How to run a marathon
running a marathon

Are you in the process of preparing yourself for an upcoming marathon? Or just wish to know about how to prepare yourself for a marathon,  then guess you may like to read my post below… I got this idea of creating this post from one of my close friend who I have seen participating in marathons… I have seen him getting stressed out, frustrated, motivated and just every emotion while he was on his marathon training program…

To run a marathon successfully, one should be well trained and most importantly should have the willpower to finish it.

Here I am sharing few tips on how to run a marathon to win…


If you have not been through your marathon training program seriously, it will reflect on your result. So it’s better to be fully committed to your training program, with all your energy and time. Basically, Commitment is the key!

Follow a healthy regime

It is crucial for you to be fit on your marathon day. So, when training for it, don’t over-stress, just concentrate on your goal by taking healthy diet and proper rest. If you have any work related or any issue in your personal life try to ease it out before you finally run your marathon. Or it might effect your performance.


In your training sessions, assume that you are running a marathon with all your running gears. This way, you will even be able to rule out any issues in your running gear before the real race happens.

Secondly, you can also practise for your upcoming marathon with real runners in the field itself. When you run the actual marathon, there will be many people competing with you to win. You need to get a feel of the less space you are going to get on an actual day in advance so that on the big day you don’t feel crowded.