The ETix Site is Up | Almost Sold Out

I have waited for 30 minutes. I was already logged on to the site before 10 AM today. I posted on FB that the site is currently down. Talked to few people about their online experience. I saw tweets that the ticketnet website is down. So I am not alone.

I tweeted “The site is down”. My cousin and my friends liked the post update. Then a former colleague commented on the photo I posted about me getting points from the visitors I got. He commented, “when is the online selling of tickets?” I answered him with — “it is down”. He said that he went to SM Ticket booth to get his ticket for the Saturday’s game. I told him the event will be held at the Araneta Coliseum. He might be confused. When the site is up, I messaged him immediately but he did not reply.

When I got in – I checked the available location. The levels are general admission and upper box. Oh no, not again. I immediately grabbed my card for the purchase. The upper box option is not giving seats. I refreshed the page. It is still giving an error message, saying there are not enough tickets for this option (not verbatim). I added two general admissions tickets to my cart. And I was about to check out when I have changed my mind to refresh the page. I did that twice until the Upperbox option showed up. I had my card on my left hand while the other was navigating through the site. I chose two tickets and immediately hit add tickets. On the next page, it asked me for my information and the card number. And rushed to the checkout. On top of the page was my remaining time to book the seats.

I was trembling while supplying my details knowing that I only have 10 minutes to hold the ticket. I made sure that it was error-free. Once I completed the form, I submitted it and thank goodness two seats are reserved.

As of this writing, gen ad seats are the only available levels — I know most tickets are given to the schools for their students / alumni.

And We Are Waiting | Site is Down

The epic battle will again begin on Saturday as Ateneo de Manila University battle for the 5th time their bitter rival De La Salle University in the women’s volleyball competition of the UAAP Season 78 finals.

Ateneo Lady Eagles and La Salle Lady Spikers will battle each other for 5 straight seasons. Each teams has a 2 win 2 loss record in the finals. Now it is time to break the time.

We are waiting for the tickets to be posted online but the ticketnet website is down. Where are we going to get our tickets now? Most definitely tickets are now distributed to the school administrators. What about the supporters and the volleyball sports-wannabe? Where do we get our tickets.

It is always an adventure reserving tickets online. When I go to the ticket booth, all I can see are the expectators waiting in a very long queue for tickets to be released. And ending up with an “upper box” or worst “general admission” tickets.

This is indeed the battle of all battles. Ateneo and La Salle are sure people magnets.

I am online now since 8 AM waiting for an announcement on Twitter but to no avail. Where can I get tickets – I don’t know anyone from Ateneo. I know someone but he is from De La Salle and he knows I support Ateneo. I can’t ask him to reserve a seat or two for me.

Site is still down. I think I am going to the ticket booth at the Araneta Coliseum, Cubao just to witness this two teams battle again – and to hear the noise of the snare drums from both sides.

My cousin will miss game 1 but she said she wants to watch the second game on Wednesday next week at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

It will be an excited match and an epic clash.

Talking About US TV Series

I am on my desk processing tickets and closing the three I hoarded (shhhh – it is not allowed to hoard tickets unless they are related. Thankfully, the ones I owned were related). While processing the work, I overheard my colleagues talking about Teen Wolf. They are talking about Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura. So, I responded. Yah, I have a bad manners – they are laughing because I butt in. I was about to ask what happened to the Kitsune (Kira’s supernatural), why they are in the desert with the weird looking creatures. But did not to. So not to spoil my episode marathon. I am currently on Season 5, Episode 13 and other one is on episode 6. I am ahead of her in terms of watching Teen Wolf but the other colleague is ahead of us two. She’s done from episode 1-20. After that conversation, I went back to my desk – I just turned around to face my computer and go on with the tickets.

I still can hear them talking about other series. I completed all the tickets on my bucket to ensure efficiency is met. Once done, I turned around to them and solicited their suggestions. We are almost watching the same series. We are watching The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and The Flash. They are watching different shows like Vikings, 100, The Originals, Criminal Minds, Lucifer, Scandal, Gotham, Supergirl – wow this is a lot.
I have to pick which one I should be watching – I want to add up 2-3 items on my list. I am wanting to check out The 100, The Originals and Vikings. I don’t know which one I should like. My brother is following the 100 and he is updated. I will check out the downloads he has.

What other series can you suggest? I like the likes of Grimm, Teen Wolf and Once Upon a Time.

Trip to Virgin Islands

This is one of hidden paradises of Cabalititan, Sual Pangasinan.

When I was in high school, I used to visit this place with my best friend, because her uncle owns a place

here. Since I love this place, I always make sure that I get to visit here every year. Not only because it’s

cheap but I also the privilege of being adopted by her loving family.

After 10 years of not being able to visit. I got the chance to see it again. The sceneries are breathtaking

as how it wad before.

What attracted me most is the semi white sand that though it mixes the waters does not affects its

clarity. The clear waters make the rock formation beneath the sea floor visible.

I also miss the little island at the right most part. Though I never had the chance to hike on it, I always

enjoy making it as background in pictures.

The cave is also one of my favorites. We are lucky that its low tide and we had the chance to enter. It’s

cold water inside reciprocate the heat of the sun.

There is no place like home they say. But I love the feeling of being in this plce. This is once my second

home. I love the silence, the sound of waves, the sight of an arriving boat and most importantly, peace.

This is where I find relaxation and serenity. I can make reflections of what happened in my life. How

grateful I am with the blessings I am receiving. How thankful I am to be given the chance to experience

happiness. How wonderful life is. God is good.

This island has the power to invite positive vibes. I am sure that you will go home having the most

precious gift that this place can give. PEACE OF MIND.

She’s a Scanvenger Now | I Can’t Believe It

Another direct report messaged me on Facebook last week.

“Hello boss, how are you? You know what I am a scavenger now”

I was shocked with her message. I asked what happened. She said that when her 10-year old son died, she have lost her passion and sense of direction. The direction to work – she is a single mom now. She had 3 kids, now 2. I asked her where she’s at. She is within the vicinity.

I know God is challenging me. The day I got the payment from Sheridan, my former agent messaged on Facebook. I know the money I got from BlogJob will be an instrument to help her.

I messaged my high school friend (who I call Bhy – short for baby – our endearment). I told her what I have learned that day. I told her that I want to help. We had the same question in mind. If she’s scavenging, how she was able to PM me on Facebook. I did not ask her directly. I asked her where she’s at. She said that she is staying on the street. She gave me the exact direction. I wanted to message everyone on Facebook – to contact my former team about her situation so she can get help.

I dismissed the fact of helping her last week. Then my high school friend suggested to ask where are the kids. I did not ask – I don’t want to know because I am afraid of her answer. Today, I received another message from my former agent. “Yung inaanak mo nasa mga madre, doon sa mga nagpaaral sa akin dati” (Your godchild is with the nuns, those who sent me to school before). I was like in tears – this answered my question. I asked where is the eldest son? He said that he’s with the dad. Told her to apply for work. Her reason – she broke her dentures and no money to secure an NBI Clearance. I really wanted to help. But there is one thing that discourages me to help. I am asking her frriend who happened to be my former subordinate too. I am waiting for an answer to clear up things.

And now she is asking for food.

My Journey to Philippine Sports Arena

Weekend is a game day for the UAAP Volleyball.

While in the office, I researched how to get to the Philippine Sports Arena by foot and by car. I knew where it is located because I was able to see the location when I was in Pasig City renting a room in 2010. And it is near the Ortigas Business District.

After my shift, I log off at exactly 4 PM and sprinted to the elevator. I got out of the building looking for someone to ask. I spotted a security officer, I politely ask where to ride. He gave me the instructions but the comute is difficult during that time. I stopped a cab and got in.

I was stuck in a traffic for 15 minutes. He dropped me off at the Gate 2 that says “Entrance”. So, I gave him the payment and willingly get off the cab. At the entrance, I asked someone people where to buy ticket. I got a “go straight there” answer. So I did. I got to the Gate 3 – I approached the table. I was directed to the Gate 1. I was a long journey before I reached the ticket booth. That for me was fun – an adventure. It was my first time to watch live volleyball action in that venue. But never again will I watch the game at the said arena. It was far from my usual traffic path.

After the game, I told myself to follow my instinct. I don’t know which way to go. Seeing a lot of people go to the south and north directors made me feel dizzy. I felt like sick in the stomach. I was already past 6 PM when the game ended – so it was dusk outside. I stayed put for 15 minutes before deciding which way to go – by foot. I observed the FX passing by – their signage says Megamall-Pasig but I am not sure if they are going to which location. I recalled this route 6 years ago. I tried to remember – this way goes to and that way goes to – my mind was thinking. I finally decided to where my instinct is telling me to go. And I got it. I got the right route. I was too tired walking. I stopped for a while and waited for a cab.


My Saturday Shift (SLOW and Tiring and FUN)

Hello Blogjob Members. How are you today.

Yesterday was slow, tiring and fun. It was my last day shift of the work week. It should be all fun at work. But, it was tiring. We had an unplanned maintenance. Since it was unplanned nobody was prepared for it. We did not have our back up tools pulled up and no announcement hence unplanned. Our site technicians were unhappy as well because of work piling up there way.

It was SLOW

Slow (and I said there’s forever in our tools – loading forever). Since it was a Saturday morning shift (Friday night in Pacific time), there were few people at work. It was slow until I ended my shift. I left my colleague alone and the other members begging for the tools to work properly. I don’t know what type of upgrade our ITs are doing that time.


Tiring because I have to load, reload, unload, close, open and refresh the tools. It worked perfectly and after couple of seconds it will freeze. It was an adventure. We are unable to service our clients properly because of it – actually our technicians were hit by the unplanned maintenance.

It was FUN

After the tiring day at work, I ended my day at 4 PM. I rushed to the ground floor and hunted a cab. I am chasing the 4 PM game between Ateneo Lady Eagles and UST Golden Tigresses. The cab driver willingly said yes when I told him to drop me off at Philippine Sports Arena, Pasig City. He said with conviction, “that’s an old stadium. Basketball games are not played there”. There is a game there now – volleyball game. He is not interested since he shuts up when I said volleyball. It was fun because the team I support won in 3 sets and got their ticket to the final four.



My Goal – Save on Food

As I was moved in the morning shift, my schedule covers breakfast and lunch. I can take my breakfast at home before going out but most of the time I can’t prepare my food.

Last week I started the 21-day habit (again) that my friend taught me. It is how to follow a daily routine – once perfected it will give you lasting results. One is the discipline you put. During these days, one will learn how to manage time – no tardy, can prepare food and pack for lunch for that matter. I have tried it last month but I did not embrace it. I failed. But I was never late for work. I have never packed my lunch. Now since I have a new schedule, I will be doing it again (hopefully it will work).

My goal is to save on food. Fast food cost is too much than prepared food. My colleagues sell food as well but it is same as the price outside. Last week, I bought ingredients for my lunch. It will be simple lunch – everyday. I bought ampalaya (bitter gouard) and tomatoes. I sauteed it in garlic, onion and tomatoes. And mixed with beaten egg once tender. And it was a perfect meal for me. I add fried fish and I had a hearty meal that day. I only spent 40 pesos less than a dollar for it. No soda for me so I only had water.

And this is what I am trying to accomplish – pack my lunch daily. Will keep in mind the savings I will get plus the effort of getting up early in the morning and the idea of going to be early as well.

If I achieve this – it will be a HUGE milestone and accomplishment for me.

What is your goal? Share it here.


My Schedule Is Moved an Hour Earlier

Daylight Saving Time or known as DST has already started. People in the US will be adjusting their clocks one hour backwards to be synched with the change of time. This means that our (call center agents) schedule will move an hour earlier.

My current schedule is 4 PM PST (8 AM Manila) and because DST is in effect I will be having a change of schedule starting tomorrow. I will be on a 3 PM PT (7 AM Manila). What does this mean for me? Well, there will be two things I have on my bucket, 1.) Wake up earlier – if before I wake up at 4:30 AM, now I will be an hour early. 2.) Less people waiting in the street. This means I don’t have much competitions. And another thing is – I can go home early to avoid rush hours. So now I will be away from morning and afternoon rush hours – hooray to DST!

Most people termed this change as Daylight Savings Time with an “s” at the end of saving which is incorrect. It should be Saving time.

Anyways, Philippines have practiced this before – but because of confusion – I guess, they reverted it to the normal time.

My supervisor reminded me yesterday that I should come in an hour earlier my current shift to follow the DST. I told her that I am good with it, in fact it has been a practice since I started in the business.

In relation to DST, when I was working in one of the Telco giants, we received calls asking agents on how to adjust time on their Nokia mobile phones. They were basic phones and does not have automatic update. I know with today’s technology, the timezone automatically updates, right? Correct me if that is not true.

Are your hours at work will be changing? Tell me more about it.


Ocular Inspections | New Workplace

I am hearing people in the office that we are moving this month, next month, next weeks to come – I don’t know who to believe but one thing is for sure, I know there is a communication from the management that we are moving to a new building.

As part of the move, I had my own ocular inspections – of course I did not have the chance to see what’s inside the building since I don’t have a permit to do so. I came to the place just to see how the travel will be. I am hearing my colleagues that it is not good – proximity wise. And heard different stories from others.

After seeing the HR communication yesterday, I was convinced that we are moving soon. New routine and new route to take. So today, after going to church, I asked John if he can accompany me. We travel by public jeepney. From the starting point, we reached the first stop in 10 minutes. We even asked passersby where the StarMall is. After getting the information that StarMall is that way – to the left, we decided to ride another jeepney. We reached the place in 7 minutes. Overall – it was a 20-minute travel including the short walk and getting a vehicle. We did not even reach StarMall.

The new building is attached to a mall. In the front of the office building is a tricycle transport and it is along the high-way. Since it is a mall, fast-food chains are present. Convenience store 7 Eleven, Coffee Bean, McDonald’s, KFC, Bank offices as well. Overall – it is a nice place. No more long walks for me before getting to the office.

It was a 17-minute travel from the starting point on a Sunday morning. I will cross the bridge when I travel during the weekdays.

I am hoping for no traffic.