Social media or No social media

Social media or No social media now that is the question. Many people are against social media and most have good points on why they are against it. It causes drama, people always knowing your business etc. My point on it is people will only know what you are posting and telling them. As far as the drama goes block those people or delete them from friends list.

I myself like the social media for the simple fact of keeping in touch with loved ones and friends that i might not see often. It has really helped me reconnect with several of my family and friends that i have not seen in years. If you don’t want others in your business i know most of the social media sites allow you to only share things with certain people or you could try emailing instead of posting your life on the website.

Social media is also a good way of letting others know of planned events in the community. Some people do not listen to the radio or when they do they miss that certain announcement.

One thing i have seen that really bothers me though is how people are so careless on what they post on social media. Some will post when they are on vacation or out of town. To me this is just a way of letting everyone know that you are not home. It is like an open invitation to anyone that would want to burglarize your home. So when people say they hate it because everyone is in their business my thing is they are probably posting it and letting everyone know about their business. Social media can be a great thing but you have to take responsibility for what you yourself are putting out there.   It can actually be a good tool.

Why a good nights sleep is so important

Many people think they can get by on just a few hours of sleep a night but it is very important to get enough sleep for the body to function properly. Lack of sleep can cause many problems. For one if you do not get enough sleep you can feel fatigued and foggy headed causing you to make bad decisions or even dangerous decisions.

Many do not realize too that lack of sleep can cause sickness. You are more prone to get colds and even diseases if your body is not well rested. Your body’s defense is weakened by lack of rest and fatigue. Even though everyone’s body is different and maybe some people don’t need as much sleep as others it is very important to get at least 7 to 8 hours good sleep a night.

Lack of sleep causes you to feel draggy throughout the day and maybe even a little depressed because you are too tired to enjoy anything. A lot of people that work a lot of overtime at their jobs rarely get the amount of sleep they need due to not enough time. They work all those hours then when they get out of work they have errands they need to run before they are able to lay down to sleep. Because before they know it they have been out and about for several hours then they lay down to sleep and they only get a few hours of sleep in.This happens a lot with people that work 3rd shift too because when they are trying to sleep the rest of the world is just waking up and getting going. It is very important to try to get that sleep in, it all around creates a healthier life for the person and a safer work environment at their job.

Wishing i was more talented with needlepoint or crocheting

I see so many beautiful things that people make by crocheting or needlepoint. I myself am not talented enough to make anything like that. I wish i was though. My mom can make just about anything by crocheting. I have watched her several times trying to learn but it is like my fingers just do not want to let me do it. I think it is something you just have to have a talent for. My mother one year made my husband and i an afghan. It was absolutely beautiful. I asked her how long it took her to make it as it was for a king size bed. She said i just worked on it in my spare time. I am sure it was a little more than just spare time. The stitching was so pretty on it.

Needlepoint is another hobby i wish i could master. There are some people that make such beautiful designs and it looks so effortless on their part. So me thinking well that looks easy, i tried it. It wasn’t a good thing at all on my part. I had the thread all tangled and by the time i had the thread sewn in the material it looked like one big mess.

I have done some cross stitching and did okay with it but it still was not as pretty as others i have seen. I made mistakes and you could really see them. It wasn’t something you could just cover up and go on. I would end up having to pull all my stitches out. It still amazes me the talent some people have with sewing projects. If i had their talent i would be making stuff all the time but instead it is just easier if i pay someone to do it for me or i just go buy an item that is already finished.

Clean out the clutter in your life

Most people when they hear the term cleaning out the clutter they automatically think of their items or possessions. That is not always the case. Sometimes people in your life can become the clutter. Some people cause trouble or stress in another persons life. There are a lot of people that enjoy the company of another person but that other person does nothing but bring that person down. It is at that point that it is time to clean out the clutter.

I myself do not enjoy added stress especially when the stress is something that can be prevented just by avoiding certain people or situations. I learned long ago that if by being around a certain person or people causes trouble or stress then it is best to remove myself from that situation or clean out the clutter meaning to distance myself from that person. If that person values your friendship enough they will either change their ways or they will respect your decision to not be part of the situation.

I have seen many innocent people get in trouble with the law or even worse just by the company they keep. I think everyone has heard the phrase ” guilt by association”.  This phrase is so true in so many ways because the innocent person doesn’t have to be involved in what the others are doing but just because they are hanging around with them it makes them look just as guilty.

There comes a point in life where everyone has to decide whether to keep the drama (or clutter) in their life or to clean it out. Life is too short to live a life you are not happy with because of others drama.

Learn to stand up for yourself and clean out the clutter. I guarantee you will be a much happier person in the long run.

Vacation is getting closer

I am really starting to get excited about my upcoming vacation. We have changed the date so we will be going later in the summer than usual but i am still counting down the days. I am not sure exactly what we will be doing when we go but i do know we are going to visit my dad and we always have a good time when we are there.

Its funny how just the thought of knowing that you are taking a vacation suddenly makes you feel more relaxed and focused on getting whatever work done you have to do  before you leave done. I just want to make sure everything is in order for when i leave that way when i return there are no surprises.

This year has already been a very busy one with my daughter graduating, me starting a new job and getting my daughter enrolled in college. So we are all in need of a nice relaxing vacation for sure. I am a firm believer that whenever possible every family needs to take a vacation whether you go out of town or just stay home to do stuff everyone needs a break at one point or another. To me it is like a reset and lets you relax so you can be ready to jump right back in when your resting time is over.

As our vacation grows closer and closer i am trying to complete many task, some at this point seem impossible but i am very determined to give it my best shot so my vacation goes smooth and i am not left worrying about things i  cannot control.

My hope for everyone this summer is they get to have a vacation or at least a little time for themselves to relax and enjoy themselves.

Yes my dog answers me

Today i had family over and we were all getting ready to go to my daughters high school concert. Before we left i asked my dog if she needed to go potty she barked once which we have figured out means “no”. So i tell her well i think you should try so she then barks two times and goes to the door and i let her out. The whole time my family is looking at me and my brother is laughing saying she has flipped her lid.  So i explained to him about the one bark means no and the two barks means yes. He said you are crazy i said no i am not and my husband at that point said no she is telling the truth. If she barks once and you go to the door to let her out she will sit down and not go out the door.

My family is still looking at me like okay both of them are crazy. My little dog came back in and i asked her did you potty and i got the 2 barks which is yes, so i then asked her do you think you need a treat she then barked 2 times again so i told her go to your treats she then ran over to the pantry closet door where her treats are kept and sat there waiting. So i then asked my brother do you believe me now he still was not convinced he said she doesn’t know what you are saying she is just doing stuff. That is when i had to pull out the big guns i then told my little dog if you want a treat you have to go wipe your feet she barked at me once to tell me no so i told her well no treat. You need to wipe your feet they are wet she then huffed, walked back to the door to where the carpet was and wiped her feet. At that point my brother was blown away he said no way. She then got her treat. Everyone in the room was laughing and i heard the comment well i guess she does talk and let you know what she wants.

Tonight’s last high school concert

Tonight we attended the last high school chorus concert my daughter will perform in. It was a wonderful concert but it also brought tears to my eyes knowing that this will be the last time she is up there. It was a very emotional thing for many of the seniors that will be leaving this year. When my daughter left the stage she as well as some of her other friends were in tears. They have really grown close over the last 4 years.

My daughters chorus instructor has really taught her a lot over the last 4 years and i know she will miss him as well. Her love of music really shines through and i think he could see that too.

My daughter has been singing in talent shows and concerts since she was in the 1st grade. She took voice lessons for almost 2 years and was very dedicated to that. When we asked her what she was going to do now since she is done with the chorus in high school. She said not to worry i have already signed up for music classes in college. She said i will be majoring in business management but my minor will be music. She says there is no way she can ever just completely quit her music. I am so glad because i love to hear her sing as do many other people sometimes i don’t think she realizes what a beautiful voice she has. Her singing voice just comes so naturally. Most people have to really work on their vocals and with her it is like it just happens.

Although this was her last high school concert i look very forward to the college years of her singing and improving on her vocals. Hopefully in the near future we will see her on stage performing once again.

The bitter sweetness of life

As i sit here today many thoughts are running through my mind. 23 years ago today i married my best friend. Our life together has been one of hard work, raising our kids and a very loving family.

What is so ironic or should i say bitter sweet is as i said before 23 years ago i married my best friend and today i attended our youngest child’s graduation breakfast at school. I am very proud of my daughter she has worked so hard to get to this point but in a way i am very sad because i think to myself where did the time go.

23 years ago we had no idea what was in store for us we were just starting out as a young family and just living life. I never stopped to think about where we would be all these years later. It just seems kind of funny that my daughters graduation breakfast would be on the same day that our family began only many many years later. (Even though she wasn’t born yet ) This just goes to show that it was God’s plan.

As i think back to those days of when our kids were just little i remember wondering what kind of people they would grow up to be and i have to say i am very proud of who they have become and becoming.

To all those young couples just starting out and starting a family, enjoy every moment because you will blink and your baby will be going off to college and you will be wondering where did the time go. I still am wondering where that time went it seems like just yesterday we were getting married or that i was just bringing my kids home from the hospital. I guess it is true what they say time flies when you are having fun.

Cleaning out for a good cause

Just this weekend my daughter and I had a yard sale at a friends house. It felt good to get rid of a lot of our stuff we no longer used or needed. Even though we got rid of a lot of things we still had a lot that we did not get rid of so i ended up having to pack it back up and bringing it home. I didn’t know exactly what to do with all of it because we did have so much. I use to do eBay and i had closed my store down so we also had all those items too.

I guess God hear me and that very next day i got a call from a very good friend telling me that they were going to have a benefit yard sale for a family member and that if i had anything i wanted to donate to the yard sale they would take it. I told her i would donate all that i had left plus some. They were so appreciative of the donation and i was glad to give it. Knowing that the items will help someone else is a good feeling.

I like to donate whenever i can but in this day and age you  never know if it is a legitimate organization or person and you don’t know if the person in need will receive 100% of the proceeds. I am so glad to get to donate these items to where they are going because i know these people are good honest people and i know the person they are doing the benefit yard sale for will get 100% of all the proceeds from this sale. I hope all the items sell and they make good money to help out this person. This person is a very good person and has always been there to help others. I am a firm believer that if you give you will always be blessed and you will receive when you are in need.

So much more

The other day one of my friends sent me a message that she was going to have a yard sale at her house and told me if i had anything to sell that i could bring it over. I got my stuff together and went over there today.

When i got there i realized it was actually going to be 5 of us friends having the yard sale. Several of us had not seen each other in several months so we were glad to see each other plus we all had so much stuff we were hoping to get rid of at this sale.

The day started out very busy getting everything set up and somewhat organized but we finally got set up and was ready for customers. As the customers started coming we were glad to see people picking up our items and purchasing them and clearing out our items.

As we were sitting there though we were talking and laughing and a couple of us even made the comment. We don’t care if we sell a thing just us getting together and having a good time laughing and catching up is worth “so much more”.  So many times we get so wound up in our lives that we do forget that there is more out there besides always working and making money. The great laughs we had today were worth so much more than what any of us made at that sale today. We reminisced on the past ( we have all been friends for over 16 years) and there was a lot of laughs there for sure. We even made new memories that will never be forgotten too. We all have our own lives and families but i think today we realized too just how important our friendship is too. I am sunburned and  exhausted but i would not trade today’s memories for anything.

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