Internet is Intermittent

I am using my Globe internet data. It is intermittent but I was able to post.

Before taking the long travel back home in the province, I made to load up my Globe sim and take advantage of the data package. I have never fully used it when I was at home. The connection was bad. I was able to use it today. I am now getting a H+ indicator which is working fine but not as good in other locations. There are dead spots. Yes, I am typing while on the bus. You may call me typing enthusiast (too. Just like my former colleague who mentioned on her blog that she is not a blogger but a typing enthusiast). I think I can be called as such. Lol.

Well, anyways, one more hour to go before I reach the metro. Will definitely experience the bustle and hustle of the city again. That’s the way it is. One other way but to experience it.

The bus has a free WiFi but my mobile data is faster than the wifi connection. As of this writing, I am only getting an “E” connection. I have tried to publish the unfinished article to check the strength of my internet. Before publishing, I copied the text to ensure I don’t lose my progress in writing this.

I still see the “E” indicator. So I am not trying my luck to update this post.

My wired internet in the apartment is also intermittent nowadays. This prevents me on working efficiently. If you see me come and go – that is the reason.

And the chance of getting good internet connection just vanished in a blink of an eye. I have read that Telstra merger did not push through. I am hoping that will happen anytime soon so the country’s Telco giants will have a real competition.

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