food addiction

When eating something you might want to eat in itself is not wrong, not being able to stop eating them at will constitutes food addiction.

A real and grave condition…

In the U.S. alone, there has been a significant increase in the rate of obesity. However, none of the experts ever considered food addiction as part of the process. Medical experts teach about self-control and how you can avoid overeating by using your will power. Dieticians will tell you to eat less sugar or to exercise more. However, doing these things will truly be difficult for food addicts.

According to some studies, there has been evidence found linking chemical dependency to food addiction. A subsequent experiment showed that food can activate pleasure centers in the brain just like narcotics like cocaine or heroin can. This result means that the people who are overeating tend to do this because some of the food triggers a chemical reaction in the brain. Food releases dopamine, which can get people to feel incredibly euphoric. Each addict can have definitive foot fetishes. However, the most addictive tend to be those types of food that have high sugar, fat and salt content.

This being said, being overweight does not necessarily mean that you are addicted to food. Several other factors come into play when assessing food addiction. For example, if you feel anxious about food or both have a sincere desire and loathing for food, chances are you’re a food addict. You love the four because it is delicious and it brings you comfort whenever you need to deal with anxiety. However, eating the food also comes with guilt or anger and other negative emotions. Food addicts hate food because it makes them feel bad about what they do and who they are as people.

On the other hand, individuals who suffer from various eating disorders like bulimia also ingest large amounts of food. However, because they tend to purge it, they end up looking thin and healthy. However, they still will not be able to stop eating unless they get some help. As a solution, they try to eat significant amounts of food but still purge it after to keep the weight off.

While many programs can help deal with obesity in the country, food addiction should also be given special attention. Most of these addicts realize that being fat is not very healthy. However, being addicted to food suppresses their self-control. Being addicted to food should be treated like any other drug problem because it can also lead to major illnesses and ultimately death.

These effects are why you should try to talk to the food addicts if you do encounter any of them. Try your best to convince them that eating will not solve their problems. They need to face the problems that they have before it is too late. Otherwise, you will end up losing important family members and friends because of a condition that could very well be treated in the long run. You should not hesitate to do your part.

10 Comments on The Reason Why We’re Fat?

  1. This is so true. You can teach someone to have better eating habits, but if the person is addicted to food then just learning better choices is not going to help. You have to address the issue of addiction behind the eating habits of someone who is addicted. Most times it is emotional issues behind the eating. Thanks for the great article on this subject.

    • I think its just because they are in a way comfortable like eating junk food fast and easy, no need to spend hours cooking in kitchen but it does have many side effects

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