My Niece Wants to Watch Wakaden | Now She’s Top 1 in Her Class

Two years ago I was living with my sister in the apartment. I share a room with my other brother and my sister was occupying the next room – to cut our expenses and have extra money for food and other stuff. I placed the desktop inside my room to have more space in the living area. My niece was 3 when I started watching The Walking Dead. She shouts every time she sees walkers on the show.

One day, she entered the room and said: “Tito (Uncle) can I watch Wakaden on your desktop?” I did not understand what she was saying. I heard the same word three times. When I can’t understand what she wanted to watch – she stood up and emulated how zombie walks and the groaning sound. I was laughing out loud with her acts.

I corrected her – I asked her to say the words after me
The – Wo – king – dead. She got it by syllables.
At 4, I told her to watch Wakaden, she corrected me by saying it correctly.

She’s Top 1 in her Class

When she was in her day care year, she got the “Bright Pupil of the Year” and another awarded in her Kinder Garten year. Now she’s in grade one and the number 1 in her class. I am very proud of her. She’s talkative – I wrote about how she talks a lot when I am on the phone with her. I hope and wish that she continues doing good in school and her study. She talked about how his little brother punched her. How she was chosen to represent their school in a math contest. She said that the questions are tough because it was in English. I told her that she can eventually understand everything. She can learn it in the right time.

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