Just Random

This is about random happening in my surrounding while on my way home from work. The traffic is a forever issue – what else can we expect. Am I ranting about it? No! I am just amazed on how passengers, commuters and motorists are able to handle the daily situation. At least I don’t experience traffic at 2 in the morning going to work.

My usual route by foot now is from the office to Robinson’s Galleria. I make sure to use this route inside the mall. The DFA and the NBI government offices are the top two go-to places. Everyday people are on their toes, standing in a long queue. They are holding their portfolios, envelops, folders or a piece of paper. I wonder there are so many Filipinos processing their government documents. Just wondering how many of them are leaving the country and how many are finalizing their requirements for local employments.

The Random Conversation

On the bus, again my eavesdropping skill was activated. The person behind my seat called someone and started to tell story about his day at work. He said his schedule started at 11 PM and suppose to be out at 8 AM. Because of the work, he managed to go out late. And he said it is not healthy anymore and he talked how wasted he is. And continued to tell story about an incident on his way to work last night. He encountered bad guys – they tried to rob the other passenger. Sad to say they are still many here.

The Flyers

There are flyer girls and boys in the mall earlier. The flyer girl was giving me a coupon and said “this is for free”. I said no, but with no sound with hand gesture (hand gesture to refuse insert here). I know how that works. I don’t want to fill up the coupon with my information. My profile or details aren’t for sale.

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