Some Online Sites are making me Feel Sad

I am a member of UsabilityHub and Ayuwage. March 9 I cashed out at UsabilityHub and this site promises to pay within 7 days. Right now, I and the rest of the members who just cashed out too are waiting for our payment. It is April 3 already and I never imagined that I am still waiting for my money. They promise the payment for 7 days and now it will be going on for a month. One member shared that he received his payment after a month and 4 days. That is not something I am not open to deal with. If the admin of the site is replying to our emails, I should consider, but right now they remain quiet and for sure they will never reply.

On my other site, I think it is unfair that is not receiving my first payment. It is Ayuwage. All of the people I know have been paid after a day and I know someone had been paid after 5 days or within that 5 days. It has been 6 days now and my payment is still not there. I know they promised they will give payments after 5 days and I am giving them a week I will email them. I read some reviews that they pay some members and others will not receive their payment. When they started emailing them, they learned that their account were block. I hope that will not happen to me because for sure I will let the world know. Yes there are people who have good experience working on the site, but I will not give any reviews until I experienced getting paid.

I don’t want these sites to be one of my worst sites because I am only working there when I am working at my call review site. In fact, I love this site. I love working on it. It is sad that it is happening on me. Anyway, I am the jinx so I guess I should treat this one normally.


Day 3 The Baking Soda Experience

I am still drinking a teaspoon of Baking soda to cleanse my body. There is no upset stomach on the third day and there is no headache too. I still drink 8 glasses of water. I think I put the right amount of teaspoon, not full in a big glass full of water. What I observed is that, once I finished the whole glass, I can feel my temperature gets warm, especially at my lower back and at my nape. I also feel sleepy and tired. I have this strange in my tongue that it curls. I can’t talk easily. I need to straighten up my tongue before I can able to talk. This is the first time it happens to me that is why I assume that it is about the baking soda.

I also worry about my kidney because the chemical name of Baking Soda is Sodium Bicarbonate. Sodium is a form of salt that is why baking soda is salty. I am thinking that I will meet a problem in the future if I will do this for long so I rather stop doing it every day once that I get clear with UTI. I might do it every week if my body needs cleansing.

It is not that I hate doing it, but it is giving me unpleasant tastes. It is like the taste of the sea water. It is like when you get drown in the water and you drink a lot of sea water. I experienced to get drown that is why I can tell it exactly. One thing that is I like about it is it makes me feel sleepy. Every time I drink it, I will take a small nap. If I need to feel sleepy, I will do it.

My advice, if you have a kidney problem, please do not try the baking soda cleansing because I am not sure what will happen to you. I don’t want anything severe happen to anyone. I am only doing this for my UTI.



Why do you write?

I know I have been asking this question to a lot of writers I know even before. I even posted the same topic on my blogs about the objective of writing and unfortunately, maybe of the same title. Have you been asking people why they write?

I ask people why they write. I am asking why in general. Like when I am seeing my mother writing all of her debts before, I asked her why is she writing it. She answered that it is for her to track down all of her debts and all that she had paid off. I am also asking some of my classmate why they are using organizer to write their activities and they said they just want to remember their activities and the upcoming ones. After that, I do the same with my organizer.

Some of the suitors of my beautiful friends were confessing their love through writing. They gave them love letters. I wonder why they write it when they know they can say it anyway. However, when it comes to matter of love and emotions, it is not easy to confess the truth. It might take a lot of courage to put your feelings into writing but there are lots of courageous guys can do it and surpassed it. For them, no matter what the result is, it is the memories that will live on is what they are making.

I interviewed one of my friends who is a blogger for 10 years. She said writing on her blog site is her way of adding contribution to the information in the internet. She said that she feels that she has a certain role and that is what she is doing. She is writing reviews and tutorials, and not that she is carrying her own seat but she proudly said that she had helped a lot of people already by just having her own blog site. May I ask you, what is the reason why you write?


I want Pancake!

The movie Walking Tall talks about the word pancake. I am not sure what that is about but someone from the character talks about he/she wants to have pancakes. Me too, I want pancakes. It has been a week since I am losing my appetite at home. I cannot taste it. I only drink water to ease the pain of being hungry. I even don’t think the foods are enticing and exciting to eat. I am looking for food that I really want to eat. Right now, when the word pancake came out, I want Pancake! I want hot pancake with a butter melting on it.

I feel sorry for myself for losing the appetite with food when I know I am always hungry. I had never been rejecting food in my entire existence. When there is food in front of me, I will make sure I will taste it. When I fail to finish the food, I will make sure I will taste it. Right now, when I am seeing food, I will frown already, because I know I will not like it. The smell is enticing sometimes, but as soon as I tasted a little, it will not make a difference.

The water is the main culprit. If I will be doing this in my entire life, this will be the disadvantage. 8 glasses of water will ruin your appetite. This would be the reason why you are not hungry. For sure, when you are not that hungry, you will lose weight, but gradually for sure. I lost 1 kilogram, yet I don’t think it has something to do with the water alone because I know I have been busy getting out of the house last week and the perspiration melted my fats. That is what I am sure of.

I asked my mother to buy pancakes and I am very ready to eat it!! I am so hungry.



I know some Clickable Options are Missing on Me

I don’t know what it is called, I mean the exact term, but some clickable options are missing on me. Before, you will see above the word My Site and by putting the curser to the clickable option I will able to see my 3 sites. There is also something below it that have my name that will give me options to look at my wall, profile etc. I am missing it. It is just blank there above my newsfeed. I clicked on my Username instead to go to my blogs, to open my blogs and starting doing this blog.

The site was down for long and I am just having the chance to use it now. I am glad it is up and running this time. I went to Site Migration and it only says about the scheduled maintenance that the site will be inaccesible for several hours. I think I need to add some clickable options on me that are missing now. I am going to check on my blogs too after this posts.

While the site was gone for long hours, I was doing some drafts and putting it all to MS Word. I had done a lot but not all the required number of my blogs based on my limiting points. I need to do some more after I posted it all. I hope I able to post it all before the time is up, as it will reset at 1 pm, my time.

I know some of the clickable options are not there because of the site migration. I hope that we know the status of migration and for sure there will be some updates from Sheridan about it. For the meantime, let us blog while the site is provided up and running this time. Good luck on my posting. I hope I could finish this.





The Lazy Sunday, For Sure

This will be my laziest Sunday because I am about to get some sleep just now. It was difficult not having a topic so share to my blogs, good thing I was reading an article about Procrastination and I able to share some insights. Those insights are the ones that I know I will thinking for the rest of the day, today.

Hopefully by 8 in the morning I will be lying comfortably in bed. I will feel comfortable because I know I meet my quota and I able to take advantage of my limit points, which I hardly do lately. I wish to be able to wake up in the middle of the day so that I could start another round. I plan to sleep the normal sleep at night starting tonight because it will be a busy week again for me this week. It is good to start it Sunday night. Hoping I can get to sleep that easy but I know for sure, I will not.

The only thing I will be thinking later this afternoon is the another round of blogging activity as I am not touching most of my online earnings stuff because of Internet problem. I am glad that despite it, I can still be able to blog in here.

I plan to read some stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul because lately I am losing the inspiration I have before. I love reading simple touching story because it helps me to recall some events from the past. Those are the perfect blog topic to share for sure as it will inspire others too. Plus, my story is real life story of me or other people, I can truly touch other’s heart. It serves are my online journal from the stories that happens to me in the pasts. It is nice to look back with life. Okay, let me leave you for the meantime and wish you a happy Sunday.



We put things Later, Then Never and Then it is Not Done

We put things later, then never and then it is done. Without a wink, you know what I mean when I said those words. These are the typical situation once laziness and procrastination combined. We know we need to do something, but we put it later, then we will never do it for today, we put it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and we never started it, then the other day, then it is not done. For that reason, there are lots of work needs to be done and they are all piling up in our table because we don’t feel like doing it. There are lots of goals that is not accomplish that is why we never see some changes and improvements in our life, then we never grow, we get tired, we get sad and then we regret when we received a bad news.

It is a domino effect once you apply procrastination in your life. You know clearly how it affects other’s life. You are clearly aware of what it might lead you, but you keep on doing it because you know you have all the time. Once you passed an hour of doing what you need to do, you lose an hour, then it will get double once you feel stressed doing the things you delayed to do. Then a big problem.

I am getting a headache because of this topic. My objective is to help everyone to see how ugly doing some procrastination. It slows down your energy. Procrastination is normally happening when you are doing the same thing and you met a problem in between. Doing the same thing will start you to feel uncomfortable because you will be either rejected again or might do the same mistakes so you procrastinates until you are ready. It is for you on how you work for your reason why you procrastinates, just always remember your goals are important and a person who has it is regularly making it happen.



I am not Procrastinating, I am just doing things on the right time

When someone got noticed by doing some procrastination, they tend to say excuses. I have a good friend who told me he never procrastinate, but he is only doing things at the right time. He knows the right time for everything and of course, we do know the right time for us to start working, but we only know if it is the right time based on the results. Maybe he has his own reason why he said he knows the right time because he is the one who knows what he needs to do, but sometimes we thought we know the things we need to do, until the time that we do it and we fall short from what we accomplished. I need to anticipate that we are learning from the mistakes that we’ve done in the past because if not, then we are procrastinating.

I can find his reason valid in some situations because, like me, I am only doing things when I know I am ready to do it, like in blogging. I only start blogging when I already set my mind I will blog on a specific time. When I am ready, that is the right time for me. However, I will not be as consistent compared to a person who is following his time limit. Those who have their own schedule. These are typical the people who are working at home. Because of not following the schedule, procrastination occurs. Procrastinations delays everything.

Is doing things on the right time is like having your own scheduled to get followed? I guess that is it. If you have a scheduled work time, then that is the right time. Having your own schedule and strictly following it will avoid you from procrastinating. Being consistent also will lead you to meeting your goals and there is no way procrastination will able to send its way in between.



Too Much Judgement is NO GOOD

I learned that a good friend left her job because of a lot of people working there are prejudice. Even security guards are judgemental. She had been in that company for 5 years. She said she grow in that company and it is her first job. She left there because she cannot breathe anymore. She was just forcing her feet to walk going to work but inside her, she really hates waking up in the morning and dressing herself to go to their office. She has been sharing this story for quite a long time. Actually, she planned it already that before 2015 she will leave the company for good, but she extends her decision because she needs to save money. For a year, she saved her money and last Friday was her last day on that company.

Too many wrong, too many mistakes. That is what her nightmare every day. She was always hearing people telling her that she had done a lot of mistakes and that she is not good for her position. At her nightmare, there are lots of evil laughs. For a certain situation reaches her dream is a nightmare. Her present situation to become part of her nightmare is not good anymore. She was not talking there anymore. She became a robot, following orders almost everyone in the office. She doesn’t even know who is the boss anymore and she is still wrong. Whatever the reason is, it is the right decision to leave that kind of company.

I learned that when you did something wrong in their office, they will take a portion of your salary. Everyone has been experiencing it so everyone is tracking everyone’s mistake just to get even. Unfortunately, she is always the victim. There were times that she did not received her salary because of one mistakes, so she decided to resigned. She will not grow there. Too many judgemental people, according to her. Now she is smiling and I am happy for her. Her decision is right.

Do you know the reason why you doing what you doing?

Do you know the reason why you doing what you doing?

Am I really serious to asking this kind of question?

Yes, I am serious of asking this question because there are people who don’t know the reason why they are working every day, why they are commuting, why they are still in their relationship, why they are still working in their company when they know that their boss is still unfair, why they are staying in their company when the earning is not good and the treatment is unfair, when they are doing overtime, just for tax, when they are helping other people that do not know how to help themselves, why they are helping people that will not appreciate them and many more.

It is simply asking a question on why are you doing the kind of things that are only giving you some difficulty when you know you can say no and leave it. You can detach yourself from it, you can do something to improve your life but you are stucking yourself in a place that will only lead you to be exhausted. You will wait until the day you get tired when sometimes you and you alone are tolerating everything to happen.

Now, what is the reason why you are doing what you are doing right now? What decision lead you to stay there instead of having another option in solving it. Is that love, is that passion, is that because you are comfortable and getting used to doing it? What is it for you the are the best idea, stay there or move on and find something else? What should be done in order for someone to grow? Do you think you are on the right path? Is that the right thing to do? Give yourself a break and think about your life. Is it moving towards making me happy and comfortable or it is leading me to something that will exhaust me later on? You decide.


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