food addiction

Evidently, because of the large numbers of obese individuals in the country, it can safely be said that food addiction has become rampant among the populace. This condition can similarly be compared to alcohol or drug addictions. There is an essential difference between an overeater and a food addict. The former eats too much but can stop whenever he wants to. However, the latter no matter what he does cannot stop eating. The ill effects of the condition on the addict’s finances or relationships with other people and even their health would be immaterial.

In this particular situation, food has become an obsession for the addict. While it can be said that obese individuals can become food addicts, this is not the only identifying factor that can yield the same results. Several other eating disorders like bulimia can also cause others to become addicted to food.

Perhaps, when you go to a party and the whole as brings out a tray of pastries, you end up feeling compelled to try one because though it is not part of your diet, you feel like it is the least that you can do to please the host. You first try one cupcake, thinking that it would only be this one time. However, you find that you can never resist the sumptuous quality of the treat. This enticing quality causes you to go for several more until you end up not being able to stop.

You will then volunteer to take the rest of the pastries home, and nobody would be the wiser because they wouldn’t know that you will be eating all of them by yourself. On the other hand, you might end up leaving the party early to pass by the bakery and find yourself a similar type of pastry to take home for dessert.

The event will then cause you think of the different types of food that you can buy way too much. This action might impair you from having the fun that you should have had in the party.

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  1. Years ago people would eat just to stay alive. Now most of us have food whenever we feel like it. We need to remind ourselves of the foods we should be eating and why. Not just eating when we like and what we like.

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