Happy to see a Friend Dancing with Nadine Samonte

I do not have a full knowledge regarding the video I saw on my friend’s timeline. My friend Ms. Maricar Abella is a theater artist and she has been to a lot of telenovelas which she portrays several characters already. Every time I see her, it puts a smile on my face because I can feel how happy she is on what she is doing. Recently, I saw her video dancing with Nadine Lustre, Nadine Lustre is the better half of James Reid and of course, I am exaggerating, lol. Nadine Lustre is one of the popular actresses of Viva Films and ABS-CBN, just recently she had drama series that just ended, On The Wings of Love, opposite James Reid, her better half (exaggerating again), nope but her loveteam for real and reel. When I saw her dancing with Nadine, I can’t stop smiling. I kept the video playing over and over. I even shared the video and tagged my best friend because she loves Nadine. Lately, my best friend is in love with Nadine because of her good nature. Nope, my best friend is a girl and what I mean in love is somewhat addicted to her beauty, not really the one that you know, falling for her, lol.

I am happy for her. I am observing their facial expressions. I now realised that Nadine is really humble. She get along with every people she is working with. I also love that she is so sexy and beautiful. It only means she is really happy as of the moment. On the other side, I am looking at my friend’s face too because I love seeing her enjoying her work too. I love that while earning money, she is enjoying it. I hope she have more projects like that. Both of the girls deserve what they are having right now because of their loving attitude.


Photo from Jadine’s TV Facebook, with logo VIVA.


I Discovered/Learned Many Things

One of the advantages of trying out new things is to discover new things and learning as well. I never been to Paranaque. I just knew how to get there because I need to go to the diagnostic center for my check-up.On the journey going in and out, I learned to know how to go to different establishments. Those establishments had a big question mark on me before and I have this impression that I don’t want to go there, but now, I find it easy and that is because I have been there for a month. I also discover where I can buy a lot of things, for a cheaper price. I can even bargain for it.

Going home from the diagnostic center, my ride is Baclaran LRT Tambo. I will alight at Baclaran itself. It is crowded with people every day so I never stop by and look for the cheaper shoes, bags and dresses, but now I know where I can have another option in order to buy cheaper things. I have thrift shop as my first option and thrift shops are everywhere in my place, however, I don’t want to divulge myself because I might get sick because I don’t know where the close come from. Baclaran is my other way of buying cheap things now and one day I will go there to shop. Perfect moment to be there is during the morning when it is still cold and there are fewer people. During the afternoon, it is crowded and congested, especially during Wednesday.

I am happy that there are lots to choose from there. I just need to have a ready money and safely keep that money with me. In buying in Baclaran, you also need to be alert and aware as there are lots of people there, you don’t know who will be the one that snatches your bag or slicing it, lol.

Despite the bad results I am getting, my mind is had an additional knowledge to store with. I am still on “what this day brings me good” thing.

How do Pain and Suffering Affects Your Relationship With God?

How do pain and suffering affect your relationship with God? Pain and sufferings are true on both things. It will break you at first, them make you a person you should be. It makes you a better person. It gives you a lesson learned from the mistakes of your decisions in life. However, there are lots of problems that really tested your faith in God. Maybe the problems were all coming to you and you tend to think that God is picking on you because you cannot find a relieve anymore. Does bigger and deeper problem affects your relationship to God?

I am done with questioning God. I do that all the time before. I was acting immature with life and always negative. I am still negative at present but I keep my faith on him. I still feel bad, I feel even the worst. I have all the bad emotions I could have in a day, but the only words I am telling to God is “God please back me up” or “God please tell me what to do?”. I am not the kind of person that asks him “Why me?” and “What did I do to deserve this”. In every action, there is an opposite reaction, it is called consequence. Our poor decision might lead us to a bigger problem and to question God from the mistake we had done is quite useless. It is all our fault, or maybe not us, but others fault that we get involved. Blaming ourselves or someone will cause delay, but sometimes, being a person, if you blame someone, it lessens the weight of what you are feeling. However, blaming is only part of the drama. Doing the right thing and solving what needs to solve is what we all should be doing.

I am still affected emotionally with all the sufferings that I am dealing with lately, but right now, I never question God because there are lots of times he showed me that he has better plans for me. I am glad I realized that. I am truly understanding his miracle to everyone’s life.

It Doesn’t Mean that if you Ask, you Will be Answered

Another troubling title huh? It doesn’t mean that if you ask, you will be answered. On this line, I am talking about your prayers to God. I have lots of prayers. I keep on praying. There are lots of prayers that is still unanswered and I realized, without me taking an action and just being there waiting from some miracles to happen, will not help me to find the answers. Most of my prayers are questions. If only I could find the answer when I dream about it, but no, I hardly have dreams that are about my prayers. My prayers are answered if I try to solve the problem on my own. There are some prayers that I only wait for it for I have nothing control about the decisions, but on some that need my participation, I need to move out and find the things I need to do. I know there is someone whispering me what I need to do. I know it is God. He tells me what I need to try and find out if the result is in my favor. Most of the time it is not, but I do not stop from there as I need to try the other way. He never stops giving me ideas. I know he tells me everything. That is the reason when I am feeling negative about a lot of things, I block the feeling, for I will hear the message of God, guiding me on the right path.

It is not something that when you hear a voice, what will happen next is always the good results as you anticipate. It is just a guide. Everything should come out with a challenge to be able to appreciate the true happiness once you already received your answered prayers. That is I guess the way of life. Everything is about hardship and sacrifices, and of course, you need to participate, do not just wait.



I trust my Over thinking

I know, I know, over thinking will only lead me to feel worry about the things that are not happening. However, I am not only over thinking that way, or maybe I could say, I am over analyzing the situation that is why it leads me to solve my problem. Recently, I have a problem with my account number with RCBC. That moment, BPI was under maintenance so the encasher was asking if I have another bank. Yes I have, I told her, however, I don’t know the account number of my RCBC. You can poke me anytime for not getting a lot of information about my bank account. It was my bank that was given by my former company. I resigned in that company already and that card was left on me. I used it when I am transferring money from my Paypal.

So there, I was thinking, what is my account number and why I did not keep it? I remember I wrote it somewhere but I can’t remember where I put it. I keep on thinking and thinking, then I remember I have online registration on my RCBC. For sure the emails they had given me contains my account number. I checked the emails of RCBC on my Yahoo account and I saw there were 4 emails. I checked one by one and I don’t see anything that says it is my account number. I checked online on what should be the look of an account number from RCBC. I screenshot and returned to email. If there is something similar to what Google is saying, then that is my account number, I said to myself.

When I went back to RCBC email, I saw the number similar to what I researched and it is called Enrolled number, not the account number. I searched if there are the same, and yes, they are the same. Without asking my RCBC bank, I able to find out my account number. I know I will not able to make this possible without over thinking or over analyzing the problem. I trust myself for over thinking.

RCBC ATM Pin – Solved

Since the time that I learned about encashment problems of some of the people online, I was worried. I said to myself that I will not be using that for the meantime. I guess the reason is that if you are transferring money to the same email with or without valid reason, it only proves you are using an encashment, although not all are using encashment service. I told myself that I should use the withdraw to your bank once again. The problem is that I don’t remember my RCBC ATM pin anymore. I know I put it somewhere, but I don’t remember now. I tried thinking of Pin number. I went to the bank where I can try my card with those numbers. I only tried twice because if it does not work triple times, my card will get eaten by the machine for sure. It will create a bigger problem. I stop when I failed to remember the pin.

I was walking on the street when I was thinking that maybe some of my old purse contain the record my pin. As soon as I get home, I checked my things, including some old purse, but it didn’t contain anything I needed. While I was having my dinner, I remember I have a PNB atm. I think I can able to remember the pin code for it, or else I will go directly to the bank to ask the teller what is my pincode. I rummaged my old bank and I saw my PNB atm card there. While checking it out, there is a paper there and I never thought that, that is exactly what I am looking for. That little paper contains my pincode for RCBC atm card. It was a big relief for me. Now, I can withdraw to bank again, I mean I can use RCBC again.

What needs to be done is to doing it

What kind of title I used? It degrades my reputation, lol. What I mean on the title is I need to do a lot of things and that is what I think I should be prioritizing. I should put aside the emotions and negativity. I need to get my record tomorrow and go to Healthway for a second opinion. I am also asking my best friend from some opinion. I don’t want to waste money if I will do some actions tomorrow. We are now talking so that I can have a decision later on before I able to do some actions.

Besides that, I still have money problems. I am stop trying the encashment starting today because there are problems about Paypal limitations. I don’t want to get involved anymore. Actually, I want to share something about m RCBC atm but I will share it on the next posts. It is a good news to me. I thought I will be going to the bank tomorrow to ask for my PIN. Now it is not a problem anymore.

Also, I will be doing some lists of prayer requests, not only my requests but with my friend’s. If I will not be going to Healthway tomorrow, then I have all the time to go to the adoration chapel. I will pray there. I will spend more than 2 hours for sure and again. I will use my time for praying, instead of feeling sorry for myself that this problem is happening again. It causes me a lot of delays, but I can’t blame anything as it is now happening. I just need t do what it needs to do.

I know I can able to surpass this. I just need a little help from someone about the money. I need some prayers to happen. I need to do what I plan to do and decides from there.



I’m going to be Fine

It was a long day for me. It was a long hot day. I went to the diagnostic center and up until now I am not cleared on my UTI Problem. The found out the nerve issues and if you have nerve issues, medicine will not take effect on you. That is my problem right now, the medicine does not take effect on me. I wasted more than Php1000 for the medicine that didn’t help my issues. There are still ways and I am planning to get a second opinion. I am planning to get my records and go to Healthway instead. I will explain them what happened and hoping to get me a fit to work. For sure another medication will happen but, atleast, Healthway is near my place. I can get to it within 30 minutes, less hassle for me compared to getting back to Paranaque from my place.

I feel bad and I feel the bad energy all over me so I took a bath. I don’t want to entertain that kind of feeling. What I need to do is to think of a possible idea to help the problem solve and that idea is that, the get a second opinion. I just hope that the doctor I will be talking with will give me consideration and give me fit to work. The only problem is money because my money will arrive on Monday from my bank. I hope I have the money this coming Friday instead. I think I have a lot of things to ask to God. I hope these requests will be granted. It will really help me to move if I have a money. For now, since the case is unresolved, my resort is to earn money. I wil try to earn money for now. I am still thankful that I have a source. I am still grateful. I’m going to be fine.


I thought I will able to Sleep

I set the alarm at 2 in the morning. I thought I will able to sleep after my offline activities but I just finished it and now I am blogging again. I thought I will able to sleep for a little. It will take me 2 hours to finish my blogging activity for today. I can do this tomorrow morning as I will wait till 9 am for the last medication I have. I can do blogging while waiting, however, as far as I am trying to get back to sleep, I can’t. My mind says “Blog now” and now I am starting this blog. My brain is alive during this time as it gets used to working night till dawn. Now, I know this week will be very different from the other week so my first problem is how to get back to my normal sleep. Or maybe I am just anticipating for the things to happen, I better shut up this mouth and brain for the meantime.

Are you having sleep deprivation too? I only depriving myself to sleep regularly at night because I am working at a call review. If there are calls available in the morning why not, why will I not be sleeping at night, but there are more calls during the night and the surrounding is quiet so I take advantage. The disadvantages are getting fat and having a high blood. I don’t mind getting fat, but having a high blood that is sure not nice.

However, in the middle of this blog, I finally realized I need to sleep and just wake up in the morning to continue my blogging. This is because I am starting to look at the social network and I have no idea to posts after this one. I think I need to have a complete 5 hours of sleep instead.




Selecting some Themes

I am selecting some themes because my present themes did not retain the featured image. The photos attached to my blog before are still there but the present pictures are not. I already choose a new theme and you will see my cute themes for the coming days until I changed it again. I had a hard time checking out the content of my blog early this morning. I can only see the title. If the title will only appear, I will be reported for posting the title, lol. I even mentioned Sheridan. I am glad he didn’t reply. Someone give me an idea that it has something to do with the WordPress design so I checked it out for a new theme.

Now, I am using the one with a bunny. It is very simple. I love the blue color. Since Easter happened last Sunday, it is a good idea to have a bunny, lol. I just want my blog to appear interesting although we all know that the content is not, lol. I am glad that Blogjob has a lot of themes. There are some that you need to upgrade, I don’t want to try it. I am afraid to be paying for a theme. Do you know that selecting themes will help you get inspired to blog? It happened to me before. I was on my way of changing my themes from time to time. When I found the right theme it makes me enjoy my blogging activity. However, when I see that someone is using the same theme and I know that they are first on using that theme, I changed my theme right away. We have a lot of themes for us to choose from so it is our duty to find themes that would make a difference, much closer to our personality.


Photo from Pixabay




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