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My housemate woke up very early today. I checked the time and it’s 1 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but I can’t – I reached my mobile phone that I placed on the floor, under my bed. I opened Humanatic to review calls. There are calls since today is Monday. New sets of calls per categories were already uploaded. While auditing, I am on BlogJob. Replied to comments on my post. Read some post from a loyal friends.

I am still on Humanatic while typing this. I am trying to reach $10 this week. I can not imagine it is taking me 3 weeks now before I can complete $10. I have disputed two deductions I had last week about a certain category. I noticed that overviews from the old and new platform contradict each other. I am hoping for a fix. I am glad though that the auditor was able to see my dispute and restored my earning.

My housemate left at 2 AM. He is early today but I was earlier with my old schedule. The train station will open around 5 AM so he left the apartment early because he will take the bus. His schedule starts at 4 ¬†AM. My alarm clock is set at 4:30. It is 3:25 AM now. I want to go back to sleep – no I can’t now. I will be preparing for work at 4:30 AM. Wait, I will try to sleep for an hour, I will change my alarm clock to 5 AM. Now it is changed bummer. I will take a quick shower when I woke up at 5, and sprint my way to the jeepneys to avoid long queue. I have to be early at work too. I hope payslip is uploaded so I can check correction if there is. Payday will be on 23rd since it is holiday on the 25th.

See you around. I hope I can be online during my break and lunch break.


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    • When I started reviewing calls, it was difficult. I got the hang of it. Earning $25 per day but I have to slow down because I was hired a year ago. Now, I am still reviewing but unlike before. @long987

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