We’re Understaffed | Domino Effect

Work, life balance is important for someone to exercise. At work, we have a lot stress from different factors – the work itself, customers, peers, schedule and outside factors like transportation and traffic. These can add up to the stress we get on a daily basis. What is more stressful than others is “understaffed”.

Based on my observation, our team is having this problem in the past few weeks. We are bombarded with tickets left and right. Our plates are always full. It is part of the job to perform the tasks assigned to us – I can’t complain. When it comes to taking time off, it is so difficult for us to get approved because of the number of people scheduled in a certain period. One absent would mean, more work for the others who came to work. It is a domino effect.

The clients are expanding the roles and responsibilities we will be handling because of the success they are seeing from us. We perform well, we get more jobs coming to us. Which is a GOOD thing. The management is planning or already have planned that they add manpower in the team. Which is GREAT.

I hope they train the qualified members soon to plan ahead of time. It has been three months since I haven’t taken any time offs. I need it badly. Others need it so badly as well. We have recreational activities that need attending to. We have scheduled appointment outside of work. As I always hear, work without play makes him a dull boy. I think I am becoming one.

Last week was very stressful for me and my colleague. And when I was on my way back home after work, the traffic caused by the politicians doing their campaign, gave me additional stress. I was a horrible day not only for me but also the other commuters.

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