My Saturday Shift (SLOW and Tiring and FUN)

Hello Blogjob Members. How are you today.

Yesterday was slow, tiring and fun. It was my last day shift of the work week. It should be all fun at work. But, it was tiring. We had an unplanned maintenance. Since it was unplanned nobody was prepared for it. We did not have our back up tools pulled up and no announcement hence unplanned. Our site technicians were unhappy as well because of work piling up there way.

It was SLOW

Slow (and I said there’s forever in our tools – loading forever). Since it was a Saturday morning shift (Friday night in Pacific time), there were few people at work. It was slow until I ended my shift. I left my colleague alone and the other members begging for the tools to work properly. I don’t know what type of upgrade our ITs are doing that time.


Tiring because I have to load, reload, unload, close, open and refresh the tools. It worked perfectly and after couple of seconds it will freeze. It was an adventure. We are unable to service our clients properly because of it – actually our technicians were hit by the unplanned maintenance.

It was FUN

After the tiring day at work, I ended my day at 4 PM. I rushed to the ground floor and hunted a cab. I am chasing the 4 PM game between Ateneo Lady Eagles and UST Golden Tigresses. The cab driver willingly said yes when I told him to drop me off at Philippine Sports Arena, Pasig City. He said with conviction, “that’s an old stadium. Basketball games are not played there”. There is a game there now – volleyball game. He is not interested since he shuts up when I said volleyball.┬áIt was fun because the team I support won in 3 sets and got their ticket to the final four.



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