My Journey to Philippine Sports Arena

Weekend is a game day for the UAAP Volleyball.

While in the office, I researched how to get to the Philippine Sports Arena by foot and by car. I knew where it is located because I was able to see the location when I was in Pasig City renting a room in 2010. And it is near the Ortigas Business District.

After my shift, I log off at exactly 4 PM and sprinted to the elevator. I got out of the building looking for someone to ask. I spotted a security officer, I politely ask where to ride. He gave me the instructions but the comute is difficult during that time. I stopped a cab and got in.

I was stuck in a traffic for 15 minutes. He dropped me off at the Gate 2 that says “Entrance”. So, I gave him the payment and willingly get off the cab. At the entrance, I asked someone people where to buy ticket. I got a “go straight there” answer. So I did. I got to the Gate 3 – I approached the table. I was directed to the Gate 1. I was a long journey before I reached the ticket booth. That for me was fun – an adventure. It was my first time to watch live volleyball action in that venue. But never again will I watch the game at the said arena. It was far from my usual traffic path.

After the game, I told myself to follow my instinct. I don’t know which way to go. Seeing a lot of people go to the south and north directors made me feel dizzy. I felt like sick in the stomach. I was already past 6 PM when the game ended – so it was dusk outside. I stayed put for 15 minutes before deciding which way to go – by foot. I observed the FX passing by – their signage says Megamall-Pasig but I am not sure if they are going to which location. I recalled this route 6 years ago. I tried to remember – this way goes to and that way goes to – my mind was thinking. I finally decided to where my instinct is telling me to go. And I got it. I got the right route. I was too tired walking. I stopped for a while and waited for a cab.


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