Trip to Virgin Islands

This is one of hidden paradises of Cabalititan, Sual Pangasinan.

When I was in high school, I used to visit this place with my best friend, because her uncle owns a place

here. Since I love this place, I always make sure that I get to visit here every year. Not only because it’s

cheap but I also the privilege of being adopted by her loving family.

After 10 years of not being able to visit. I got the chance to see it again. The sceneries are breathtaking

as how it wad before.

What attracted me most is the semi white sand that though it mixes the waters does not affects its

clarity. The clear waters make the rock formation beneath the sea floor visible.

I also miss the little island at the right most part. Though I never had the chance to hike on it, I always

enjoy making it as background in pictures.

The cave is also one of my favorites. We are lucky that its low tide and we had the chance to enter. It’s

cold water inside reciprocate the heat of the sun.

There is no place like home they say. But I love the feeling of being in this plce. This is once my second

home. I love the silence, the sound of waves, the sight of an arriving boat and most importantly, peace.

This is where I find relaxation and serenity. I can make reflections of what happened in my life. How

grateful I am with the blessings I am receiving. How thankful I am to be given the chance to experience

happiness. How wonderful life is. God is good.

This island has the power to invite positive vibes. I am sure that you will go home having the most

precious gift that this place can give. PEACE OF MIND.

One thought on “Trip to Virgin Islands

  1. I wish to see photos of that island. Anyhow I know the feeling of getting the chance to visit a treasured place or friend after a very long time. Good that you were able to go there again after 10 years.

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