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Music is always changing

I have been a big fan of a variety of music since I was a young child. I remember listening to music and helping my mom clean when I was a child. Music has always helped me throughout my life. My types of music I listen to has changed over the years. My children are active listeners of the new age music. Music genres have changed so much since I was a young child. I use to love country music as a child. I still love some country music. My parents are big country music fans. They have changed the types they have been listening to over the last decade. I am very surprised where music is heading. I think in another decade we will have even more types of music. I am a big fan of r&b music now. Even though I had a hip hop music stage and country music phase in my life I always find the most comfort in r&b and country music. It is great to listen to music when you feeling different ways in life. music helps calm and is there to help you express yourself. When I am happy I listen to music to feel even happier. When I feel sad and depressed music helps me let my feelings go. I have even cried to many songs in my life. It has helped me become the person I am today. It will continue to help me in the future also. Music will always be there for us when we need it the most. I am so happy and glad I am able to have it in my life. I would not have it any other way. I am also glad my kids love and enjoy it now while the are young. Always love music and live life to your fullest potential.

One of my favorite songs


I have been listening to this song since I was a child. This song never gets old to me. I have sung with this song playing every time I hear it. Who would not do anything for love? I know many people would and I have done many things for love. Love is something everyone wants in life. Where would we be without it? I think many are sad and lonely without love. Everyone needs someone to love in life. It gets us by and helps our lives in many ways. There is good love and then there is bad love. Meatloaf has some great songs and this is one of them. I love the video that plays with the music. They made a great video here and I wish to share it with everyone. If you have not heard the song I think you should. You will really enjoy listening to it. There are so many people who have not heard this song before in life. Everyone has had love in life. I am sure if they did not love someone loved them. Some people never knew what love was before they died. many people are born into bad home and grow up to be abused and never loved. It saddens me and makes me think about them everyday. I know I have always been loved and am happy in love now in life. I love my husband and my children. It is a great feeling to do anything for someone you love. I know I would sure try if I thought I could not. It is really worth taking the time to love someone even if you have been hurt in life. You have to try to love and never give up.

What do you say?

I found this video on YouTube and fell in love with it once I first heard it. What do you say is a great song. I have heard this song so many times and it never gets old. This song is about a wife and mother who struggles with cancer and at the end she just wants to go home and it always bring me to tears. I get saddened by the thought of how people suffer with the cancer disease. It is so sad that so many people get the disease and die everyday in this world. I have lost many people in my family from this disease. It is very sad and scary when you lose someone you love or care for to the disease. It really hurts and that hurt and pain never goes away. We sometimes need to rely on something to help us make this pain stay to a minimum. I listen to songs like this one because it makes me cry and I can release some of my anger and sorrow for people I have loved that have died from cancer. I wish there was a cure but there is not one. many people have survived cancer and I consider this to be a miracle in life. I just wish everyone would have this chance in life. I pray every night before bed to heal those people who suffer from this. I hope god hears my plead because I think life is so important and people should be able to have a healthy life. I also have seen mothers and fathers who have had to lose children to this disease. This disease has only gotten worse in my lifetime. Enjoy the song.

Sure things in life

This is a very good song. I listen to this song all of the time. It never gets old to me.  The first time I heard the song I started to really like the song and have saved it so I can listen to it over and over again when I want to in life.  Not everyone likes the same music that I do but I also do not like the same music everyone else likes. That is what makes everyone different.  Everyone has a different taste in music while some share the same tastes in music. I have always been a music fan and I like a wide variety of music. I love to sing but would never do it for a living and I so can not say I sing very good cause I know that I do not sing very well. I like to sing to songs that I know and know the words too. I do not know the words to every song but if I like it enough I will eventually know all of the words to it.  I like singing this song when I am around the one person I truly love in life and that is my husband. He is not a big fan of the song but will listen to it with me. We both do not like all of each others music but do listen to each others songs. That is just part of life. I like many songs that he likes and he likes many of mine but we do have our own variety of music and always will in life.  I look forward to everyone seeing my music reviews and what types of music I like in life.  I also look forward to hearing what others think about the different Music I post in my blogs. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think after you have heard the song.