I want this Hamburger Now!!

That is the disadvantage when I start to get tired after doing a lot of things. I just finished 3 buns and right now I want some more. I don’t have food in here now. I was checking out some pictures of food at Pixabay and I found this picture of a hamburger. My mind is telling me that it really wants it and I can’t do anything about it. I wish we have something in technology where we can order online and we can have the food getting out of the screen also. If we have that kind then I will really praise the technology for sure.

Looking at these hamburgers, it melts my mouth. My stomach is complaining because my brain is focused on how the hamburger looks like. And it has fries on the side too. I love chewing both of it. This is something very difficult. You see, it is hard when you feel you need to taste something but you can’t because you don’t have it. I don’t have the courage to get out of the house and visits a fast food chain as they are open for 24 hours anyway. First, I don’t have the money. Second, I don’t have the courage. Third, I don’t want to get out of the house, it is dangerous out there. Now I am just looking at the picture of the foods, I guess I need to stop doing it as it is not helping me.

I feel frustrated because my stomach is growling and I want some more!! Lesson learned, if you are going to do a lot of things, make sure you have a stock food so that when you get hungry, you just eat it. Make sure that the food on stock is what you really like to serve yourself after the hard work you had done. I should have known better.


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Now I am Finished with the Laundry

I never expected that I will able to finished the third batch of my laundry. Hopefully later is my last and final batch. I was doing this since Monday and I am getting successful in finishing it, but not on time, though. I feel it is some kind of achievement and I am happy about this. You see I am not the kind of person who regularly do the laundry because it is my mother who did it in the house. I did this last year too and then my mother returned to doing it again. I am not promising that I will do this again, but if it is needed then I don’t have a choice. I guess I am getting used to doing it actually because, on the first day, I was feeling all the pain in my muscles. On the second night, it was a struggle because I was out all afternoon, feeling sad, exhausted and I started late so I finished late. I even did not came back to blog during that time because I was too tired to move. I woke up afternoon already. I was sleeping the whole time after. Right now, I was not sure if I started on the right time, but I know I finished early compare to the last few days.

Now, I am reporting this achievement. You might be laughing at this blog, but I have to tell you, it is my most proud moments because doing the laundry is not something that I regularly, in fact, I am lazy to do it. When you say to me “you do the laundry” I am already having a nightmare while I am awake and now I am getting used to it. Tomorrow is my final day. I can do this, this week but definitely, it will be hard for me when I get back to work.


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Type of Toxic People You Need to Get Rid if You Want to be Successful

We have different people in our lives but right now we will be talking about toxic people. I overheard this topic on the radio that is why I am sharing this now. There different types of toxic people and you need to find out why you need to get rid of them if you want to be successful in life, simply because they are like a crab that will push you down when you are up. Find the lists below and analyze the people around you.

  1. The person who plays THE VICTIM. Nope, we are not solving a crime in here, but there are people who play a victim with life. They are characterized as a person who always misunderstood, they blame people with what is happening with their life, most of the time when you are talking they feel miserable. They sound like life is taking its toll on them and they will never become a person who they dream about.
  2. The person who GOSSIPS all the time. You might have a friend that talks others life than their life. If they are busy with others life, they might be busy with your life at one time when you are not around. Better be careful with a friend like that, do not join them in their conversation, as a precaution, do not share anything about you or anything about anyone you know.
  3. The person who always COMPLAINS. Yes, we do complain when there is to complain, but how about people who complain without trying to sort things. There are people who are complaining in advance not because they are about to do something difficult, but because they don’t want to do those things that are why it is difficult for them. Some people who complain this way is not open-minded, however, some who complains has reasons, you know better when they are your friends.
  4. The person who doesn’t BELIEVE in you. Friends should always there to support each other, but then there will be someone that will tell you in advance that you cannot do it. You tell them exactly what you going to do and they will tell you won’t do it because they tried it before and they failed so you will fail too because you are friends. Also, even if you started it and then you bring changes, or we might say you became successful, she will think there is something wrong or maybe you did it wrong that is why you became successful. They always have a reason for you to feel bad about yourself.
  5. The person who is always present during Good Times and not in Bad times. Believe me, there are friends for good times and for bad times, but there are friends who are there for good times only, and absent during bad times. Obviously, if a friend leaves you alone the times that you need them the most, they are not worth keeping. For sure they have reasons, but not replying to message when you are asking for help, but then when you say you will treat them, they response immediately? You better drop them on the list of your friends.

Do you have friends like these? Then you better decide and avoid those who are not helping you to be a better person. If you become a better person, it is not only you that will take the credit but them as well. It is because it means they are a good friend.


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I dream to have a much Nicer Clothes

I was separating my clothes from my family earlier. I counted some of the clothes I have been wearing over and over and I never thought I only have 8 clothes. I have some more but I am not sure if those clothes fit me still. I know they aren’t now as staying home and sleeping late is making me fat. I lost 1 kg for 2 weeks I guess. That was when I was busy processing my requirements. Since Holy Week, I was staying home and sleeping all the time. I know the medicine is making me feel that way. Back to the clothes, I need to find a new one. It is either through thrift shop or in some clothes stall that selling cheaper ones. Actually, the remaining clothes I have does not fit me anymore. I only squeeze myself in it, lol. I need new clothes to represents myself. However, since I am not looking forward on my life, I am not planning for it. It will happen one day but I will not plan for it.

Moreover, when I checked on my clothes, I find it boring. I look like exactly as someone who is not looking forward to meeting a new day. Even the colors of my clothes don’t fit my skin. It looks awkward on me. I look like never confident. I need to have a knowledge of dressing myself. I never dressed myself to impress. I know I tried once, but it fails. I don’t know what kind of dress I will be wearing. I only have my confidence with jeans and black shirt. Even with bags. I don’t have a nice bag. All I know is that I am comfortable with big bags. As long as everything is in there, that’s it. I think I need to have an overall transformation, but surely it will not happen now.


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Life is Like a Laundry

Life is like a laundry. In laundry, you need to separate the white to the colored clothes. In life, you need to separate yourself with people who don’t care, people who don’t have faith in you, who judge you more than believing in you, who supported you. You also need to separate yourself with negativities. Start keeping people that had helped you and those who are not expecting anything from you.

In Laundry, you need to rinse the clothes, put a detergent powder to completely wash it, either by hands or washing machine, you need to rinse it again to remove the detergent, you need to dry it by either manually or using a dryer, you need to hang it and fold it or keep it in a closet. In life, you need to move on from some things in life that are making you feel bad. You need to find something that you will be busy at to forget it. To wash away the tears you have given lately. You need to cleanse yourself by making time for yourself, doing stuff that will improve your life instead of frowning and regretting. You need to maintain that kind of living for that is the only way for you to literally move on. You need to leave all the bad omens behind you and move on with a clear mind. It is like starting over again once you were put in the closet, lol.

Maybe this post is a joke, but sorry not sorry. I realized this while doing it. As I clean the clothes, I want to clean my life. I am thinking, can I really start again? Can I start again alone? Can I really start again without thinking about the past? Can I do it alone, do I have the courage? For sure after the laundry, I already have the answer.I will keep thinking.


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Not Expecting Anything with Life

I am not sure if this kind of thoughts has something to do with feeling tired as of the moment, or maybe because lately, everything happening on me is not on my favor. I am having a challenge and I find it really difficult to deal. In the future, for sure, I will be laughing at this kind of problem. I might laugh at myself for being coward and emotional. Since I am not feeling that way, I still list this on the things that is not in my favor. This makes me became a person of not expecting anything with life anymore. I started feeling this last Sunday. I supposed to be praying for my UTI test results and being positive, but instead I already know that I was still positive. I already know that I still have UTI on Monday so when it came out, I do not feel bad anymore. I only get irritated when the doctor said that they know I have nerve problems and the medicines are not effective to me. It only means that I don’t have a chance to get a fit to work anymore. I stop thinking about it last night. I need to take a rest from an exhaustion.

When I woke up early this morning, I felt that I am no longer looking forward about my plans. I know I became lazy. A lot of situations lead me to get tired of everything already. It is not early, I should have felt this even before. I only have friends to push me to try and try, that is why I am trying. I decided just to leave it there. What if I did not move and work for it? What if I do not do my next move? I will try not to work on it. I am too tired already. Que sera sera.


Laundry and Blogging

Have you ever done laundry and blogging, at the same time? Of course, you need to dry your hands first before typing on your keyboard, lol. But seriously, have you tried doing this? Well, I am trying it now. When the clothes are in the washing machine I will start typing for blogs. I am doing it now. The problem is my thoughts, for sure I don’t have it lol. Sometimes I am carried away, after putting the clothes and start rotating it, with my wet hands, I will click the keyboard, my bad.

What is the advantage of doing household chores and blogging? Literally, nothing, because you can’t focus on one thing. You need to finish one after the other. Even if doing the dishes while cooking, you cannot do that unless you get used to it and you have techniques for making it possible. Since I am new to this one, I can’t. I can’t give you some advice. I am not enjoying what I am doing as I know, later on, I will get tired. Once I get tired, I don’t want to move anymore.

One thing I am complaining about laundry is that my sprain. I have a sprain on my left hand. My laptop supposed to drop to the floor, good thing I able to hold it for long before it reached the floor, but the result, it gave me a sprain. I did the laundry last Monday, a little of it, and it was a big struggle because I cannot squeeze the clothes when I was rinsing it. I squeeze it a little just to squeeze it. Good thing we have a dryer, I don’t have to squeeze it more.

Maybe the good parts of doing the laundry and blogging is that, you able to share the story with your blog, just like what I am doing now.


Household Chores, Done

Before I started blogging, I saw how dirty our house was. My mother was out with my sister for check-up. My pets were all looking at me and asking me if I can feed them. I started re-arranging the dishes. I started preparing food for the pets. It was not easy because I have a lot of pets. While they were eating I was washing the dishes. After washing the dishes, I cleaned the house. I will about do the laundry while blogging. I will take advantage the internet because I will lose my connection in no time.

Doing everything is not easy. I remember my mother because she is doing everything. Whenever I went home after work before, I hardly help her. I will just lay down in bed and took a nap, while waiting for her to prepare my dinner. After that, I will be working online again and I hardly touched the dishes so that it will be lighter for her. Now, I am having back pain because I did it all. I literally feeling how hard it is for her. It is really hard to be a mother. I hope when I able to help her. I hope this thing I did for about 3 days now will able to help her. She is sick. She has a cough and there is something wrong with her lungs. I don’t want her to work at home. While I am still here, I will do everything. Mostly, even when I get back to work, for sure I will be the one to do everything home, plus working online and then offline and travelling every day. Now I imagine what an exhausting life I will be facing. I cannot choose a life though, I am not rich. In order for a life to be comfortable, you need to kill yourself in working hard. Bitter, nope, just tired.


Beach City South Bank Brisbane Australia

I was checking out some beach pictures at Pixabay because I can feel the hot weather again. Once I see a picture of a beach or ocean, the air is getting cooler. I am not sure what is that about, if that is something about my perception or if the weather is getting cooler. Okay, getting back to the picture, I saw that picture on Pixabay. It is awesome. There is a beach in the city. Just like when you are busy with work and you want to go to the beach in the afternoon, just drop by in here and start jumping, isn’t it? It is called Beach City in South Bank, Brisbane, Australia. Check the photo.

I cannot stop smiling. I hope we have something like this. They had transformed the part of the city into becoming a beach and they did it successfully. You see there are lots of children too because maybe their busy parents are sending them in the beach city in the afternoon after work. For sure, they did not have a lot of spending with gas because it is just nearby their houses? I love to see myself dipping in the beach city. Even without dipping, I want to be here. For sure the air is cooler here. I also love to watch people enjoying the dip. The only thing I am not seeing is that there are no waves compared to an ocean. That is okay, I only need a dip. I wish I can snap my finger and I will be here and snap it again so that I could get home. Fare fee, lol.

I am longing for the beach. I really want to be on a beach. I think I will be going crazy and frustrated if I fail to go to the beach this year. I want too.


Photo from Pixabay



I Need to Learn more About WordPress

I am looking on my settings. I have three blogging sites in here and two of my sites has some things on the right part where I can see my activity per month and I can see if there is someone put a comment on my posts. On the theme that I am using right now, I cannot see something like that. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I need to compare how it looks like compared with my other blogging sites.I love the simplicity of this theme but there is something lacking in it that makes it is easier for me. I will navigate it right now. Need to learn more about WordPress.

Isn’t it amazing that you can test different themes and you can customize it as well! That is the exact term, customize. Customization is the one that I want to do today though I don’t have any idea. Since I cannot customize, for now, I only check my email when someone leave a comment to my blog. I check the blog one by one for comments. I reply if there is one, or I either click the link that I received on my email as it is easier for me.

I am also on the look for new themes that I can play around. I want this blog to look like a real blog. Right now, it looks cute because of the theme. People will assume this blog is from a student for sure, lol. I want something that features little maturity because I am building a reputation. I also want someone white in color, not making it hard to look at. I love blue too but it needs to look like a real blog. Why do I like it to look like that, it is because I have ads in my blog.

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