Everything is Depending on Electricity

I realized a lot of things after the power outage earlier and I am not liking it. I never agree with power outage much more if it happens during the night when you need to be sleeping tight. It is really annoying and I hate it. When it happened earlier, I was starting to review calls. My laptop was still on. I told myself, “oh yeah, no electricity, I still have my laptop, I can still work”, however, I realized I can still work as the Wifi is not connected because there is no electricity. I have no choice but to keep the Laptop and drown in misery.

Nope, I moved on from it, I was not drowning in misery. I did my best to find a fan for me and my parents. I started fanning myself and I can’t sleep. I realized everything is depending on electricity. If you are washing the dishes you sometimes you cannot continue because on some places, once you lost electricity, you will lose water supply too. In our place it is not, however, I can’t clean the house because the light is limited. I cannot do the laundry for washing machine and dryer’s use sake. Some cannot cook food as their cooking is depending on electricity. Ours are depending on gas supply. Some business establishment, especially those who are selling frozen foods will be affected if the power outage stays for longer hours. Some Internet business will stop their business and will resume once the power is back.

Everyone is now depending on electricity. There are some things that you could do when the power is out but for sure you will not last long doing it, unless you decided to try new things. I love learning new things but I still want electricity. I could not imagine myself in a place without electricity.


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Early Morning Power Outage

Yesterday, I thought I will able to meet my quota at my call review. It was before 5 in the morning when I decided to start reviewing, that was after I did the laundry. While reviewing, the electricity was out. I thought it will only for 5 minutes, but it is already past 30 minutes and still the electricity supply has not returned. I decided to keep the Laptop and unplugged everything in the electricity. I used my mobile phone’s torch or what we call flashlight as my light supply. The room is well lighted. I am using my Cherry Mobile One and the room with well lighted. I am glad that I always charge my phone. I feel sad that I was not able to meet my quota and right now for sure I will not able to meet it again since I have an Internet problem.

If I will not able to continue my blogging, I will continue it tomorrow or later on.

More on the power outage, it is just for now that we experienced it again. Maybe Meralco is conditioning the problem from power outage experiences as the election is coming, for sure there will be series of a power outage. Or maybe, the jumper of the people who are having their electricity illegally is the other source of it. Maybe short circuit, or maybe something exploded? I was waiting for a news that I will be hearing from the group of gossipers in the neighborhood but I failed to hear it, maybe I already went sleeping when they started talking about it. I can find news because of their big mouth, the only problem is if the information is true. I don’t know the reason of the power outage and for sure it will happen again which I know I will not be liking to visualize.




Remembering some Funny Events in the Past

While eating dinner, my father complained about Berto. Berto is our cat. He is a big cat. My father was throwing food at him and his expression was like this, he was looking at the food, smelling it and then he will fail to eat it because some other cats or dogs already ate it. When he opens his eyes, the foods were no longer there. My father will repeat it, throwing food to him again, then he will do it all again until he failed to eat all of the foods that was thrown at him. My father just laughed at him.

I remember myself from the past. During my first job, I always went home late. My regular life was waiting for the public vehicle to arrive, falling in line until your turn and you can get home. One night, there was no jeep and there were lots of people waiting there. One jeep arrived and all of the people waiting were forcing themselves to enter. I was left there feeling tired and just looking at them. There were people who were left with me until another jeep arrived. Everyone including the new ones who waited able to ride the jeep but I was still there standing, feeling tired and looking at them. Another set of people joined me for the third time, waiting for the jeep. I was there, still not moving an inch. I was very tired, maybe I was tired because of work. For the 4th time, the jeep came and people were still forcing themselves to ride. They all able to get a chance and I was left there standing, not moving an inch. One of the barkers asked me “Lady, do you want to get home?” I only nodded. “You should try to get in the vehicle because you will not get home if you will not move there” and then I realized he was right. Then for the 5th time the jeep arrive. I do not have to compete because I was the only one who ride in. The people that were with me before were all gone home for sure. This is one of my lol moment.

Berto reminds me of myself. I am just there waiting. If I will not move, nothing will happen to me.


What is your contribution to the World?

What is your contribution to the world? Have you figured it out what is your contribution to the world? I am not sure if putting the garbage in the right place is my contribution to the world, but yes, I am putting all of my garbage in the trash can, if I will not see one, I will put it in my bag and put it on our garbage bin. I do not put my hands outside the vehicle and throw my garbage there. I am consistent with that. I also do not hurt animals. I know I have hurt my own animals when they started to get severely annoying, but it is my way of discipline and these are my pets. I would not hurt animals outside unless if I am defending myself.

I am not sure if Praying for World Peace is my best contribution to the world but this is something I am doing consistently. I am also encouraging everyone reading this to do the same thing. I know I always pray for our country’s leader because he will be the one that will able to help the country survive the fall of the economy. I might lose my faith with our President, but I continue praying for him to lead the country. This year, we will be having a new President and I will still pray for the one who will win it despite I voted for him/her or not.

Some say that preserving the nature is one of the greatest contribution of human beings to the world, why not start helping our nature? I am doing some recycling, my mother started it. I am against tree cutting or else plant 100 new seeds when you cut one tree. It will take quite some time before the trees will get replace if you cut it. If it will not bring harm to some establishment, I hope they just let the tree to stay. Do you have any ideas on how to help the world?


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One thing is for Sure, You Still have True Friends despite the Struggle

I had a chat with a friend after I received the results of my UTI. She was telling me that I keep worrying and that I keep talking about it. I told her that I am trying my best to take a rest from it but since she asked me I shared it with her, so what should I do. Maybe she felt my irritation that she gave the way of asking me what happened in detailed. That was the time I told her that I don’t want to talk about it again. She told me that this time, if I need medication, she is willing to shoulder it, just like she is shouldering my shots from my nerve problem, but to be honest, I don’t want to borrow money to anyone anymore. Specifically, the word “shouldering” irritates me now. I have been giving the weight of my problems to most of my friends and it should not be that way. I told her that I will not be asking for money, it is not that I don’t want her to help me but the doctor said that I have nerve problems that are why the antibiotics are not working on me. This is something not in my control but there is still a way to solve this. I am not ready for now but I will face it one day.

She told me that I will grow old for overthinking. She told me that I should enjoy my life despite the struggles because that is what I taught her to be. She have been in the same problem before and reminded me that I never left her side. I am not sure what I did to her to deserve the help from her now, but one thing is for sure, she is blessing to me, together with most of my friends who never lets me down, especially my best friend. Even if I am struggling, I will still be here for them, through prayers. I might not be here for financial, but my faith will help them with prayers. I am blessing for I still have true friends that understand my attitude towards life.


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Don’t Take it Personally

Has anyone offended you online, judging you from the words you just shared? Did you feel annoyed by some comments about your posts? Does it hurt you when someone wronged you with the decision you take and you felt that they are going overboard with it? Does anyone make fun of you, bullied you in nature? The Online world has all the kinds of people. There are people who always know what to do in everything and some people find it annoying that they never made a mistake about their life. There are people who just tells something bad about someone else and being unfair by not weighing things if they are really comparing that person from another person. They are just plain biased.

Since we are always online, we should assume that everyone is entitled to their opinions and there are ones who really know what they are saying based on their experiences with life. Even if their opinions hurt you, no matter how you deny, don’t take it personally. However, if their opinions bother you, then that is enough for them and you must write you comments about it. Some opinions are really hurting because the other people are not focusing on the situation but they are doing it just to make someone sound funny. They are attacking the person itself and not his belief.They are losing control and getting out of the context. I am telling about the other’s situation.

Sometimes I am receiving comments that really hurts me. I read it again and again. I need to feel inside me if that person left a comment to hurt me or to help me. I love to think that they want to help me, however, there are times, there are people who will leave comments and just plain idiot about things they don’t know. I do not approve that comments. I do not want to put a bad memory to my posts. I am not only talking about blogs but on forums as well. There are people who do not know what they are saying. I don’t mind replying because it is such a waste of time.


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There are things we Can’t Control

Every day, when I am thinking what had happened to me, it gives me a realization that there are things we really can’t control. Specifically, regarding the results of my UTI. I know I had followed everything that should be doing but still the result was not in my favor. I choose to move on and do the possible options. It made me think that even though I will do my very best if my body will not respond to it and if medicine does not take effect on me anymore, I can’t make anything possible.

Even with people. Even if we already explained our sides with them, if they decided not to believe us, they will still insist what they know is right. You cannot brainwash everyone’s mind and even if you are not brainwashing, you just explaining the truth, you still act lying to them. You cannot do anything about it so better stop trying.

Just like the weather and the perfect example is the weather itself. You cannot control it for the weather is not definite. It might be sunny in the morning and raining in the afternoon. It can be compared to life. You be happy today, but sad tomorrow. You can control your feelings. You can say you are not affected, but you cannot control other people’s idea of how to make you feel bad or good. There is always two sides and sadly, we cannot dictate what should be in different situations.

It is a big waste of time to put an effort on the things you can’t control. Save your precious time on things that you know you can adjust alone. If someone is making you irritated, avoid it. If something is making you feel it is difficult, find another option or adjusts your emotions. There is always a way to live your life despite the difficulties, you just need to learn to adjust to things you cannot control.


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Creating Future in the Present Moment

We live in a moment no matter how we deny it. We take advises, help, guidance and tutorials with people who have been there. We take credit to all the experience we learned from mistakes and trying out new things. Certainly, every one of us is creating future in the present moment.

What kind of future you wants to live for the rest of your life? That is the question you will be answering before starting it. It is never too late. Every day, you are given a chance to look at the future you want and assess the plans you made to reach it. Every day, you also have the chance to change the plans and adjust the way it should be taking over.

Your future life does not involve your life alone. It should be the life of your family or your own family. It consists of different things that are helping you to live your life to the fullest like having your own business, having a stable job, having a lot of good investments, healthy living, travelling, charity, or just simple living peacefully and happily with your family. You need to create a future worth enticing. It should make you feel excited to live your life every day because you are towards to creating it and fulfilling it. Disregard the number of days before you reach it, because you will do everything to reach it despite the longer days. Discouragement and exhaustion, it might happen to you, but the fear of losing your favorable future is what makes you really scared. You will do everything to reach it.

Right now, it is good that you already have plans for the future. It is considered that you are now stepping to a day fulfilling it. A life without thinking about their future is useless. You have given all the talent and skills to improve your life. You just need to figure out how to do it.


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Does this Hair Color will look good on me?

Please see the featured image. Every time I am seeing that young girl, I am always checking out her hair. I want that kind of blonde. Specifically, I don’t know the name. All I know is that it is blonde. There is ash blonde, bronze blonde, brown blonde, yellow blonde and I don’t know what kind of blonde is that. I guess my hair color right now is ash medium brown. It even did not justice because I failed to achieve it. I am not the kind who always changes color, just recently because I get bored of my short hair. Since my friends say that blonde color fits my skin, then I am aiming for another blonde. To be honest, I am not liking my hair color at present, but sometimes I appreciate that I have color in my hair. What I hate is when the color drops down and on the top of it, it will show the real color of your hair, which is mine is dark. Once the color drops, I want to replace another color. I usually change the color of my hair when it happens.

What do you think the color of that hair?

I want to achieve that. I know my skin color will get lighter when I have that kind of hair color. Also, I love the color because it reminds me of Barbie. I know I will be feeling awkward on the first day when I have that color, but then I will get used to it because for sure I will like it. Help me to know the exact name of that color, please?

To add to this, I find that little girl very pretty. I love her skin. I hope that when I change the color of my hair, it will lead me to look young too. I find that hair color looks always fresh that is why I want that color.


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I can braid my hair now

I can braid my hair now. I was braiding my hair before I started my laundry earlier. I am the only one doing it to my hair. Before my hair was long and I love doing some braids on it, different kinds. I love learning from tutorials on how you braid your hair alone. It is a big challenge I could say but I love that kind of challenge, I am kind of addicted to it. I even take a photo of my braided hair and yes, I am the only one who is snapping a picture at the back of my head, lol. Call me weird, but for me is an accomplishment to braid your own hair, style your own hair, makes you feel pretty and cute.

Just like in the picture, I could do that to my hair though I haven’t tried. At YouTube, there are people who are braiding their hair. The common braids are those the whole hair braids and some are those braiding from a pony hair. Me, I love this kind of challenge. I try to braid it differently, like a  fish braid. The Elsa Braid became popular. I also love the side braid and then you pull your hair up. It is the perfect braid for summer actually. I love to learn more so I keep on watching and practicing. Recently I was not doing it because I have short hair. When my hair was shorter than I have right now, I still braid it but on the side. I do not look good with a headband that is why I am not using it. I need to have bangs if I will wear a headband because I have a wide forehead.

Right now, my hair is curly because I have the braid for 6 hours. It looks good. I think having curly hair fits my hair color. I should have a curling iron now.


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