My very first FB page

I started my very first Facebook page few days ago and I am a bit excited about it.  I am hoping a lot of people will like it at the same time purchase some items through my page so I could earn something.

Being a regular customer/buyer of one of the leading online shop in the Middle East and being an endorser too, I realised I can actually earn from it.  Not as a seller and most of all not as an owner but as an affiliate.  The idea of becoming an affiliate came when I noticed that most of my colleagues consult me or simply are asking me about some products when they want to buy online.

So I did enrol to Souq affiliate program then started to share links of products especially those that are on sale.  And then later on I decided to create a page so I could separately upload photos as well as announcements of promos and sale items.

After few days I already had a number of likers but I need to collect more so I could reach as many people as I can. In that way more and more people would be able to be know about the different sale items that of their interest and would probably buy.  If you have time please like my page through this link.

Moving on, just this morning someone message me that he will buy 3 pcs Innjoo tablets.  I was excited because this would be the very first sales transaction I could get through my FB page.  I was very much willing to assist him but unfortunately he changed his mind.  I was a bit sad but still I’m glad to know that this could be the start of a huge number of orders to be done via my FB page.  And that means more money for me.  Inshallah!

Delivery Problem (2)

What the ——, I was really upset with the kind of service they have.  Now I have to wait more days.  I emailed them again and asked about the real reason why it was returned to the supplier.  I am sure there was no problem with my address because they were able to deliver already the two items and in different days not to mention the fact that I am no longer a new customer of Lazada for I had ordered several items already in the past using the same delivery address.

On same day I was informed that the item will be returned to supplier, I received a text message asking me about our address and that really surprised me.  How come they don’t know, when it was clearly written in my Lazada account and to think there were several deliveries made already to the same address and still with LBC.

After one day since I emailed questioning them about those things, about those impossibilities, I received a text message again informing me that the item is with him for about 1 month already and he asked for the second time my address which I gave even during the first message I receive and even if knowing they should have my address in the first place and no need to ask me.  I find it so weird, what happen to this people?  They are big companies but the services are not efficient.  If only I could file a formal complaint then I would hesitate to do it.  They are giving me a hard time, inconvenience and trouble.  Those items were intended as a gift and as my calculations, it should have been delivered long time ago.  I don’t know but the sad part is that I don’t have a choice I still have to deal with them in my future online purchases.

Delivery Problem (1)

I am wondering how, in what way or on what purpose you are actually using your earnings here or on working online in general.  Since I cannot withdraw my funds in PayPal I failed to completely tap it with any local bank in the Philippines before although I did use my RCBC my wallet few years back but I think it was expired already so I used it in some other ways.  Anyhow what I do is to use my PayPal account in paying some online purchases and one of the online shop that I normally or regularly buy items with is Lazada.  And speaking about Lazada I had a quite unpleasant experience with them lately.

Few weeks back I ordered 4 items from using my PayPal Account.  That means the items were paid already.  Since the four items came from different suppliers, I was informed about 4 separated deliveries although with the same courier, that is LBC.

After a week from the date of purchase I used to check online the status of my order both through Lazada and LBC website.  Consequently, 2 of the four items were delivered and waiting for the other two.  I remember the status of one item which is ‘Out for Delivery’ on March 22, 2016.  So that means, the item was already in the hands of LBC-Cagayan de Oro the city, the city where I live.

Now since that was Holy Week time so I was thinking they are having a long holidays that is why the item was not yet delivered.  So I checked again from their websites on March 26 and I found out the same status which is ‘Out for Delivery’, the same message or note I saw every day from March 26 to March 31.  So I did contacted Lazada and I was informed that the item was due for return to supplier due to non-delivery.

Soon he will be home but inside a long narrow box

Life is full of mysteries.  Unfortunately we are not given that benefits of knowing or realizing everything that happen in our lives.  We have so many questions unanswered.  So many wishes we didn’t know were granted.  But whatever it may be, I still believe that everything happens for a reason and that we may not understand it this very moment but time will come wherein another circumstances will happen to help us discern what has been happening in the past.

There are events in our lives that seems so hard to accept.  Sometimes we fall and become disoriented because of what happen.   But those are part of the realities of life.  We don’t have any choice but to accept it and embrace those possibilities.

I just would like to update and make an end of my previous blog dated November 29, 2015.

If you happened to read that blog, it was about one of my colleagues who served the company for 24 years and supposedly will apply for an exit and stay for good with his family in the Philippines.  Actually he was following up his request to leave when he met an accident.  He was rushed to the hospital due to heart attack and was in a coma until his borrowed life was taken away from him last Thursday (March 31, 2016) morning.  He died after staying in the hospital for 4 months.  The sad part of it was all throughout those months being in the hospital, his family never get the chance to see him or be there in the hospital to serve him in his last days on earth.  I learned that his family was requesting to come over to be able to look after him while he is in the hospital but unfortunately such request was not granted.

So part of the realities of life, soon they will see him but not someone they could talk, not someone they could be for the rest of their lives but somebody inside the coffin.

I should enjoy my stay

I am disappointed with myself for not having or failing to submit blog post for two days.  I felt I am letting opportunities to pass on without taking hold of it. Anyhow, although I haven’t drafted yet my planned 3 blog posts for today but I’m glad I had the chance to visit almost 10 sites here today and want to share some of my observations:

  • Most of them maintained a very nice and presentable sites, I wish I could modify mine and make them presentable too. Although I know I can if I will just spend time for it.
  • Most of them write a sensible and significant topics and I’m not. I don’t think I can do it because I feel I am just here writing about anything just to get points.  Aside from the fact that I am too lazy to search for wonderful and significant topics to share.
  • They are interacting regularly which I find it very important in order to make friends and eventually expect more points. Sad to note that I don’t have much time but I am trying hard to reach out.
  • The most important thing and perhaps the one I should make it up is the points they got. They are close to 10,000 points if not still way way higher than mine.  I observed that most of them really make it up to 10,000 points before cashing out, my first was at 5,000 points only.  If I hadn’t redeemed then I am also now close to cashing out 100 dollars.

Well I may be dissatisfied of my performance here on Blogjob but life must go on.  I should enjoy my stay and not be stressed every time I missed to write or submit a post.  I believe that enjoying what I do will make everything easy and could expect more ideas to pour in, compared to being overpowered by stress and ill feelings

As long as it is not illegal

Finally my last blog post regarding ways to earn extra income.  Although honestly I would want to add more soon when I get the chance to know more ways.

Sell your photos online – The reason why I wanted to have my own DSLR camera or something with a very high megapixels is for me to be able to take wonderful pictures and sell it on the internet.  Yes if you have a high definition cameras you can actually collect good photos and upload them to sites that pays for every click or download of those pictures that belongs to you.

These are some of the sites where you can upload your own original photos for a fee:

  • Shutterstock
  • Photoshelter
  • Fotolia
  • DreamsTime
  • iStock.

Sell used but still serviceable or functioning items – I think this concept came originally from the US but this time a lot of Filipinos in the Philippines are doing this garage or yard sales.  Sometimes when they will be moving to another place and they don’t need to bring all their things so they sell them at a low price.  Or just wanting to get rid of things although still working but they don’t use it anymore, so instead of putting it at the corner and wait for it to become defective or be damaged.  This will surely give one a considerable amount of extra income.  This made me remember my daughter who is a very business minded girl, she developed this online shop and some of the things she is selling are second hand or used items.

For my final words with regards to the topic, I can say that I can do or willing to do anything that could give me the chance to earn more as long as it is not illegal or against morality.  I am doing some online part time jobs as I call it this time and hoping to find more in the future.

Sell bottled water

To continue giving everyone some tips on how to earn extra income please find below suggestions:

Put ads on your car – I find this one very practical, I’m sure it could not do harm to you or anyone else but you can earn from putting ads on your car.  But maybe not that big I mean unlike those cars that were painted (ads) all over.  Maybe just the back part or side.


Get paid for online searches – Have you tried Qmee?  It’s the only site I know that pays us when we search something over the internet.  But honestly I don’t know much about it I mean on how to really earn by using that apps.  I still need to figure it out for I might be spending too much time again with a very little earnings.  But again, this is one way for us to earn extra money so I encourage you to check it out and then for those who have tried this apps please feel free to leave your comments below and your tips.

Sell bottled water – People need water in order to live and we consume more water when it’s hot so selling bottled water outside or during some special events or festivals will give you more money than you think.  I remember when we had a small sari2 store before I used to get an average of 5 pesos per bottle profit so if I get to sell 100 bottles a day that means a profit of 500 pesos already around 11 dollars/day 330 dollars per month.  Not bad right?

An employee inspects bottles at the Nestlé Waters Canada plant near Guelph, Ontario, Friday, January 16, 2015. The facility is the largest bottling plant in Canada. Photo by Kevin Van Paassen/Bloomberg

Participate in an online jury – How I wish this is available in the Philippines, although maybe through research or by preparing some relevant documents one could help a lawyer in the case he is handling and eventually get paid.  I find this one very interesting as I am fond of watching detective stories and show or series about crimes.

Photo Credit:  Google

Willing to sell your hair?

I apologize for going back to my previous topic about how to get more/extra money, that is on top of our regular earnings if we are employed or running our own business.  I still find a lot of things very interesting to share and hoping you and I could get some ideas about how we can maximize our incomes.   Besides, my brain is not so cooperative this time in so far as getting some points or issues to write on, at least by doing this I can submit the minimum number of blog posts today.

Anyway please bear with me, those tips might not be applicable to all of us or may not be appealing or interesting but still those are legit ways to earn extra income.

Look for unclaimed money – Few months back I got emails about this unclaimed money thing and they are looking for someone to claim it in behalf of their client.  The sender usually claims to be a lawyer and then inform you, you are lucky to have been chosen to be the beneficiary of say 100 million dollars being kept safe in a bank somewhere in Europe or America or somewhere else.  And then they will ask you to pay some amounts so that the money will be released to you.  Yes I am talking about those scams that’s being circulated in the internet but later I know there are really possibilities for us to have money that we don’t know. I can say this is critical I mean too risky to engage with but I am wishing someday I could have that huge amount of money, real money from someone very rich who died without anyone whom he or she can give his/her wealth.


Sell your hair – Those who have long hair will surely benefit this I mean they can actually sell their hair to salon or those responsible in making or producing hair extension or wig.

images (1)

Photo Credit:  Google


Weird forms of vegetables and fruits

I was surfing over the net when I remember to try to search about weird forms of some plants or fruits and thought of sharing some of them here.  After all I am already bored writing about those tips on how to earn extra income so I might shift to another topic first before going back to that topic again.  There are still a lot of ways we could earn more money and I would want to share them all here but maybe a bit later.

So it cannot be denied that there are really hundreds or thousands of weird forms of plants and fruits around the world.  I mean those plants and fruits that resemble something else like a human person or part of the human body and sometimes even look like sex organs.

I have seen them scattered over Facebook and some other social sites and sometimes it made me think if they are really true or have been modified already or are just results of some computer tricks.  Now I want you to help me discern if indeed they are genuine.

This one looks like an astronaut and I don’t think this was being intentionally designed like that.  I mean I believe this is original product of nature.


I don’t know what kind of root crops is this but they looks like human person also.  Both man and woman.  so what do you think about this?  True or not? LOL


This one looks like a perfect red lips although I think we can see a lot of this kind everywhere.  So I presumed this is true.  This is not that weird though but I find it worth to share.

hqdefault (1)images

I like this one.  It seems that Nature wants to send us a message through this to love one another LOL.  So I would like to end up until here with the message coming from my heart, “Let us all love one another and promote peace wherever we are.


Photo Credit:  Google

Criminal Minds episode 12

Moving on to the TV series Criminal Minds, each crime those agents were dealing are distinctive and very enigmatic in each of their ways.  Anyone would not want to skip every details of it and will continue to watch the show until the end.

Episode 11 if I was not mistaken was the most dramatic scene so far compared to all episodes I was able to watch.  It is something that even if there was no eminent drama in it like crying heavily for some problems concerns or untoward incidents but just merely with those intense words the uttered and simple gestures of love, respect and appreciation.  It was also the most nerve-wracking scene as they were dealing with a very clever serial killer who happened to be a woman and her partner who was a bomber was also a woman. This issue proves that whatever a man could do to distract or ruin peace and order in a certain community can also be done by the opposite gender.  I also admire how efficient and fast those agents act in response to the current situation that has to be solved otherwise a very sad historical event would happened.  That is if the bomb will explode that would kill a considerable big number of innocent people.

Episode 12 deals with a crime that was triggered by the criminal’s personal experience when he was still a little kid.  He also hated wickedness which he thinks based on his previous experience were committed by supposed righteous people.  What I didn’t understand was that why he killed those innocent women prior to the last supposed victim who is a man whom he accidentally overheard having an affair outside marriage. Although having those heads as a trophy is one of the reasons but killing sinners will make sense even more.

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