What do you say?

I found this video on YouTube and fell in love with it once I first heard it. What do you say is a great song. I have heard this song so many times and it never gets old. This song is about a wife and mother who struggles with cancer and at the end she just wants to go home and it always bring me to tears. I get saddened by the thought of how people suffer with the cancer disease. It is so sad that so many people get the disease and die everyday in this world. I have lost many people in my family from this disease. It is very sad and scary when you lose someone you love or care for to the disease. It really hurts and that hurt and pain never goes away. We sometimes need to rely on something to help us make this pain stay to a minimum. I listen to songs like this one because it makes me cry and I can release some of my anger and sorrow for people I have loved that have died from cancer. I wish there was a cure but there is not one. many people have survived cancer and I consider this to be a miracle in life. I just wish everyone would have this chance in life. I pray every night before bed to heal those people who suffer from this. I hope god hears my plead because I think life is so important and people should be able to have a healthy life. I also have seen mothers and fathers who have had to lose children to this disease. This disease has only gotten worse in my lifetime. Enjoy the song.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this @Kimberly Brown, it’s very touching. My mom died from breast cancer when I was 16 and I was a witness of all the pain she had been through. Her cries and sufferings everyday was really hard to watch. It’s hard to loose both of my parents. My dad also died (Cardiac Arrest) when I was 14, but I know they both are happy together up there and are always there to guide us.

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