Sabotaging your Success because of Procrastination

Procrastination is normal to me. I tend to not do my plans because I am tired. I always think that when I am at home, I have all the time to do what I need to do, without realizing that the movement of time never changes. Even at home, 24 hours are 24 hours. I can still able to do my blogging activity consistently for 5 to 6 hours, but if I stop from time to time, it will prolong it. Unfortunately, I nap in between, that is why instead of finishing on the right time, I failed. Even if I will put a schedule to my activity, I will procrastinate, do something else and then I get tired. I never consistent.

My plans are ruined almost every day and it is becoming useless to do a plan because later during the day, it will be adjusted and adjusted. I am crystal clear aware that I am sabotaging my success. My goal is to be consistent at the time I scheduled myself working online so that when I know I will be busy every week days, I will still be consistent. I want to get used to being awake at a set time and be sleeping on a set time too, however, because I am procrastinating that is not followed. I still become a person who is lazy and not following her schedule. Given that I take a nap in between because my brain freezes, I still need to be taking a nap first and then blog, then sleep, but still I am doing the in betweens.

This is really sabotaging the success. I am expecting to be getting used to being the schedule I created. Please don’t be like me. I am torn between the old me to the new me, but it seems that the old me is winning and this is not a good idea.


I Pray for Better Days for Everyone of US

I know a lot of us have been struggling with life lately. I know for sure most of us are about to surrender because it is not getting easier, but it is getting harder every day. A lot of us are too tired of dealing with it. Others do not want to even wake up tomorrow because they know they will be dealing with the same problem. If only at times we know what to do with our problems, but most of the time we are dealing with it and we have no idea what needs to do. Everything has to do be in the process that we will feel the difficulty crushing our soul. I wish you all to be free with that kind of feeling one day.

I include you to my prayers. I pray for better days for everyone of us. I hope we able to take a rest for being busy because we need to earn money. I hope that even though we are dealing with hardship our goals will keep us motivated. I hope that all of the people that are making it difficult for us, will able to stop being the source of difficulty and might as well help us to solve our problems. I pray that everyone around us are the right people who could help us. I pray for everyone of us to have a courage, the best decision, the best option so that whenever we need to solve a problem, it will be solved right away. I pray that we continue to support each and inspire each other, going to our better lives. May that better lives will be near and we can feel it coming in our lives.

There will be days that our cry will be pure laughter. The day will come that our thorns are lifted and we are able to put down the cross that we are lifting every day. I pray for that. I will sincerely pray for that.


There are People who wants to put you down, Keep Smiling

Every person has an enemy. Even those who are always been kind to anyone has enemy. Life will be boring if everyone is always friends. In this way, you can see the difference of every person in dealing with people giving them difficulty. Even though you are not doing anything bad for them, they hate you. Once you received a good news, they hate you more. Always remember, there will be people that will you hate not only because of what you do, but because your presence fear them.

Keep Smiling. You enemy wants to know if something bad happen to you, because that is their source of happiness. Do not give them the chance to do that, keep smiling. Problems in life is very hard, but that doesn’t mean we will stop smiling. This doesn’t mean we will stop having a good laugh, to say a good joke and to appreciate beauty. Keep smiling.

Keep Smiling for this will break their hearts. They might know your dealing with problems but having to deal with it with a positive and calming hearts will break them for sure. They might push you to your limit, for you to feel bad, but it is your decision of what kind of emotions you will be giving them. Keep Smiling.

If you smile, they might smile too, but inside them they are nervous. They will begin to wonder what makes you smile despite your struggle. You keep smiling as it is your face cover. They will not read what’s inside you, instead they will see a mighty person that is always ready for challenge. They will see a person who is a real fighter, the one who has the courage to smile in front of the enemy. That is what we need to do with our enemy. Show us the beauty that is living inside us and melt their evil ways.


You Have a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life

Not every day, we are getting the things that we want. Sometimes the day is not really for us, where not only one problem can occur but a lot of them. When it happens the negativity gets in our system and we ask ourselves “why this is always happening to me?”. When the question came out like that, it means a devastation on your part. It means you only have chosen that day to remember and not the good old days included. For sure not every day you experienced a lot of problems coming up, there are just some days that you cannot bear it. There are days that runs to you that made you remember you were crying yesterday. Every day is consists of different emotions and decisions. For real, if we decided to feel certain emotions despite the bad things that is happening, we are not dealing with any kind of negativity happening on us.

When you have a bad day, you have a bad day. It happens. However, do not treat that specific day like you have endless problems. I am guilty of this and I am wasting my time. I want to improve in handling my problems and this is something serious with me that I really want to solve right away. I want to share this message with you too because I know I am not the only one. There are lots of people dealing with the everyday problem that they treat it as the end of the world. We cannot blame them, we do not know what they are going through, but then again, feeling this way is a waste of time as it delays everything. It delays even your faith that you could live a life you dream about before.

It is not a bad life. For sure you have good memories that you treasure and you are looking for better days so please do yourself a favor and allow yourself to stressed for a day, alone.

Losing the Appetite to all kinds of Food

God knows how much I want to eat food. There are foods at home but I wonder why I don’t like it. I want something strange. I want something weird. I want to combine a certain food and eat it. I cannot find the taste of the food at home anymore and drinking a lot of water has something to do about it. Drinking a lot of water will really lead you to ruin your appetite. I am not the kind who drink a full glass of water before eating my meal, but I am the type who drink water after an hour for 8 hours. I think that is the reason and the only reason for this. I cannot pick foods I like. I only eat because I need to eat. I do not enjoy a meal at all. When I feel hungry, I check out our foods, then I when I see it, I frown. I am grateful for the food, but not to the feeling. I know I will not taste it and my food experience will never be happy again.

I want a chocolate bar in a bread. If I will able to see a croissant much better. I want exactly I saw in the picture. I want something sweet to something salty. The taste should meet in the middle. I want a cake with mayonaise and tuna. I want chips dipping in a cocojam. Yes, I know what you are thinking, am I pregnant? Big NO. I think this is something to do with eating food and not tasting it. It is the only reason I feel sad when I am seeing foods. Good thing my father cooked Sinigang na Bangus and he fried some Bangus (milk fish) too. I enjoyed my late lunch because of that. I wonder what kind of viand they wil cook tomorrow. I hope it is different, to put a smile on my face.


Photo from Pixabay



Day 2 of the Baking Soda Experienced

Today is the day 2 of the Baking Soda Experience. I am doing this to wash away the bacteria inside me. I have UTI and I need to get rid of this, this week. Yesterday was my first time trying out a teaspoon of it, I vomited, I felt something warm on my nape, I got a headache and some uncomforts. Before I forget, I also had an upset stomach. The experience on the first day is not unlikely. I think I did something wrong. I said unlikely because some people did not experienced this when they are drinking it. Anyway, lesson learned.

Day 2, I did it again. I put a teaspoon but not a teaspoon full of baking soda. I remember yesterday I made it full. I put the a teaspoon on a big glass and pour it out with water, full too. I drink it slowly. I remember my nape got the feeling of warm again but later on it was gone. Right now I am waiting for myself to have an upset stomach, so far I haven’t been in pain. Let us wait later but I am hoping I did it right this time.

Last night, I can feel how my stomach roar like a Lion. It was roaring in pain. I put a lot of waste and I now proven that baking soda is indeed an effective cleaner. I should do this everyday. I research if it is good to use baking soda every day but it says you can do it 3 times a week, so I am not doing every day after I got cleared on my UTI.

I am not sure if this is good for people who are trying out to eat fruits and soup for cleansing, as baking soda is for cleansing too but for sure they have different objective in what they are cleaning inside your body. I guess one should ask a doctor or dietician for that.


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I thought I still need 3 Blogs

I was busy creating blog. I keep track on my points. I have a sticky note where I can track my remaining limiting points every time I post a blog. Then I was thinking what to blog next after I posted my blog. I noted on my sticky note that I need 3. When I checked the number of points, it seems that I only need 1 posts. I never thought that I updated the total number of points but not the total number of blog I did for today. Good thing I check my points and I even have a track of my points yesterday, I able to double check it, if not, I will be posting 2 blogs in advance and that will not have any credit for sure.

It happened to me before. I posted 1 blog in advance before. This has something to do with reset time. I was not aware of the reset time before when I was just starting here in Blogjob. I posted over 1 blog and it was not credited. Then I decided to delete that blog, I got -50. Since then, I became careful. Since then, I started tracking my points. By doing that I can also track my missing blog points. I can know what blog is not credited, copy paste the url to the url link of missing points. I love the I learned from my mistake and I even think of ideas to solve the future problems. Those experiences are what I am sharing to my dear friends here.

This is my last post of the day. I am glad the long day posting for me is now ended. I will be having a new batch later on. It is now Saturday morning in the Philippines and I am glad I finished early. My advice, start tracking your posts. Writing your points in sticky notes before you start your blogging activity will be very useful and then write the end points after the blogging activity. The end points will be your starting points on the next day. See you later guys.



Everyone has a Story to Share

Everyone has a story to share, this is what I see on one wall. I guess there is someone who is a blogger who vandalized a certain wall, lol. Anyway, I love the message it says, “Everyone has a story to share”. I believe it is true, everyone really has a story to share so I think everyone should blog and share their thoughts. Some are just thinking that they should express everything in English, knowing that they can post a blog on their own language. I never tried having an independent blog in our own language, Tagalog, though I made a fan fiction in Tagalog before. It is posted on my WordPress Blog.

I love sharing stories but on offline, I love listening to stories. I don’t want sharing actually. I find it hard to share. If I want to share something, I really want to be in detailed. Yet, I love listening to stories. I love other’s stories than mine. I love strange stories. It doesn’t matter if I feel the stories is real or not, you can really tell if it is true, what important is that it is a story. I am not the type who is good in sharing other’s story though because I am not confident that I absorbs all the information. Mostly, I only get the gists or the summary of the story and that is the one I am sharing. When I am sharing the story of my friends on my blog, I let them know. I do not use their own name, but they know it when they read it.

Are you the one who share your story or the one who is sharing other’s stories? I can do both, but I love sharing other’s stories more. I hope to know a lot of stories so that I could share it all in my blog sites.


You Can Make It On Your Own, You can Figure it Out

When I was a newly graduate from my university, I was really scared. I felt overwhelming because there were lots of company contacting me for an interview and I have been through a lot of interviews but I did not get in. I was like having a rollercoaster of feeling of being excited and when I get home, I felt frustrated. Day by day, I was losing the faith I have. I never thought it was that hard. I was eager to get a job because I want to earn money abruptly. It was not easy as I had my first job 6 months after my college graduation.

For 3 months I was busy looking for jobs and then I stopped. When I stopped, then comes this one company inviting me for an interview and when I went home, I got the job. It was not the company I was looking for but I accepted it because I really want to earn money. I earned but not that big and I came to the point that I have to leave the company for I need something that can able to earn a little bigger amount in order for me to save.

I was doing it all alone. From processing my requirements, from getting a job, for examinations and then earnings. I was the only one doing it all alone. I am saying this because there are some young adults out there that might think they cannot do it on their own once they graduated. Well, it will takes a lot of courage and faith in yourself to start all over again in the real world, but you can figure it out for sure. There will be times that you will surrender from all the bad events that will happen to you, but once you start to stopped, then you will start another decision leading to another start. You will figure it out. You can do it on your own for sure. Just have faith in yourself and hold on to the goals that you want to happen.


Time is Valuable than Money

I remember a certain story but I don’t remember where I happened to read it. It is a story of a brother who became the head of the family after his father left them. I am not sure if he finished school or started working at the young age, what I remember is that he is always working for his family. The one day his younger brother got sick and became ill later on. I think he has a very severe illness that could lose his life. He still work and never absent because he thinks that he needs to work because his brother is ill. He is visiting his brother from time to time but then he still needs to work. One day he learned that his brother passed away and he regrets not being with him. He was blaiming himself because if he spent his time with him, for sure they have a lot of memories together while he is still alive.

The same goes with me. I remember my Supervisor. She had a breast cancer. She left our company because of that reason but we never stop communicating. She is like my second mother because they are of the same age. Before she died, that was year 2013, she was always inviting us to visit here at their home in Quezon City. It was too far away from work and even from my house that is why I always lazy to say yes to her. She always do it. Every Friday she will send me a message to visit her on Saturday or Sunday because she misses me. I keep in touch using Facebook so that even if I can’t visit her, we still have a chance to talk. Then one day I learned that she was in the hospital. I prayed for her. I even failed to visit her in the hospital. It was fast, because after 3 days she was in a coma and on that night she died.

When I went to her wake I started to remember she always wanted to see me. I was really having regret that time. If I pushed myself to visit her, maybe I had a chance to hug her. It was really sad and that was one of my biggest regret.

Lesson learned from these two stories, if you have time, please have time for people you really care about. Don’t wait death separates you from the people you love. You never know what will happen the next day or the following weak. Even the healthiest one dies in an accident. What is important is that we are always adding memories so that when we are not together anymore, we all have are the memories.

There is no such thing as BUSY, as they said. If you allot time for specific thing, being BUSY does not exists on you.













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