Sleepy on My New Schedule

New schedule? No problem. It is time again to rotate schedules – thus holding shift bid is necessary.

Shift bids were conducted one day before the new schedule was released. They were not ready this time, but that is okay. Change is welcomed and embraced by employees in my current team. How was it conducted? Stack rank is used to determine who will bid or choose their preferred schedule. Stack rank includes the overall scorecard – and importantly the attendance.

Okay, I started my new schedule last night. Yes, this is my first time to go to work on Sundays after 1 year in the company. I was sleepy last night. I reported to work on Saturday, April 16 in the morning, then went to work Sunday, April 17. I just slept and went to work. I feel like I did not take my off. But I am okay for now, I will taking my off on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday is my paid time off. That’s three days in a row. I don’t know where to go. Hmmm.

Last night was still productive for me. I was able to close 31 tickets on a Sunday, wow. And I logged into Bitcoin – yes I mine for satoshi. That killed my time.

Because I was sleepy last night, I messed up – I hope that wasn’t major mess. I sent an update to the customer; attached all the documents requested. Then the customer replied asking if I replied to the correct thread. I immediately replied and said I apologized for the oversight. Not reading the request will definitely mess up things. Small things but will lead to HUGE error.

I went out at 4 AM. It was still dark when I arrived home. I was cautious with my surroundings, I am new to the place so I am being watchful.

8 thoughts on “Sleepy on My New Schedule

  1. I am also up this early Monday morning at 5 am, got a water pipe leaking and all the stores were closed Sunday evening so early to get this done so they people can have water again!

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