Pirates In Love Overview


I know this is an older otome game, however I wasn’t able to find much information about it online and thought I should make a more detailed walkthrough for all the otome lovers out there.

This is probably my favorite Voltage game to date. Though I did love Forged Wedding almost as much, loved loved loved  Chika hehe…  So Far I haven’t played everyone’s walkthrough and I’m not sure that I will. I am a bit leery of Christopher’s route and Thomas’ as he seems a bit young with the whole “Miss” thing. Christopher’s route I hear is very sweet and not exciting, but I might just have to play them all.

Quick Synopsis

You are working in a bar in your hometown, when some roughens come into the bar while you are setting up for work and try to start something. You are saved by Captain Morgan and Russell, who tell you to leave the bar. You end up in a barrel and pass out from shock. When you come to you are aboard a pirate ship.  Low and behold it’s the pirates who save you ship, called the Sirius.  Captain Morgan decides that you get to stay, but you have to pick a one of the crew member’s bedroom to stay in,oh la la. A girl’s fantasy come true, getting staying with a sexy pirate all alone in his bedroom.

This is where the real fun begins baa chika waa waa  😀


All The Sexy Pirates:



Russell: He is a two swords fighter and he back story has to do with this. He is the overall doing around that ship. He was the first pirate I played with as I love guys who are possessive, which is funny because in real life I don’t go for that type at all.  I liked his story a lot as it was kind of just him learning to protect things that are important to him and to not act without thinking. Captain Morgan has a thing for you in this route and it’s pretty cute to see Russell get really jealous of the Captain and pretty much anyone who even talks to you. Favorite part in his story was him buying the brooch for you, totally sweet and unexpected so early in the game.  Only draw back is that he gets called slow or a dope in the story, so in a few parts in made it seem like you were falling for someone who wasn’t intelligent.  I’d give his route  3.5 stars out of 5.

Will post his walkthrough with lots of pictures later.


Eduardo: His is the First mate and the navigator of The Sirius. He is always serious and a bit meaner than the others to the MC. He threats often to throw her overboard. Though he is always one of the first to defend her.  I haven’t played his route yet, however he is everyone’s favorite from what I can tell.  Seriously though he is extremely sexy with that eye patch and his whole demeanor  is just to hot to handle, mmmm, me likey…  I thought it was cute in Russell Route that Eduardo doesn’t like the rain because it curls his hair. I’d love it if they made a cg with him having curly hair tehee.

His Route Will Be posted after played.


Christopher: He is the Doctor on board. He is the sweet older brother type, who listens to everything you have to say.  I just can’t get into his character from the routes I have played.   From what I have read his route is very sappy and kind of boring. The MC is suppose to be very whiny and because he is a doctor you get sick in his route, go figure.

Walkthrough to be determined


Nathan: He is cook and is apparently very good. He is quiet and serious.  I loved him in Captain Morgan’s route and decided to buy him.

Working on His Route Now


Thomas: He is the Noob on board and I believe he is younger than the MC. He does all the jobs that no one else wants to do. He does whatever he can to help everyone on board and is the only one who tells the MC straight up how he feels and he accepts her on board.

Walkthrough: To Be DETERMINED


Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan: His is the Saractis Captain of the Sirius. He is the Pirate King of all the pirates on the ocean. He is a huge drunk and womanizer. I loved his story  it was something I hadn’t seen yet in an Otome Novel and loved it. He route was a bit sad and I had so many feels that I almost cried. Morgan has a big heart and a soft side for people in need, which is totally appealing  and can melt any girls heart. Not to mention he is a hotty, MEOW!!!

Walkthrough: Coming up Shortly


captain Alan

Captain Alan: He is the captain from the Rika, your rival pirates. He is very pervated and it’s pretty funny. I loved the fact that he isn’t even aware that he is being strange.  His route was very sweet and I routed for him the whole time, even though he doesn’t believe that the MC is falling for him and is scared of rejection.

Walkthrough: Coming ASAP!



Lenoardo: Though not a pirate he is still one of everyone’s favorites. He is a bit obsessed with his cat and it’s pretty funny.