Remembering My Photos | The Adventures 2

Here is another set of my adventure photos. Not much of it but it is worthy to be shared on BlogJob.

Kamay ni Jesus, Quezon Province

The place is sacred. We traveled all the way to Manila to visit the place after the Holy Week. This photo was taken at the foot of the hill in 2014. We got the chance to climb the hill – it was a tough climb but we pushed harder to reach the top. The place is for religiously people, I am not but I believe and I have faith. On the foot of the hill is a miniature Noah’s Arch and the Garden of Eden. It was a blessed trip.

One of the Islands, Hundred Islands, Alaminos City


My cover photo happens to be this. Yes, I love this photo because it is breath-taking. I can’t believe that moment when I was nearing the floating rock. It looks like floating on the water. This was the first island that welcomed us when we finally arrived at the area. The scene was just breath-taking.

Koi Fishpond, Nuvali, Laguna


This photo was taken in Nuvali, Laguna on December 2009. My friend tagged me along when she applied in one of the biggest call center companies based in Laguna. We traveled all the way from Pampanga to be interviewed. It was a refreshing view after the recruitment process seeing this Kois. We bought pillets and fed them.

Surf Board, San Narciso, Zambales


I was with my friend and workmate when we were brought here to experience the surfing by my senior manager. The surfing board was not just a prop, but I had experience riding it in the water with waves. I have learned to paddle and stand on it. It was fun seeing people and my friends enjoying their own businesses in the water. I was skinny that year.

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