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I am hearing people in the office that we are moving this month, next month, next weeks to come – I don’t know who to believe but one thing is for sure, I know there is a communication from the management that we are moving to a new building.

As part of the move, I had my own ocular inspections – of course I did not have the chance to see what’s inside the building since I don’t have a permit to do so. I came to the place just to see how the travel will be. I am hearing my colleagues that it is not good – proximity wise. And heard different stories from others.

After seeing the HR communication yesterday, I was convinced that we are moving soon. New routine and new route to take. So today, after going to church, I asked John if he can accompany me. We travel by public jeepney. From the starting point, we reached the first stop in 10 minutes. We even asked passersby where the StarMall is. After getting the information that StarMall is that way – to the left, we decided to ride another jeepney. We reached the place in 7 minutes. Overall – it was a 20-minute travel including the short walk and getting a vehicle. We did not even reach StarMall.

The new building is attached to a mall. In the front of the office building is a tricycle transport and it is along the high-way. Since it is a mall, fast-food chains are present. Convenience store 7 Eleven, Coffee Bean, McDonald’s, KFC, Bank offices as well. Overall – it is a nice place. No more long walks for me before getting to the office.

It was a 17-minute travel from the starting point on a Sunday morning. I will cross the bridge when I travel during the weekdays.

I am hoping for no traffic.

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  1. It was a good idea to see how long it took to get there and determine the best way to go. I hope for your sake that traffic isn’t bad, and I hope that the move is a positive one.

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