And It Broke My Heart

My family is grieving because we loss a wonderful aunt.

I am already at work when my sister called. She did not tell me immediately what the bad news was. She asked me if I received any call from our cousins in Pampanga. I said “No”. Then she blurted, “Did you know that…” without finishing her sentence, my heart was already pounding. I don’t want to hear bad news. I said “what? I don’t know anything”. She’s already crying over the phone. And she said that aunt died early this morning. And I started to cry as well. I bid her goodbye and went to work.

I arrived at work at 7:26 AM. I received the call at 7:30 AM. It broke my heart, I did not see her since October 2015. When I saw her, she was limping. And I heard she had a mild stroke.

I am working with heavy heart now. My colleagues saw me and asked why I not smiling. They are not used seeing me with a sad face. I took my lunch break early today. After eating, I visited my Facebook, I have read my two cousins posted messages on my aunt’s profile. I started to post something on her profile, but I can’t finish what I was typing because I was crying on my seat. I remembered her being the nice aunt. After posting my comment, my brother called and asked me when to visit. He said that our uncles are talking about their plans. Two of them are in Pampanga and one is in Pangasinan. That’s four-hour drive (when travelling to). My uncle in Pangasinan wants the interment there but the two want in Pampanga.

Then I posted on Facebook in my native language:

“Paalam Auntie Lee. Maraming salamat na ikaw ang isa sa naging provider namin when we needed help.Napakabait mo sa amin. Ikaw na naging nanay namin. Hindi man lang ako nakabawi. Magsasama na kayo ng nanay namin, sina Ama at Ina”

“Goodbye Aunt Lee. Thank you very much that you are one of our providers when we needed help. You’re very nice to us. You stood us our mother. I didn’t have the chance to giveback. You will now join my mother, grandpa and grandma”



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