Surprised Maintenance

I woke up at 5 AM and prepared for an hour before going to work. I was able to prepare food for breakfast. I packed the other for lunch. When I got out of the apartment, the surrounding is gloomy (at 6 AM) and I felt rain showers. I went back inside and grabbed my umbrella.

I got to the office 15 minutes before 7 AM. I prepared the tools I need to process tickets and help our valued clients.

After an hour of processing tickets, our system went down and later on verified by our lead in the US that we are moving to maintenance. We are surprised – and not ready for it. We have tickets on our mailbox pending for processing. We processed those urgent requests on our back up mails.

We are not aware how long it will take. It was not communicated to us. We are now moving tickets to process later time once the system comes back up. Right now we have more than 100 tickets to process and there are only less than 15 people working on these tickets.

Good thing that when BlogJob is about to go on maintenance, Sheridan was able to inform us and he did not leave us surprised. That was planned maintenance. We had planned maintenance on Friday, April 8, 2016. Leads gave us instructions a week ago before the maintenance.

I am taking my break now – to eat my packed lunch. It will be just 15 minutes and I am done before that to avoid going over the 15-minute scheduled break.

I took my break at 9:20 PM (12:20 PM Philippine Time) and got back over 15 minutes.

I prepared steamed okra and eggplant with salted egg. The concessionaire prepared rice noodles. I bought half order since I already have my packed lunch.

How is your day today? Good day!

5 thoughts on “Surprised Maintenance

  1. I was lucky enough to be able to read the forum to know of the update about maintenance. I do wish an email would be sent out instead. As to many members was left wondering what was going on.

  2. It can be really inconvenient that we have no prior notice for those maintenance, especially when we are at work. Perhaps it was just not planned. Good that BlogJob notified the members before the maintenance.

    I have been quite tired with my freelance work these few days, but am happy to be able to join BlogJob. This is a nice place to hang out, but I think I’ll need to go back to my bed soon too. 😀

    Your lunch sounded good! I like okra and eggplant, salted egg too, but that’s not so healthy, so I try to avoid eating salted egg.

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