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I can’t remember when I joined the craze. Bitcoin mining, satoshi and litecoin mining.

Not a big amount. They say that I can earn more if I join the investment scheme. I am undecided. I don’t know how it works. My other online friends are currently on these methods and said that they were paid. Yes, they were actually paid based on the screen shots they’ve shared on Facebook.

I am on BitLanders but did not continue when I joined BlogJob.

Lately, I have been reaching the threshold from the bitcoin sites. I have a coins account where bitcoin earnings are directly transferred to my account. I am not doing very well on Bitcoin.

I have joined multiple sites to earn satoshi. Created my account on coinsph not the coinbase and not xapo. I can’t check my balance on coinsph because I can’t get in. I will check it later to see how’s my balance.

Last night, I was on MyLot, pinayako shared that she already cashed out 3 BTC on BitLanders. That is already a huge amount. I was told and saw the conversion per 1 BTC. It is equivalent to $400+. This is a huge amount, but I am wondering how long it will take me to reach that amount to cash out. Then I ask my online friend if I need to go back on BitLander. I would stay on BlogJob since it pays bitcoins in exchange to the points we earn here. Which is absolutely fantastic. I will check it later if I can request for Bitcoin here.

What other bitcoin sites that you can recommend here – No investment – much better for now. I am currently on moon bitcoin, I don’t know how much they pay but it is still worth it to try something new.

I follow PinoyAko on BitLanders but I stopped visiting her on that site but of the daily schedule.

While BlogJobbing, I do the mining.



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6 thoughts on “Bitcoins and more

  1. I have totally no idea how bitcoins work, and this is the first time I heard about satoshi and litecoin. Thanks for sharing this, at least I know a little more. I’d like to find out more about these. I heard about bitlanders from PinoyAko as well, I didn’t knot 1 BTC costs so much!

    Hope you’ll enjoy your bitcoin and other coins experiment, and perhaps I’ll learn more from you soon. 🙂

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