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The Reason Why We’re Fat?

food addiction

When eating something you might want to eat in itself is not wrong, not being able to stop eating them at will constitutes food addiction.

A real and grave condition…

In the U.S. alone, there has been a significant increase in the rate of obesity. However, none of the experts ever considered food addiction as part of the process. Medical experts teach about self-control and how you can avoid overeating by using your will power. Dieticians will tell you to eat less sugar or to exercise more. However, doing these things will truly be difficult for food addicts.

According to some studies, there has been evidence found linking chemical dependency to food addiction. A subsequent experiment showed that food can activate pleasure centers in the brain just like narcotics like cocaine or heroin can. This result means that the people who are overeating tend to do this because some of the food triggers a chemical reaction in the brain. Food releases dopamine, which can get people to feel incredibly euphoric. Each addict can have definitive foot fetishes. However, the most addictive tend to be those types of food that have high sugar, fat and salt content.

This being said, being overweight does not necessarily mean that you are addicted to food. Several other factors come into play when assessing food addiction. For example, if you feel anxious about food or both have a sincere desire and loathing for food, chances are you’re a food addict. You love the four because it is delicious and it brings you comfort whenever you need to deal with anxiety. However, eating the food also comes with guilt or anger and other negative emotions. Food addicts hate food because it makes them feel bad about what they do and who they are as people.

On the other hand, individuals who suffer from various eating disorders like bulimia also ingest large amounts of food. However, because they tend to purge it, they end up looking thin and healthy. However, they still will not be able to stop eating unless they get some help. As a solution, they try to eat significant amounts of food but still purge it after to keep the weight off.

While many programs can help deal with obesity in the country, food addiction should also be given special attention. Most of these addicts realize that being fat is not very healthy. However, being addicted to food suppresses their self-control. Being addicted to food should be treated like any other drug problem because it can also lead to major illnesses and ultimately death.

These effects are why you should try to talk to the food addicts if you do encounter any of them. Try your best to convince them that eating will not solve their problems. They need to face the problems that they have before it is too late. Otherwise, you will end up losing important family members and friends because of a condition that could very well be treated in the long run. You should not hesitate to do your part.

Overcoming Your Addiction of Fast Foods…

food addiction

Are the risks of eating fast food great?

From being overweight to depression, we know that many ill effects come from eating fast food. However, due to our natural tendency to eat more calories to survive, we tend to end up not caring at all. The only way that we can defeat this particular type of addiction is by treating it as drug addiction. Food addicts need to go cold turkey and find viable alternatives and adequate support. These people also have to put forth a lot of effort to work their issues out.

The risks of eating fast food are high, but the temptation of eating grease and salt can be difficult to bear. Having alternatives is a good way to start. While healthy food can taste good, it may be difficult to reacquire our liking for these types of food because of the addiction. Take a little bit at a time. This gradual change will allow your time to get used to the naturalness of healthy food and wean yourself away from sugars and spices.

Try to avoid eating in the meantime. Occupy your time for now with creating a low-fat diet plan that you can cook yourself. This way, you will only eat the food that you like. You do not have to hold back when it comes to following your diet. You can still eat your favorite chicken without the skin. The key here is to wean yourself off from fast food. Afterwards, you can get into much healthier food choices. The dangers linked to eating processed food are truly daunting. It is even scarier because it can be doubly hard not to indulge.

However, having discipline and making a commitment to yourself and others will certainly give you a multitude of benefits in the end.


Food Addiction is the Reason Behind Gaining Weight…

food addiction

Evidently, because of the large numbers of obese individuals in the country, it can safely be said that food addiction has become rampant among the populace. This condition can similarly be compared to alcohol or drug addictions. There is an essential difference between an overeater and a food addict. The former eats too much but can stop whenever he wants to. However, the latter no matter what he does cannot stop eating. The ill effects of the condition on the addict’s finances or relationships with other people and even their health would be immaterial.

In this particular situation, food has become an obsession for the addict. While it can be said that obese individuals can become food addicts, this is not the only identifying factor that can yield the same results. Several other eating disorders like bulimia can also cause others to become addicted to food.

Perhaps, when you go to a party and the whole as brings out a tray of pastries, you end up feeling compelled to try one because though it is not part of your diet, you feel like it is the least that you can do to please the host. You first try one cupcake, thinking that it would only be this one time. However, you find that you can never resist the sumptuous quality of the treat. This enticing quality causes you to go for several more until you end up not being able to stop.

You will then volunteer to take the rest of the pastries home, and nobody would be the wiser because they wouldn’t know that you will be eating all of them by yourself. On the other hand, you might end up leaving the party early to pass by the bakery and find yourself a similar type of pastry to take home for dessert.

The event will then cause you think of the different types of food that you can buy way too much. This action might impair you from having the fun that you should have had in the party.

Sugar Addiction Now Recognized As Mainstream Science…

food addiction

Food addictions sound something like an old nanny’s tale, but the good news is that the things are moving a step forward now. The field is getting more recognition and researchers have proved that the food addictions are the result of physiological neurochemical mechanisms in the human body. Many are unaware of this phenomenon. Sugar addiction is one of the most common ones among other addictions.

The problem gets linked with the genetic factors in some cases. Especially those with an active history of alcoholism, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypertension, depression, or the problem might be a prompt of non-genetic factors like the post-traumatic stress disorder, which creates changes in the neurochemical mechanisms along with the body type.

Just like the eye color, the brain response to sugar, saturated fats, or other foods is genetically inherited. The great thing is that these genetic responses can be altered by bringing changes in the neurochemical levels as a result of beneficial alterations caused by the cravings, appetite, mood and another sort of food cravings. In a recent study, the women with binge-eating disorder noticeably decrease their binging and craving when sugar gets reduced in the diet.

The addictive response cannot be treated as an emotional problem and ignoring the addictive responses cannot help in this regard. In certain ways, the food addictions are much harder to overcome than drug addictions. Evidently, asceticism cannot be the choice. People can choose to give up the alcohol or any other drug addiction through the rehabilitation sources, but food addiction is not easy to deal with. Every day, each of us is confronted with different types of food from morning to night, and this makes the problem a dangerous one.

If you want to deal with the food addiction problem, and it is becoming problematic for you to shed those extra pounds on your own, then consider reading an ebook on food addiction. The book contains information on all-natural supplements which act as fat binders and thwart the fat to get absorbed into the body. This helps to lose weight naturally. There are many other advantages too!

To search more on this topic, log on to the author’s website. Do not get apprehended; there are many out there in the world who are combating the battle with food addiction and weight loss problems on a daily basis, thus craving for a beautiful and sexy body.

Emotional Eating Help – How NOT to Swallow Your Feelings…

food addiction

Emotional overeating can be a continuous problem if you do not address it immediately. It can repeatedly appear even if you can avoid overeating at times. It is true that emotional eating can cause a person to respond automatically in line with the feelings by taking root deep inside a person’s psyche. It may be a great feeling to be able to control emotional eating, but women trying to face the reality of their emotions have known to have responded in the following way:

“It does not help. What’s the use?’

“Why should I lose my temper which only makes me feel sorry?”

“It is not helpful at all as he is not going to change his ways.”

“I eat because I cannot help myself. Is there any way to stop it?”

When you acknowledge your feelings and respond to them in the correct way you can get rid of emotional eating. Even though the responses are your very own, it seems that others care for you and are responding favorably towards your emotions.

The idea that you can stop yourself from feeling something or you can get rid of your feelings easily is a myth. When you take note of your feelings, believe that they exist, and address them properly then your feelings can transform, shift and evolve. However, there can be exceptions.

You may be able to soothe temporarily, distract or distance yourself by “eating your feelings’. But in the larger context, it does nothing to improve your feelings, or change your emotions or the situation which gave rise to the feelings in the first place.

How can you acknowledge your feelings if you consistently use food to suppress them?

  • Keep in mind that doing something and feeling something are completely two different things.

It is crucial to acknowledge and have respect for your real feelings even if you feel helpless about it. Recognizing the sense of nervousness, anger, hurt, fear or misunderstanding can help you to find out ways to soothe, care for and correctly respond to your feelings without having to change the situation. You will feel better by acknowledging that your condition is bad when you have flu even though you cannot make it go away by taking good care of yourself. It is the same when you respond to your feelings. Suppressing your feelings by eating an enormous amount of ice-cream does not serve to address the feelings in a proper way. It is like sweeping the problem under the carpet without taking care to solve it.

  • Similarly, you should know that self-expression and bring about change are equally important.

If you cannot get something does not mean that you should deprive yourself of other things. It is a fact that situations and people can be difficult and not as per your wishes always. That does not mean that you should not acknowledge your feelings. Giving expression to your feelings can make you feel powerful, influential and assertive even if others do not like them. Sharing your feelings with others may not always be helpful or prudent, but you can always give it a try.

  • Expression of feelings does not require an audience.

Maybe you are not prepared to express your feelings. You may be scared that when you start expressing all the feelings that are pent up within you, it may create an uncomfortable mess. When you are not in the habit of showing any respect for your emotions, you may feel self-conscious about your feelings. It is all right to be so. Permit yourself to be right about your feelings. Be your audience. Express your feelings to yourself. Tell your feelings to yourself by talking, writing and expressing them. Keep telling yourself that you are doing a difficult job.

Have a sense of pride regarding your ability.

How do people become fat?

How do people become fat

Gaining weight is in fact an adaptive feature of the human body, going back many thousands of years, to a time when there was scarcity of food. In an effort to prevent starvation, the body learned how to store excess calories as fat, and burn them off, whenever food scarcity came about. While this was very effective in times gone by, in today’s affluent society, it spells disaster.

What is actually more troubling than weight gain, is the difficulty which is involved in losing weight. Since the body has also developed an adaptation, which results in the metabolism going into a slow mode, if calories are suddenly cut, this feature helps in time of food scarcity, such as famine. Sadly, for the frustrated dieter, it means that whenever they attempt a crash diet, the weight losses quickly comes to a stop.

And worse still, once the metabolism slows down, it stays down permanently. This results in a spiral of ever decreasing circles, as the metabolism becomes slower and slower with each new crash diet, until eventually, the dieter gives up completely, on their weight loss efforts.

The only effective way to burn the fat and keep it off, involves an understanding of the body’s metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the level of calories required in order to maintain weight. In order to lose weight, it is evidently necessary to lower calories, below the BMR. However, in order to prevent the metabolism from going into “starvation mode“, it is important to only reduce the calories by a small amount.

A small calorific decrease a few hundred calories below the BMR, and will surely result in good weight loss in the long-term. Many people want to diet fast, and yet they do not realise that it is far better to lose 2lb. per week and keep it off, rather than to lose 5lb., which is mainly water anyway, and then to regain the weight within a few weeks.

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