There goes the Super Headache

I told you earlier that I put a teaspoon of baking soda to my tumbler, that is equivalent to a big glass with a water. I drink it slowly. I didn’t expect that baking soda tastes like powderize salt, it is really SALTY!! I vomited a lot because of it and drink 3 glasses of water. After a while, my stomach was upset and I went to comfort room to… you know…, woot woot!!

Right now, I am feeling the super headache. I checked on the medicine cabinet for Biogesic or Paracetamol but unfortunately, we do not have a stock already. I know the only way is to fill it up with water. This pain started on my nape. I had a short nap earlier tonight and when I woke up, I feel the pain on my nape. Right now the pain goes up to my head. I hate it because the pain is not the normal pain I was feeling before. It is not a typical headache or a migraine. The pain is crawling. It started with my nape, the lower part of the head, the middle, now it is on the top and I can feel a little pain on my forehead and beside my eyes. I think this is something to do with baking soda.

I am thinking right now that 1 teaspoon in a big glass filled with water is not the right amount. I think this is too much because it made my stomach upset. I felt all the waste on my body was put out. I felt weak after. I can’t even move my hands. I had a little shiver too and I failed to eat dinner because of this. I guess half a teaspoon is what I will do tomorrow.  I need to repeat this twice a day, until Monday. I am doing this because I have UTI and up until now, it is there. Wish me good luck.



You will never be Young Again, Enjoy your Life!

I am all cope up with thinking about a lot of things when I know I need to enjoy this moment while I am still young. I remember a certain story in the past that tells about living in the moment. Not my friend, but I know this person that her entire life was for work. She was always busy. She said she don’t care about a lot of things until she has a lot of money. The only thing that matters to her is that her bank account will never get zero. She also joins a lot of investment, always attending seminars about how money grow, how to do investment, etc. I love to be like her.

She said she will never marry someone unless he is rich and with lots of investment. She became businessminded and always involves in money magnet activities. I do not what specifically happened to her that one day she became the talk of the town. After 10 years, I saw her again in the Adoration Chapel and she was asking me if I already got married. I shook my head. I saw how she got old. She really look old. I am not talking about her wrinkles, but her smile is old. She looks tired. She looks sad. She even noticed that I looked sad too. I told her that I had a lot of problems lately and she smiled, she had a lot of problems too.

We are not friends, but we know each other because we have mutual friends. She told me that I should stop carrying the weight of the problem because I am too young. She even added that I should think of effective solution to all of my problems and do it right away, earn money and put enjoyment in everything I do. I should not waste any time. She told me to enjoy life despite the problem because you will never be young again. Eat Ice cream, ride your favorite carousel, jog with your crush, wear your favorite clothes, travel, make love, do everything because life is short, you better enjoy life now.

I was smiling because I think she is the reason why I went to Adoration chapel. I think God is giving her an assignment to make me feel better. I learned that she was put in jail for 5 years and her dreams were all gone. I was shocked to know it. I don’t know her case, she didn’t share it. Before we separate, she repeat her advise, you will never be young again, enjoy your life.


Getting Back Online

To be honest, I don’t have anything to share. I was just reading some pdf books on my mobile and when I remember something, I write it down. I have a lot of titles of the posts on my notes but I haven’t started any content to support the title. I was in bed past 11 in the evening in my country but then the dogs started barking that puts me to the waking state again. I didn’t want to get up in bed but I can’t get back to a sleep mode because it is already wrecked by the sound made by my dogs. I got irritated with my mother too because she was not coming back as soon as she gets to my sister’s house. It seems that she is really forcing the idea to have an argument every day here at home. I think I got the attitude of being hard headed on her because she is definitely one.

Since I can’t get back to sleep, I decided to draft on my mobile. I transfer it to a messenger and then it will be posted in here. It is hard when my thoughts are not consistent. I just hope I can able to create 11 topics all in one sitting. I stop from time to time when my brain is already drained. I read pdf books at my laptop again. Good thing I had downloaded a lot, especially the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. You can get a lot of insights by reading those kinds of inspirational stories. I mostly remembered the lesson in my life before. One of the reasons why I can furnish inspirational blogs is because of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I hope I already downloaded a lot of pdf copy of this one.

So far so good, if I have topics to share, I will be here.


April Fool’s Day, Been a Victim?

I am not sure how it started but during April 1, everyone from all across the world is celebrating April Fool’s day. They are spreading practical jokes and hoaxes like someone died, someone got an accident, the more popular the victim, the more effective the hoaxs. I know some popular blogs had advantages during April Fool’s day especially those satirical ones because they have an excuse to share stories that are not even true. About practical jokes, I became a victim ones and it was really funny.

I was walking in the street and I did not know that it is April Fool’s. I saw 3 pieces of Php5.00 coins in the streets. I picked it but it was glued. Then I saw a group of boys laughing on the side and I learned they were playing practical jokes. I was laughing at myself. On some people, it didn’t come out funny as they were ashamed of myself. Another story was when a friend borrowed my money. She borrowed Php500 and promised me to return next week. Next week had passed and she hasn’t returned anything. I did a followup but she was not replying to my message anymore. A friend said I became victim of April Fool’s as she borrowed on that day. On a serious side, it is not a joke to me as it is a hard earned money. Maybe she really needs the money and she is not planning of returning it to me anyway. She could have told me, I will understand. I saw her after a year and she was denying she borrowed. Oh well, when it comes to money, some people change and we cannot do about it.

Some of the jokes, practical or hoaxes during April Fool’s are not even funny if you come to analyze it but since it is becoming tradition, then we learned to laugh on some of it.


What do you do when You feel Weak?

I am feeling weak. I can feel how my stomach churns but not the churns that I need to grieve in pain. It is not giving me pain, but it is making me weak. The same goes with my hands. It feels like it is not ready to type. I think my stomach suffered traumatic experienced because of the Baking soda experience, lol. I know it is the main cause of all of these. I want to lay down in bed instead of blogging but I am not feeling sleepy, just feeling little tired and weak. I feel this is urging me not to think for the meantime. I am trying to posts because I started it now anyway, lol.

What do you do when you are feeling weak? Do you relax for a while? Do you sleep? Do you try to do things? I am trying to type though half of my arms are feeling weak. My eyes are dropping, oh wait, I thought I was not feeling sleepy. I think I am feeling it right now. I need to get used to the feeling like this because I need to drink a teaspoon of baking soda in a water twice a day. I hope the experience is not the same.

For sure later on the feeling will get back to normal. I will just lay down in bed a little bid because my body needs a little rest. It seems that my brain is feeling the same so I need to follow what they are all saying.

Made a research and it says it is normal to feel weak after you put a lot of waste. Sorry for the people who are having dinner, lol. I guess if you are having bowel problems, a teaspoon of baking soda in a big glass will help you out for sure.


Where’s my Payment UsabilityHub?

I cash out from Usability Hub last March 9 and the site promises to give you payment for 7 days. From the reviews of the other members who got their pay, the site seems not that strict in reviewing the answer to the test you received from the site as they are not sure if their answers are right too but they got paid. I am assuming it happens to me too. It has been 23 days right now since I am waiting for my first payment and I haven’t received anything. Same goes to the other members, they haven’t received them. It makes me sad to wait for my first payment when the site tells something that I will received it within 7 days. It is becoming the pain in the ….nose.

It is easy to work in UsabilityHub, you just answer the test based on your opinion. They have Five Second test, Preference Test, Click Test and Navigation Tests. There are samples there, you can easily get how to answer the test. The flaws I am seeing right now is that the test are not giving as always. Sometimes I can get 7 tests and my lowest is 1 test per day. If you are not into refreshing the site, you cannot get the test as you anticipate it. It will take too long for you to cashout $20 to be the minimum threshold. It pays in Paypal.

Now I am waiting for my Payment. Some of the member received it after a month and 4 days. I wonder why it needs to be that long. They are very prompt in replying to my emails before and I even answer surveys and tag them as great, but I already emailed them at present to follow-up my payment and they are not replying anymore even to the other members. I am not liking the service. Right now, I am just there because I get used to clicking the tests when it is available.





My Baking Soda Experience

This afternoon, I went to Puregold and looked for a Baking Soda. It has been last week that I want to buy it and I just had the money to buy it.I looked all around where the flour is staged and I saw the little box. I never thought it is just cheap for Php10.10 a box. When I went home, I try a teaspoon on my tumbler because that is what it says in the procedure online. You need to pour full water on a glass then put a teaspoon of baking soda. Anyway, I am doing this because I have UTI. According to some blogs in Google, it is one of the home remedy for UTI besides cranberries and Apple cider honey.

I tried it and drink the water with Baking Soda. I never thought it is salty. Even if you put a teaspoon with a lot of water, you can still taste it. It is like powderized salt. I cannot drink it all immediately as the saltiness is really annoying. I drink the half and I was looking at the tumbler if I will be drinking the remaining there. Immediately my stomach started to feel upset. I tried to finished the remaining but slowly. I little by little drink it. I told myself that I am not tasting it, but I am tasting it, no matter how I deny it. After that I can feel how my stomach growl. It was really growling like it is angry.

After 20 minutes I found myself jumping going to the comfort room and there… I felt weak and tired after it. Now my hands are shaking and I still feel weak. I think I will rest for a while after this blog.

Baking soda is a cleanser. Since I have UTI, it could help to cleanse the bacteria. I am not sure on how it cleanse the bacteria inside me, what I am sure of is that it cleansed my stomach just now.


Photo is mine


This is the Exact Podium!!

I was searching for the poem “A Perfectly Healthy Sentence” By Henry David Thoreau when I bumped into this video at YouTube about a student memorizing and rehearsing a speech in the class. I found out the exact podium and the exact room where I did this when I was in college. The student is even wearing the same uniform as I wear it before, it is because it is the same University I was before and even the same Speech Class. Just look at the featured image and you know what I am talking about.

The room, the uniform and the speech itself made me time space warp during my time in college. Yes, I graduated at FEU. It reminds me on the time I was memorizing that speech from Henry David Thoreau. That was our first speech as far as I remember. It is not only that you need to memorize it, but you need to pronounce the correct English. Our professor trained us how to do it and she needs to hear the right sound when we do our own speech. It is the way for us to be graded. I got 1. 1 is the highest grade on that one.

Doing speech is what I am afraid ever since at school, that is why whenever there it is, I make sure I know what I am doing. I rehearsed in advance. I can’t take the teasing of my classmate if I did it wrong. I always learned from the mistakes I had in the past when it comes to speech so I am always careful. In every speech presentation, I am confidently enough to be in the front of the class. Thanks for this video because it reminds me of who I was before. I know I am a good student with good grades and I can do things confidently. I want to find that kind of person in me again.


Photo from YouTube Screenshot from kiexan07 Channel


It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly. – C. J. Cherryh

Do you edit your writings? A friend who is a blogger too says that you need to edit it. Your blog should be spontaneous and with attractive and interesting title, however, if you do not edit it, it is a disaster. It affects your reputation. You would want to lose a reader. She is asking me if I have a reader. I told her I am not sure because sometimes there will be someone leaving a comment on my posts, it means they read it isn’t it? She find time to read my blogs and she told me if it was edited before submitting. I told her yes, because I am using Grammarly to edit my posts. Grammarly is an app that will correct your grammar. She said that my blogs are good but some are not free flowing. I started to feel scared on the next words she will say so I tried to change the topic. But anyway, she will about to read this posts so I cannot escape her critic anyway.

She told me this quote “It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly” by C.J. Cherryh.

I am not sure who is C.J. Cherryh but for sure she/he is a writer as her/his quotes is aobut writing. My friend added that even if I am writing my daily journal, I should be editing my writing. Editing our blog before we finally submit it means we are responsible from what we are posting online. One day we will able to meet someone that will criticize our writings. No matter how we put our heart with our content, there will be people who will put their nasty remarks on it. They could say “Are you sure you are a passionate writer, because I did not read it with your work”. We do not wish for that hurtful opinions, we must practice the art of writing and doing the right thing.


Photo from Pixabay


Something is Blocking my Thoughts

Even if I try to post continuously, I stop from time to time. Besides the internet problem, I cannot compose a blog since something is blocking my thoughts. I was typing using mobile. I have all my thoughts with me, then after a while I will stop and think, I lose all the thoughts that were with me while I was starting the draft. I try to remember it but still it cannot push through, I don’t remember at all. I started doing something else and I will remember another thoughts so I will start another draft. It means I started another topic. I already had 5 started topics that I cannot continue because my thoughts are divided or to make it worst, I can’t continue anymore. I let that draft to be use some other time. If I will force my brain to think additional words to the content, it might not give any quality content for sure.

Something is blocking my thoughts and I don’t know what it is. I know I already moved on from worrying about my problem. It doesn’t sound a problem anymore since I already think of my other options. If that would not work, then another options should come out. Right now, I am busy with posting my blogs despite internet problem. I had done this a lot of times before. I consider a strong team work should be done to make it possible.

Has this happened to you? What do you do when the thoughts are block? Do you think again and try to retrieve the thoughts? Have you retrieved it? I have been reading the content over and over and still as of the moment I can’t add words on it. Maybe it is wrong to start the topic anyway, lol. Tomorrow if my mind is fresh, I will able to finish that blog for sure.


Photo from Pixabay


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