During the Maintenance

Yesterday the site went on maintenance for hours. I remembered Sheridan posting an announcement that the site will have a brief maintenance at 11 PM CST, that 12 PM Manila time. I finished what I have to finish yesterday. At twelve, the site was inaccessible. It says be back in a minute. Whew! I was thinking that it will only take 60 minutes – 2 hours. I wonder what upgrades has been done. That is okay.

I was able to watch The Walking Dead episode 15, Teen Wolf episode 17 and 18 — Yeah, I am a bummer catching up with past episodes. After watching, I visited forum site but it was not much over there. Same topics.

I turned off the laptop and my mobile phone and went straight to bed. I planned to watch the volleyball match between University of the Philippines and Far Eastern University at 4 PM, Live! So I won’t miss the live action. I fall asleep and woke up at 5 PM, it was long nap – 15-minute nap is okay. I was energized. I sprinted to the bathroom, took a quick shower. Off I go to the San Juan Arena. When I reached the entrance, I asked the usher for tickets. He said politely, you can go inside without ticket. The match is almost over. The third set is underway, so I missed the first two sets. So FREE ENTRANCE. While inside, I checked BlogJob, still down.

After the volleyball game, I hurriedly went out to avoid stampede. I was able to get a jeepney ride right away. I went to my old office building in Ortigas to clear my locker room and get the padlock. It was successful. Checked BlogJob while on my way to the Church. Still down.

I attended the 7 PM Sunday mass at the EDSA Shrine. After the mass, I held up a cab, I got in. Checked BlogJob, still down. I was stuck in a traffic for almost an hour. Checked BlogJob from time to time, still down.

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