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Emotional overeating can be a continuous problem if you do not address it immediately. It can repeatedly appear even if you can avoid overeating at times. It is true that emotional eating can cause a person to respond automatically in line with the feelings by taking root deep inside a person’s psyche. It may be a great feeling to be able to control emotional eating, but women trying to face the reality of their emotions have known to have responded in the following way:

“It does not help. What’s the use?’

“Why should I lose my temper which only makes me feel sorry?”

“It is not helpful at all as he is not going to change his ways.”

“I eat because I cannot help myself. Is there any way to stop it?”

When you acknowledge your feelings and respond to them in the correct way you can get rid of emotional eating. Even though the responses are your very own, it seems that others care for you and are responding favorably towards your emotions.

The idea that you can stop yourself from feeling something or you can get rid of your feelings easily is a myth. When you take note of your feelings, believe that they exist, and address them properly then your feelings can transform, shift and evolve. However, there can be exceptions.

You may be able to soothe temporarily, distract or distance yourself by “eating your feelings’. But in the larger context, it does nothing to improve your feelings, or change your emotions or the situation which gave rise to the feelings in the first place.

How can you acknowledge your feelings if you consistently use food to suppress them?

  • Keep in mind that doing something and feeling something are completely two different things.

It is crucial to acknowledge and have respect for your real feelings even if you feel helpless about it. Recognizing the sense of nervousness, anger, hurt, fear or misunderstanding can help you to find out ways to soothe, care for and correctly respond to your feelings without having to change the situation. You will feel better by acknowledging that your condition is bad when you have flu even though you cannot make it go away by taking good care of yourself. It is the same when you respond to your feelings. Suppressing your feelings by eating an enormous amount of ice-cream does not serve to address the feelings in a proper way. It is like sweeping the problem under the carpet without taking care to solve it.

  • Similarly, you should know that self-expression and bring about change are equally important.

If you cannot get something does not mean that you should deprive yourself of other things. It is a fact that situations and people can be difficult and not as per your wishes always. That does not mean that you should not acknowledge your feelings. Giving expression to your feelings can make you feel powerful, influential and assertive even if others do not like them. Sharing your feelings with others may not always be helpful or prudent, but you can always give it a try.

  • Expression of feelings does not require an audience.

Maybe you are not prepared to express your feelings. You may be scared that when you start expressing all the feelings that are pent up within you, it may create an uncomfortable mess. When you are not in the habit of showing any respect for your emotions, you may feel self-conscious about your feelings. It is all right to be so. Permit yourself to be right about your feelings. Be your audience. Express your feelings to yourself. Tell your feelings to yourself by talking, writing and expressing them. Keep telling yourself that you are doing a difficult job.

Have a sense of pride regarding your ability.

7 Comments on Emotional Eating Help – How NOT to Swallow Your Feelings…

  1. Great coverage of a really common problem! Brava!

    I don’t think I can ever remember a time when I overate for emotional reasons. I’m more the grazer who reaches for something handy and forgets to stop – or find the handy thing unsatisfying and then needs to look for something that is more nutritious and filling.

  2. Not sure where you live, but where I live, food has (and still is) considered a “cure” for any ailment. We are encouraged, by our mothers mostly, to “Eat this, it will make you feel better.”
    It is ingrained in our brains to the point that we are an overweight society.

    • I live in India, to some point even I remember being told this by my mom like when I used to have a fever or cold… But I feel eating like this is the cure and not the emotional eating issue… I meant the emotional eating like over eating if one is depressed etc…

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