Whenever one is travelling, it is really very important to create a list of all the things one may want to do, when one finally arrives at their desired holiday-spot. So, if you are also one of those travellers who loves a little bit of organization while travelling, then the very first thing you need to do is to make a detailed to-do list or in simple words you really need to plan well so that you can enjoy nicely.

This will keep a kind of control and this list will also help you to save your precious time in decision makings too like when and where to go for sight-seeing, where to do shopping, in which restaurant you should eat as per your taste. This list will be very handy if you are on a very short holiday vacation. In short, you need to get value out of your money spent on the holiday.

This list will allow you to do things you consider most important and getting involved on priority basis, if all this is done in a perfect and well planned style, you surely will experience a very fun filled and satisfying holiday.

Sounds nice, isn’t it ?

Many people prefer to visit countries like Italy, France and Spain. If I had to choose one of the stated destinations, I would choose none.

My dream destinations would be Russia, Israel and Iraq. If for no other reason, then I guess it is because of the kind of history these countries have had. They have an element of mystery and hidden grandeur which attracts me to these countries as compared to the other ones.

The others sound majestic and beautiful but it would be extremely interesting to visit countries that people do not normally think of as a holiday destination.

Think different and make your holiday destination even more unique.