Early Bird Gets the Front Seat

I am wrapping it up this early so I can go to the volleyball venue to get our tickets. I know as early as 7 AM there are supporters lining up for the opening of the ticket booth. Can you imagine, the ticket booth usually opens 3-4 hours before the start of the game, but the supporters are eager to get in the stadium earlier.

I will get a patron tickets so I can leave the site after getting the ticket so I can go somewhere else first before the game. If I get the lower box tickets I can’t leave because I need to get a seat for my cousin. It is a free seating – no numbering involved for lower box and upper box seats. If it’s ringside or patron.

So I remember the finals day between the NU and ADMU in the Shakey’s V-League tournament. I was caught up in a very long queue. I know it was the longest queue I have ever experienced. The line going to the booth went all the way to the third floor of the parking lot. Imagine how patient were the people inside the parking lot.

I will take more photos this time and will share on here.

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