food addiction

Food addictions sound something like an old nanny’s tale, but the good news is that the things are moving a step forward now. The field is getting more recognition and researchers have proved that the food addictions are the result of physiological neurochemical mechanisms in the human body. Many are unaware of this phenomenon. Sugar addiction is one of the most common ones among other addictions.

The problem gets linked with the genetic factors in some cases. Especially those with an active history of alcoholism, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypertension, depression, or the problem might be a prompt of non-genetic factors like the post-traumatic stress disorder, which creates changes in the neurochemical mechanisms along with the body type.

Just like the eye color, the brain response to sugar, saturated fats, or other foods is genetically inherited. The great thing is that these genetic responses can be altered by bringing changes in the neurochemical levels as a result of beneficial alterations caused by the cravings, appetite, mood and another sort of food cravings. In a recent study, the women with binge-eating disorder noticeably decrease their binging and craving when sugar gets reduced in the diet.

The addictive response cannot be treated as an emotional problem and ignoring the addictive responses cannot help in this regard. In certain ways, the food addictions are much harder to overcome than drug addictions. Evidently, asceticism cannot be the choice. People can choose to give up the alcohol or any other drug addiction through the rehabilitation sources, but food addiction is not easy to deal with. Every day, each of us is confronted with different types of food from morning to night, and this makes the problem a dangerous one.

If you want to deal with the food addiction problem, and it is becoming problematic for you to shed those extra pounds on your own, then consider reading an ebook on food addiction. The book contains information on all-natural supplements which act as fat binders and thwart the fat to get absorbed into the body. This helps to lose weight naturally. There are many other advantages too!

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