that is called paradise.
6. Ewoks. I really don’t know the story of this series but I was seeing these years ago. I just learned that Ewoks was a creation of George Lucas.

That’s it (eet) for now for my letter E.

Fascinating Fireflies in the Fantasy World

1) Flamingo – Is a kind of bird that has long legs and remarkable beak size however I am not referring to the bird here, I am referring to a hotel in Pampanga called Flamingo – I was offered to stay in this place when I was hired in Clarkfield, Pampanga. I refused, I stayed with my aunt in the nearby town instead,
2) Flores De Mayo (Flowers of May) – I was once chosen as an escort to Reyna Elena in our barangay years ago. This occasion is being celebrated here in the Philippines during May hence the name/title.
3) Father – I wish to bond with my father more often. He is already 60 and we haven’t talked longer. We had talked when he was in the hospital in June this year.
4) Fireflies – I think fireflies are fascinating to view up in the sky. I am amazed at their lights. One of my favourite songs of Owl City is Fireflies.
5) Final Fantasy – I haven’t seen a single movie. They say that this is a good movie. I can’t find a time or I am not just interested.
6) Fairy – if the fairy is true and I want to have a sleep fairy so that I can get help every night.
7) Florante at Laura authored by Francisco Balagtas. One of the masterpieces of Philippine Literature. We studied this when I was in high school year 1997, and I forgot everything about the history. I want to re-read and re-study this literary piece.

My A-Z Alphabet Challenge | A | B |

I am starting my A-Z Challenge. Things or stuff about me or something that is related to me or something that I like. I will begin with my letter A and B.

  1. ABAKADA. The lesson I have learned before going to grade school. My mother taught me how to read early. She was diligent and patient.
  2. Attitude. If a person gives me a bad attitude, I am not going to talk to that person forever. Yes. That is me.
  3. Aral. (Study). This is me during high school and college. Home, school, study – that was my routine.
  4. Anaconda. The first snake movie that I watched. And I like it. I seemed legit.
  5. Anna Marie. My pen pal friend from Davao who I met when I was in college through a song magazine called PureJam.
  6. Araling Panlipunan. (Social Studies) I thought this subject in high school was boring. I knew I will like the subject when I entered my third and fourth year. The class was lively during the discussion but was quiet during exams.
  7. Avocado. One of my favorite fruits. I know it’s weird but I like making avocado with an ice cube and condensed milk.

My Letter B

  1. Bratislava. A place that I want to visit after visiting places in the Philippines, my homeland.
  2. Barasoain Church. An old and historical church situated in Bulacan. I had a chance to visit this sacred place. After years of only seeing it in black and white.
  3. Biology. My favorite subject in second-year high school.
  4. Behavior. I studied different behaviors of my direct reports for 5 years. And understand through root-cause analysis.
  5. Bugallon. My hometown in Pangasinan. I grew up here and most of my life experiences happened here.
  6. Beach We are surrounded by water in Pangasinan. I particularly like Lingayen beach. This is where I spend time when I want peace of mind.
  7. Bantay and Bingo. They are my favorite pets. They are already gone but they are still my faves.

Remembering My Volleyball Posts

The Volleyball Event was Successful

The countdown is over – now I will be waiting for all the games of the Ateneo Lady Eagles, the team I am supporting. It was a successful event. Though the venue wasn’t jam-packed, the arena still exploded in loud noise when our favorite team came out.

We were seated at the very end – right most corner of the stage. I wanted the center of the stage seats, but unlucky to have a reservation for that. I described on my previous post about watching the replay on TV. I enjoyed the live telecast, though. Because I was able to hear the noises and the sound of the drums from both team.

Lady Eagles defeated Lady Bulldogs

Ateneo Lady Eagles were called the underdogs last season when they entered final four battles. Now they are called the defending champion, the queen of women’s volleyball for the collegiate teams of University Athlete Association of the Philippines (UAAP)

As we look back, before entering the finals, Ateneo had to face National University Lady Bulldogs twice since they gained a twice to beat advantage. Ateneo climbed up by finishing one game at a time.

Yesterday, Ateneo did not give the Lady Bulldogs a chance to score a set. The Lady Eagles finished the match in 3 sets. Thailand coach Anusorn Bundit did not change the first 6 line-ups.  While the NU coach played with his line-up, there were various substitutions.

Thailand National Selection Team Defeated Philippines (Ateneo Lady Eagles)

There’s no doubt about it – Thailand is the Southeast Asia powerhouse in women’s volleyball. Netizens and Ateneo fans, like me, accepted the fact that they are facing a solid team in the ASEAN tournament. Early this week, Ateneo defeated Malaysia but wasn’t successful to Indonesia in their following game. Before the Philippine-Thailand match, many were sharing thoughts on twitter. Others say Ateneo-Philippine team will not win a set as Thailand defeated Malaysia and Indonesia in 3-straight sets. Okay, we admitted that fact already. Our representatives prove them wrong, Philippine team won one set against Thailand after 20 years. It is a big achievement for the college students to win one set over the strongest team.

Truly, the Ateneo Lady Eagles is the team to beat in the UAAP tournament. They are the defending champion and looking forward to getting a back-to-back win this season.