My Wednesday Appointment | What a Day!

After reaching my goal

No Entry: Dead on Arrival

I got home around 5 PM from my appointment.

There’s a death in the village – I can’t remember when they put up the tent in the middle of the street. The tent is huge. Anyone can walk through it. Vehicles can still take the route – since it is the main street – only the light vehicles.

I walked from the train station to the apartment. It is a short walk anyway and I am used to doing it. There’s a barricade in the street just before reaching the tent. It reads “No Entry: Dead on Arrival” I walked pass the tenant. I really can’t understand the signage. I was thinking that their departed loved one died overseas or somewhere in the country.

The signage isn’t correct – it is erroneous. It could have been written as “No Entry: Dead is Arriving”. Or can still be rephrased.

Where is the LOVE?

I came home very late today. I usually gets home 9 in the morning. But today, I got home at 5 PM because of my appointment.

I accompanied my officemate to the PAGIBIG office.

The title of the post isn’t LOVE per se or about Valentine’s Day. It is all about the government office called PAGIBIG. It is an acronym. However, in Filipino Pag-ibig is LOVE in English.

Anyway, we were lost in the city. We asked bystanders. Manong, saan po ang PAGIBIG? (Sir, where is PAGIBIG located?)  The man said “nasa puso ko” (in my heart). We just laughed. The direction was immediately given after that humorous statement.

We managed to find the office by the help of an officer. – Thanks to him.

I waited for my officemate until the end of the seminar. And I headed home sleepy.

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