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I am on my desk processing tickets and closing the three I hoarded (shhhh – it is not allowed to hoard tickets unless they are related. Thankfully, the ones I owned were related). While processing the work, I overheard my colleagues talking about Teen Wolf. They are talking about Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura. So, I responded. Yah, I have a bad manners – they are laughing because I butt in. I was about to ask what happened to the Kitsune (Kira’s supernatural), why they are in the desert with the weird looking creatures. But did not to. So not to spoil my episode marathon. I am currently on Season 5, Episode 13 and other one is on episode 6. I am ahead of her in terms of watching Teen Wolf but the other colleague is ahead of us two. She’s done from episode 1-20. After that conversation, I went back to my desk – I just turned around to face my computer and go on with the tickets.

I still can hear them talking about other series. I completed all the tickets on my bucket to ensure efficiency is met. Once done, I turned around to them and solicited their suggestions. We are almost watching the same series. We are watching The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and The Flash. They are watching different shows like Vikings, 100, The Originals, Criminal Minds, Lucifer, Scandal, Gotham, Supergirl – wow this is a lot.
I have to pick which one I should be watching – I want to add up 2-3 items on my list. I am wanting to check out The 100, The Originals and Vikings. I don’t know which one I should like. My brother is following the 100 and he is updated. I will check out the downloads he has.

What other series can you suggest? I like the likes of Grimm, Teen Wolf and Once Upon a Time.

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  1. I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, I have seen every episode up to date. Same as with : Originals, Vikings, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and 100.
    I am awaiting for the next season to come out on Netflix of Once Upon a Time.
    I need to catch up on Grimm and Flash. I seen a little of Gotham. I refuse to watch Lucifer, as to me the devil is not funny. I haven’t seen Scandal or Super girl yet.

    What type of movies do you like watching?

    I suggest Hart of Dixie. That show made me laugh. Another good one would be Heartland.

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