Their Selection of Songs Made me Sad

Don’t get me wrong, I love mellow songs. I do not have problem when I am hearing one, in fact, I need to hear one whenever I go to bed. My father always turn on the radio when he is going to bed. He has this favorite radio station which I don’t remember the exact frequency but I am hearing the theme “Just for Tonight” is always mentioned before the DJ mentioned a song to play. He even read some lyrics of the song before it is played. When it is played, it is giving me the sad feeling. I am lying in bed, hearing those songs in the background and I try to give in to sleep. Sometimes in the middle of my sleep I will wake up and hear the songs, it makes me sad. I am not sad when I was hearing those song selections before, but now it is making me sad.

It also giving me the feeling of uncertainty. I should not be feeling any kind because things happen for a reason, but it is the exact feeling is giving me. It makes me sad and feeling insecure. There is something that I will remember, I will get the feeling of fear and sadness. There is some attachment and I never thought songs can give me that kind of feeling. It is not that I don’t want to hear those songs again but if ever, I hope I will.

I should be sleeping and waking up at 1 in the morning, but because I am hearing the music in the background, I got up immediately. I try to blog. I try to read. I try to play my playlists so that I will not be hearing these songs. Later on, I will feel sleepy again and I will not hearing any of these sad songs.


Photo from Pixabay


The Pancake Last Night

Since earlier I failed to attached a picture of my post about Pancake, I am doing this today with this posts. Last night, while the site is down, I craved for a pancake. The character in the movie my father was watching last night keep on saying “pancake”. I craved for it. I was losing appetite and still losing appetite. I do not enjoy food. Last night, my father cooked pancake for me. That is what I was munching while doing blogs last night. I even finished 3 pancakes. My father also cooked Pancit during the morning. Those became my dinner last night, pancake and pancit. It is good to balance saltiness and sweetness. I put powdered milk, butter and sugar on the pancakes. I plan to put calamansi on the pancit, but for sure it will upset my stomach as I already put powdered milk on my pancake. In the picture, my pancake doesn’t have powdered milk because during that time I haven’t decided to put anything other than butter. I accidentally put powdered milk while preparing my coffee. It tastes awesome!!I will do it again.

There are still pancakes left for tonight. I will be munching it while struggling to blog because of internet problem. For sure it will cool me off. For the meantime I am thinking if I will take a nap first before continuing my activity because I think I need some sleep. My very cute nephew visited us this afternoon that is why I have to get up in bed and entertained him. Actually, I was the one who’ve been entertained. If an angel will visit you, surely you will be very entertained.

If I will prepare my pancake later, I will snap a picture for you to have an idea. I wish to have honey combined with butter or butter and condensed milk, but we don’t have it. I have Apple Cider Honey here but the taste is not likely to be put in a pancake.


Day 4 Baking Soda Challenge, Oh Sorry I mean.. Experienced

I am on my 4th day today for my baking soda experienced. As usual, I put a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass full of water. Just look at the feature image. That is the amount I am drinking for 4 days now, twice a day. I drink before I sleep early this morning. I thought it will put me to sleep earlier, but yes it did, it put me to sleep. I only woke up because the dogs started barking. I have an overacting dogs that is why little noise will lead them to #foreverbarking.

I am not sure if this is effective but this will be my last day of drinking it as I am going to an Oby Gyne tomorrow to get a check up. I will either get another urinalysis or they will give me a fit to work. I hope that I will able to explain to them what needs to explain so that I will get a fit to work and started giving all of my documents. That is what I will pray for. But first, I need to get rid of this bacteria. I should be cleared with UTI so that I will process everything in one day tomorrow. I hope I will not get a jinx again because all of my plans are wreck whenever I say it or write it.

Well, getting back to baking soda, I get used to drinking sea water, lol. Drinking it really makes me miss going to an ocean. I remember when I was little, I drowned in water. I drank a lot of sea water that is why it is very clear to me how the taste was. It is like a teaspoon of baking soda in a full glass of water. Exactly as it is. If you have a swimming pool, the one that you just made up at home, put a baking soda in it, it will taste like a sea water, lol.



A Nephew’s Visit, A Great Afternoon

I am glad that featured image is now working. I will able to post the picture of my cute nephew. While sleeping this afternoon, we were awakened by the visit of my first nephew Teej. My mother was carrying him and he was so happy to see us. My mother said that he was crying the whole afternoon that she decided to let him visits us. He stayed there less 2 hours and even though I get tired because he was very big and heavy, I enjoyed the selfie with him. I hope the add media features is okay so that I could post some of his pictures.

12910938_10153664023855889_386726252_n 12919259_10153664023835889_87006946_n 12920916_10153664022055889_301023414_n 12921062_10153664022480889_1264115988_n 12921121_10153664023315889_662053954_n 12935437_10153664022505889_587326688_n

This is my favorite from him.


That was his reaction when he saw me getting up in bed. He arrived without my awareness and I woke up hearing his voice murmuring because of dogs. When I get up he looked at me and laugh. It was loud. He has a lot of expressions now and he loves pictures. My mobile was having a low battery but the universe allowed us to take photos. It was one of the great moments with him. I have lots of pictures but for the meantime let me share those.

Teej is 4 months old getting 5th on April 17. His legs are strong. If he likes to move, he will wiggle his legs and I will follow. He loves moving. He moves all the time. When he doesn’t like his position he will kick his legs to change it. Then he will kick again when he see something interesting like my pets. When my father turned on the television he was watching. I noticed he have an interest in colors. I hope he becomes a painter someday. Sometimes he becomes silent like he is in deep thinking. I made fun of him and telling my parents that he is counting their debt. Babies are truly a blessing and I was visited by an Angel.


Photos are mine


Got Paid at UsabilityHub but…

If I can add some pictures in here I would but there is an error, so let me copy the feedback of Usabilityhub of my performance as a tester. By the way, I got paid. After ranting a little earlier, I received my payment after 25 days. I still give them “Great” rating on their response to me. My payment supposed to be $20 but I only got $19.80 because $.20 is not credited for a speedy response. Let me copy paste their notes on me.

“Please note that we were unable to pay you for 2 responses which failed to meet minimum standards according to our quality guidelines. In addition to not being eligible for payment, unacceptable responses impact your rating as a tester, so take care to give every test your best effort.”

I wonder what tests that I failed to response based on their guidelines. I hope they became specific on this one. On the other hand, I know I will be very careful in answering some tests again. I am thinking that the two tests that I failed to answer based on their quality guidelines were from 5 second tests because it is hard to take a glimpse on a certain site for 5 seconds and you were be facing a lot of question to answer. If there is anyone who could do it, the they are “the one”, lol.

Based on the response given, it means they are reviewing every answer to their tests so there is no choice but to be careful this time because for sure they are taking a look of my responses from now on as I had two uncredited points. I am thankful that I get a notes like this though, I appreciate it because it helps me to track my activities. I am posting this for the people who are in the site, so we can take care in answering the test.


This is Weird..

I know I posted these blogs When the Site is Down and Too Much Hot (something like that) but I am not seeing both on this blog site. I am pretty sure I had posted two of them as I am checking my posts once I submitted it. If these posts are not posted then where did it go. I am thinking that when I posted the topic Too Much Hot, or something like that, I think I clicked the edit my posts and put the topic When the Site is Down, then submitted it. I know When the Site is Down blog is posted because a member did put a comment on that blog. When I opened that blog, I saw the title of the blog became Hello Another Weekdays. I think I again did clicked the Edit your posts on When the site is Down posts and put the content of Hello Another Weekdays. If that is the case, what is happening to me? Lol.

I lost 2 blogs in a day and there is nothing I could do to force this. I checked my Dashboard if I only failed to post those 2 blogs but it is not there. I know I already posted these two.

However, I know I posted the two of these blogs as I saw it. Maybe I need to copy and paste the url to my MS Word to check my blog posting from now on and not only the points credit to really track it. I will start on this blog. I even mentioned Sheridan for missing points but I told him to disregard it as I am investigating on it first. After investigating this is what I found out but I am still doubtfu,l though.

I guess I will be careful with posting and I will avoid rush post to double check my blog.

Hello Another Weekdays!!

It is Monday!! For sure every one of us is having Monday starting now. We usually think that during Monday, it will be stressful for sure. Yes, for sure it is stressful because a lot of people are getting back to work and school (some have summer classes, still). The road is crowded with people rushing around. Heavy traffic occurs and unfortunately, it will be for the whole day. Mothers will surely busy taking care of the kids as most of their kids are at home because it is vacation time. It will be a lot of people going in and out of the Metro because it is time to go to the province or to the beach.

Despite it is the start of the busy week, I hope everyone will find time to enjoy the day. It is not every day that we are able to work normally. Sometimes we feel ill so we need to stay at home and rest. Our life will not be normal that way. Some are still looking for jobs, so they are roaming around, especially those who are newly graduates. They are all meeting their goal today. On the situation, there is always facing the challenge if they will get the job or not. They are also facing the challenge of the economy because it is not every day a certain company needs a new employee as some of the company are really into crosscutting.

Whatever you are planning to do today please be grateful. No matter how difficult it is, if you are facing it with full effort for sure positive results will come out. Always be grateful as you are giving a chance to face it. You are given the chance to know yourself more. Be lucky, be thankful.

Monday is still a happy day and so as the rest of our week.

As a Writer, We are fortunate to do the things we Love, Writing

Are you fortunate to do the things you love? It might be being busy with your business, taking care of your kids and be a fulltime mother, being lucky to find the right job and working every day, or just being a person, helping a person. These are all examples of doing the things you love. Doing the things you love varies. It depends on your whole being and what you really want to do.

I am below mediocre writer who writes to express my thoughts. First, when I was just starting, I do not care if I will have a reader or not, what I want is to develop my craft. I write my day to day activities, rants, reviews, and what insights of what I learned from books and other people. I am enjoying what I am doing. I cannot skip a day without writing. I need to write because it is my form of breathing. I also love making friends and learning to other people’s experience that is why I am reading a lot.

I do believe that I am one of the fortunate ones that are doing the things they love that is why I am happy to be here in this site where I can continue what I love to do. This blog site is giving me a chance to grow in a manner that will be easy for me. While I am in here, I will continue what I love to do. I know that without this site, I will be feeling frustrated with life because I think that I am the only one experiencing certain situations. I am glad that there are things that I love to do and I am literally doing it. This is one of the good things I will remember for sure during tough times. I am still lucky doing some bloggings and earning from it.



What keeps you going?

Writing is a lonely business according to the article I am reading titled The Nearly Ultimate Guide to a Better Writing. It is because your audience are few people, in fact, I only have few people commenting on my blogs and those blogs are selective topic, those that really caught up their attention and similar to their experienced. Writing is tiring when you know you have no audience to read what you write, unlike the other profession like singers, painter, dancer, actors etc, surely, there will be people that will clap for them when they love what they see on them, there will be praises right away and a community of people will grow and will be called a Fan.

In writing, we cannot say we can experience this kind. Not all writers are appreciated. Most of the writers that are popular at present have been through a lot of rejections in the past. They even lose their hair because they always strangle it when they received bad news. Yes, we are not the fictional writers that are popular today. We might be a simple blogger that write to express our thoughts. We are considered writers as we inspire people. Bloggers who writes about tutorials are very inspiring because they help you with your problems. In just click of one of their topics, they can already help you with the one you are looking for. They provide answers to questions of everyone.

When you know you are not the kind of writers who are receiving comments from people all around, what keeps you going? What keeps you continue what you are doing? What is your main objective and subject to grow with? I am not talking as a blogger in Blogjob, but as a writer that express his/her thoughts through their blogs. What makes you continue what you have started? What is holding you on with your writing?


It is Frustrating, I can’t read their messages

I am having Internet problem and it is my grrrr moment so far. My two best friends are busy talking to each other and I was like receiving a 1 red color note on my Facebook messenger which I always wanted to open. Once it opens, it gives me that waiting for network word and I was like waiting in vain. I closed it. Then when I checked on m mobile, the red note will tell how many messages that are there and when I checked it again, there goes the waiting for network word. It means I don’t have signal. I don’t know what they are talking about. I started to feel out of place and then right now, frustration is started to crawl on me.

I opened my laptop and read my PDF copy of stories instead to make myself busy. I am creating this draft too so when there is something that will pop up my little brain, I will right it immediately. Then the red not that tells I have 2 messages will entice me to open the messenger again and it gives me a no connection word. I really want to crush my mobile but this is all I ever had so I decided not do it. I can feel how I hate receiving messages when I know I cannot open it and join them with what they are talking about. I missed the days when I can freely share everything about me on that messenger and now I hardly opened it, not because I don’t want too, but because I have no internet.

If will get angry later on I will deactivate my personal Facebook account so that I will not receive any messages that I will be feeling frustrated about, but nope, I am using it for my blog so I think I will just stop feeling frustrated about this. I will not die because of this so why worry.


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