First Time

I am not going to talk about my first experience here rather I am going to tell you that for the first time in the office I made a funny mistake. LOL. I am laughing right now. If someone will see me from their workstations, they would think that I am losing my mind. I am grinning ear-to-ear and I am blushing for this mistake.

I left the apartment at 6 AM today, too early for my 7 AM shift. I arrived at 6:38, I placed my sling bag, packed lunch and mobile phone in my locker. The facility department does not allow us to use a combination lock. We are only allowed to use the one with keys. And there is a corresponding size. Too big is not allowed too.

It is the first time that I have removed the key from the padlock that is unlocked. I placed the key in my sling back and placed it inside the locker. And boom! I locked my things inside including the key. Even my wallet is included. I messaged my room mate that I can’t go home and I can’t take my meal at work. He asked me why, and I told him the whole story. I asked him a big favor if he can go to the office with my duplicate keys. I was thinking to have the facility personnel or whoever mans the locker to force open it. But thought the padlock is expensive and I am not willing to spend such amount for now to replace the if-ever-broken-padlock.

I waited for him in the lobby but he did not make it on time. Before my lunch lapses, I went back to the 6th floor. He managed to get in the lobby 10 minutes after I left. He placed a name tag on my keys and left it to the security officer on duty.



5 thoughts on “First Time

  1. LOLOL – I’ve locked my keys in my car before and in the house. At least you had someone with a duplicate set. Too bad that you missed your lunch. I would have laughed about it too if it happened to me. Getting upset never helps. 🙂 We all make mistakes.

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