My Goal – Save on Food

As I was moved in the morning shift, my schedule covers breakfast and lunch. I can take my breakfast at home before going out but most of the time I can’t prepare my food.

Last week I started the 21-day habit (again) that my friend taught me. It is how to follow a daily routine – once perfected it will give you lasting results. One is the discipline you put. During these days, one will learn how to manage time – no tardy, can prepare food and pack for lunch for that matter. I have tried it last month but I did not embrace it. I failed. But I was never late for work. I have never packed my lunch. Now since I have a new schedule, I will be doing it again (hopefully it will work).

My goal is to save on food. Fast food cost is too much than prepared food. My colleagues sell food as well but it is same as the price outside. Last week, I bought ingredients for my lunch. It will be simple lunch – everyday. I bought ampalaya (bitter gouard) and tomatoes. I sauteed it in garlic, onion and tomatoes. And mixed with beaten egg once tender. And it was a perfect meal for me. I add fried fish and I had a hearty meal that day. I only spent 40 pesos less than a dollar for it. No soda for me so I only had water.

And this is what I am trying to accomplish – pack my lunch daily. Will keep in mind the savings I will get plus the effort of getting up early in the morning and the idea of going to be early as well.

If I achieve this – it will be a HUGE milestone and accomplishment for me.

What is your goal? Share it here.


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