New Schedule Again (Third Week)

Starting tonight (I say tonight because I will go to work tonight) my new schedule is 4 AM – 1 PM Pacific Standard Time – or it’s make that 7 PM – 4 AM Philippine Time. I am saying good bye to my weekend rest day because my new day off will be on Wednesday and Thursday.

From 12 AM (Philippine time) in January, I was moved to 8 AM in March to give way to my team mate. Then came the Daylight Saving time, my schedule was changed to 7 AM. I don’t complain. Starting April 1st, we moved to a new location, I don’t complain about the promixity and the traffic. I am good with it. Two short jeepney rides – I am good with it.

And now – going back to the evening shift is like — argggh. I am getting used to the morning shift and about to call myself as a morning person. Well, it is life. Nothing is permanent except change. I have to deal with and embrace the change.

My new schedule means:

I will see my friends from the other shift whom I haven’t seen since I accepted a new schedule.

I will experience the night shift in our new location – and compare the differences between going to work in the morning and evening.

I will have the chance to meet new officemates and talk to other members during my 8-hour shift.

I will have a chance to go home early at 4 AM and do other things before heading to bed in the morning. (so I will miss going to be at night).

I will have the chance to do my job better this time – to get to the top of everyone and bag a very deserving schedule after 3 months.

I will have the chance to do some jog time in the morning after work.

I will have the chance to go to government offices in the weekdays.

How about you, which schedule do you like?

One thought on “New Schedule Again (Third Week)

  1. I hope you will get enough sleep. Changing shifts is not good to your health. But then, you have seen the bright side of your new shifts. Good luck 😀

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